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  1. Benaiir

    Headroom Home Amp

    Selling a Headroom Home Amp. It's old...circa 1995. Pretty sure it's at the level of the $600 ones these days.   Cool little thing, but I never listen through it... My speakers are much nicer when at home.   It's got some silicon residue and light scratches on the top which can be buffed...
  2. Benaiir

    Rotel RCD-951

    Good condition, works great. I got it from my dad but I already have a SACD player and don't really need this. Price is 120 obo shipped CONUS, but if you're interested in having it shipped somewhere else, let me know.   See above for pics :)
  3. Benaiir

    WTB: DT880 Pads (velour)

    Let me know if you have a set lying around. I heard other DTxx0 models fit the DT880 so I'm also okay with those. I don't know how much these are supposed to cost used vs new so you're gonna have to price it.
  4. Benaiir


    I just got a SR-Lambda's in the mail and noticed that there's some green stuff on the grill, it doesn't look too good. I think want to clean the stuff off of the grill. How would you go about it? I tried opening it and found that it's gonna be pretty tough so I immediately put everything back...
  5. Benaiir

    HD580 with no pads

    I bought this off another head-fi'er in hopes of finding really cheap pads for it, never happened, and I never touched them afterwards. Maybe another head-fi'er can find a use for these (Dissecting the drivers, cables, whatever) or restore them. I bought a set of pads for the headband, which...
  6. Benaiir

    Klipsch X10i vs Lady Gaga Heartbeats

    I was comparing frequency response charts on headroom, and the Klipsch X10i's and Lady Gaga Heartbeats chart is very similar. I know the chart isn't the only factor when it comes to sound quality, but I'm sure these two are pretty close. Not that I'd buy anything like the Gaga's lol...  ...
  7. Benaiir

    FT: XBOX 360 + Extras for : Headphones (read on for info)

    I have your choice of a 20gb Arcade (2008, no RROD's) and a 20gb Pro (2007, 1 RROD). Both are in good condition, although the arcade is better because it was used less. Since I have no need for two 360's, this one's going up for sale (Although I think it would be insane to play 2 games of COD at...
  8. Benaiir

    FS: Home Headroom Amp (Pre-2000 model)

    This is the headroom home amp from the late 90's. I don't have much info about it, but it sounds great. I just don't use it. I don't know how much it's worth, so for now, send some offers. It's fairly scratched. I've been looking around and it looks like they've been going for $230-$270, so I'll...
  9. Benaiir

    What do SR325 Drivers look like?

    Hey, I bought an SR60 with SR325 pre-i drivers installed, and I would like to know whether they're the real deal.   Mine are white/cream on the inside behind the mesh and all that, as a pointer.
  10. Benaiir

    FS: PX100-II New in box

    I got my PX100's back from repair, but don't need them since they don't isolate on the bus. These come brand new in the box, not sure if the warranty is 2 years, but there's one year remaining for sure.   $40 CONUS.   I'm willing to ship anywhere at buyer's expense.    
  11. Benaiir

    FS: Sony Z700 and Sennheiser HD490

    Just bought more headphones, and my room is decorated with headphones so I'd like to offload some since most are going unused. All packages will go insured, and First Class mail (Possibly USPS Priority depending on my mood :) )     Sony Z700 w. Pouch - $30 shipped    - Slight scuffing...
  12. Benaiir

    FS: Soundmagic PL30, JVC FX300, and Tandberg Edu (MB Quart OEM's)

    Looking to lighten the load. My room is starting to look like a shack, and I'm getting new cans soon. JVC FX300 These have too dark of a sound sig for my taste and are too harsh, pressure-wise, for my ears. Only includes tips in the picture. $25 shipped Tandberg Educational...
  13. Benaiir

    WTB: Any set of decent conventional eabuds, one set of IEM's and an AKG K81 or K518

    I want a set of earbuds for my sister, and she's the least bit picky about her audio components, so I'd be looking for something < $20 shipped for her, and a set of decent IEM's for my other sis, same budget. As for myself, I'd like an AKG K81. Hopefully deathly cheap : D PM with your...
  14. Benaiir

    Kanen IEM's- interesting knockoffs.

    Amazingly cheap, I wonder how it stacks up to it's originals. Maybe a good project for you DIY'ers out there? Kanen's other offerings remind me alot of Shure's. Maybe it's a low-grade OEM? There's also an ADDIEM copy, not dual-driver though Click to see $4.50 woody Click to see $6.00 woody...
  15. Benaiir

    Deal Alert: Monster Turbines and a $25 amazon GC for $99.00.

    Great deal. Need I say more? Link: Monster Turbine High-Performance In-Ear Speakers: Electronics
  16. Benaiir

    COMPLY T400 Tips (4 packs of 3 pairs) - best offer wins.

    I have 4 packs of 3 pairs of T400 Comply tips, rebranded as Skullcandy. I'd like to sell all four in one shot. Best offer accepted.
  17. Benaiir


    8/27/09 We struck a deal; I sent out my Shure E4 10/03/09 I still have not recieved my E2c's. Dissatisfied. 10/23/09 b0oMeR sent it to the wrong address, so after over 2 months, he sent me enough money to make up for the loss.
  18. Benaiir

    I think I got scammed.

    So, in mid-August a HF'er named b0oMeR with ~40 posts PM's me about my Shure E4's... He offers me $60+e2c's. I took it. He paypaled me $60 and it's all going great... The next day I ship it out to Canada... A week later he claims to have shipped the e2c's. 2 weeks later, he recieves the e4's and...
  19. Benaiir

    COMPLY T-400 Tips. $4.47/per 3 pairs+ FREE S&H (Slower)

    Enjoy these Skullcandy rebadged Comply tips. Buy 23 and get a free set of Ink'd in-ears to sweeten the deal. Coupon code: alaskagold Headphone Parts <--- link
  20. Benaiir

    Which CDP should I choose? (Budget, used, under 100)

    I'm switching to CD's and I'm thinking of either... A used Marantz CC3000 thru CC4300 (30-100) A used Pioneer CD/DVD player (PRICE?) A used Denon DVD-1740 or something... Maybe a DV-45-55 if I can afford it (50-150, so I'll maybe stretch a bit) I want some bass, not too much. I'll be...
  21. Benaiir

    WTB: NIN, SOAD, Daft Punk, MJ, Radiohead and Lady Gaga CD's

    Looking for the following CD's: System of a Down - Steal this album Nine Inch Nails - The Slip Daft Punk - Human After All, Discovery, Homework and maybe others. Let me know. Michael Jackson - any really. I like most of his CD's, but Invincible is preferred. Radiohead - any really. I'm...
  22. Benaiir

    I'm reading a book for the first time in 5 months. I'm a freshman.

    I'm reading a book called "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams and so far - only one part was made me laugh/smile chuckle. It starts on page 34 and ends 3 paragraphs down the page and it reads: " There was a slight whisper, a sudden spacious whisper of open ambient sound...
  23. Benaiir

    A bunch of cans. **Last chance. Going off of the FS forum today**

    Shoot me an offer. ***I reduced the prices a bit to see if I get any more interest. If I won't see any more interest, I will ebay these. Here's what I got. 1. Sennheiser HD280. Box: YES. Warranty: YES. 2. AKG K301. Box: NO. Warranty: NO. Great condition... Elastics are fine and so...
  24. Benaiir

    Funniest FML's

    Like most people, I believe laughter is the best medicine. Some of the best ways to find humor, in my opinion, is by going to I'm sure other Head-Fi'ers go on this site too, and I'm just wondering - which FML did you find as the funniest? If you have more than a few, go ahead and...
  25. Benaiir

    I just bought the AKG K301's. What should I expect?

    I was surfing ebay just an hour ago and I noticed a K301 for sale. I quickly searched up some info and all I could find are the K301 xtra reviews, which would clearly suck, as the build would imply. These look alot like the K40x's and the K50x's. What should I expect?