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  1. Benaiir

    WANTED: Closed, Portable-ish Headphones!

  2. Benaiir

    WANTED: Closed, Portable-ish Headphones!

    I've owned both. Not exactly what I'm looking for either.
  3. Benaiir

    WANTED: Closed, Portable-ish Headphones!

    IIRC, their sound signature isn't exactly my thing. Plus they're a little expensive...I'm looking to keep it around $100
  4. Benaiir

    WANTED: Closed, Portable-ish Headphones!

    My HD219's gave out recently due to abuse, and I'm a looking to snag a pair of closed headphones, maybe on-ears. Something like SRH-840's or HD25-II's would fit the bill. Budget's flexible as long as it's worth it.   Thanks, and hope to work something out.
  5. Benaiir

    Is Anyone Interested in a Meet for New England in Boston early this Fall?

    Yeah! I'll be in Boston around then. The place looks great, too. Is it accessible by public transit?
  6. Benaiir

    FS/T: Grado SR60 with SR325 drivers

    Bump from the dead.
  7. Benaiir

    WTB - Grado SR325i / 325is or Alessandro MS2 / MS2i - UK buyer :)

    I have SR60s that supposedly have SR325(not i) drives. Let me know if you want em. 165.
  8. Benaiir

    WTB: Panasonic RP-HTX7 (Black)

    I have one (white) but the plug got ripped off in a leaf blower. Let me know if you want it.
  9. Benaiir

    FS/T: Grado SR60 with SR325 drivers

    So I've got SR60's with SR325 drivers...can I prove it? I don't think so. Not unless you're an SR325 expert and can give me some pointers. These sound very much like SR325's to me and sound nothing like what I remember SR60's to be and I'd like to get them out of here since my music doesn't...
  10. Benaiir

    top notch headphones for the price of 70-80 bucks

    If you liked Beats you might like the PX100's. I got some for $30 at some tiny online shop (the price went up to $35) They both have bloated bass but the PX100's price justifies it. I'd avoid the K81DJ. I like swbf2cheater's suggestions too.  ...
  11. Benaiir

    Alternative to Bose ae2b

    I really liked the Skullcandy Aviators when I tried them at the apple store. You might wanna check up on those, and there's another "triport killer" from either panasonic or jvc, I forget the model but they got high marks and were around $30-$50... I also used to have Panasonic HTX7's which were...
  12. Benaiir

    New Jersey NJ Head-Fiers ; Job Opportunity at - Sales & Community Evangelist

    Cool opportunity, I'd love to join in part time, maybe in the email or sales support department. If there's ever an opening for the online department, let me know! I'd even join the email/web support team for a low commission. It looks like a great chance to build up my resume.   Oh and it...
  13. Benaiir

    WTB Sennheiser 414 pads

    $5.50 @ bhphoto, enjoy :)
  14. Benaiir

    Help finding a good pair of headphones?

    I remember that thread, HD25-II creamed the competition in almost every catagory, if I'm not mistaken.   Quote:
  15. Benaiir

    Help finding a good pair of headphones?

    HD-25 II's sound like a perfect fit.
  16. Benaiir

    HD580 with no pads

    Quote: No clue what the silver drivers look like- but I looked through the grill and don't see anything silver- it looks pretty black, even in a really bright lighted room.
  17. Benaiir

    Headroom Home amp (circa 1994)

    I completely abandoned serious home listening, so I won't be needing this one. Everything works fine, but the amp could probably be spray painted over if you're big that kind of stuff. It's been known to have good synergy with Sennheiser's HD650 and I agree- I tried them with a set of HD580's...
  18. Benaiir

    What kinda akg phones can u get me for 60 usd?

    I have a set called the K301's. Their form factor takes after the other Kx01's, and it's not the XTRA version. It is black and red, pretty decent consition (Pads are perfect and the elastics are good.... Cable is roughed up a little but not alot... PM me if you have more questions or if interested
  19. Benaiir

    2 PMX100 or similar

    I'm looking for two of these in good condition. $25 each :)
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