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  1. jclinton46

    Listening Volume

    Quote: Orginally posted by chinesekiwi This thread is stupid as it depends on a number of things such as resistance in the cable, the player, how loud the source file is, the resistance of the output..... Sort of ... If you can give listening levels in dB by relating it to known dB...
  2. jclinton46


    Bought a Bling Bling Dock from Jerome. He was very responsive to my PM and mailed the dock when he said he would (which was less than 2 hours!). I would gladly do business with him again.
  3. jclinton46

    The lowest (regular) gasoline prices that you've ever seen in the USA? - What are the gasoline prices in your area now?

    I remember gas wars dropping the price below $0.20/gal in the early-mid 1960's. My second car was an 1967 Austin Healey Sprite which got 40 MPG on the road. I remember filling the tank with Amoco Premium for about $2.50!! The first "crisis" was when the price of a gallon of regular jumped from...
  4. jclinton46

    earphone recomendation (for airplane/train)

    Another vote for the Ety er-6i. Take the time to try out various tips for the best fit. For me I think it took about a month before I found the right (for me) tip but when I did, both comfort and sound quality jumped a level.
  5. jclinton46

    A Deal? A Steal?? Or A Screw???

    Super deal. Congratulations. Sometimes patience pays off big.
  6. jclinton46

    Portable headphones for classical music

    Like Guarneri said, to me iem's and earbuds have a completely different feel. I never tried a bud I felt was comfortable but iems went from "OK" to "I forget they're there" when I get the right tip. My current iem for classical is the ER6i. For open portable phones and classical music, I like...
  7. jclinton46

    how to became an headphonus supremus?

    This thread reminds me of when I would write training programs and asked for "experienced" operators. There were those who had twenty years of experience and those who had one year of experience twenty times! While I have no doubt most of the Headphoneus Supremus folks have the knowledge (or...
  8. jclinton46

    WTB: Velcro dots or a strap of some sort

    Other sources include WalMart and fabric stores such as Hancocks or JoAnn Fabrics. The local fabric store has the best selection and puts it on sale at least once or twice a year. Would have never known except my wife likes to shop there more than I like Home Depot.
  9. jclinton46

    Which Cell provider would you use?

    Every provider has its pluses and minuses. I had BellSouth/Cingular for years. When my daughter went away to college, she could only get coverage by leaning in a certain spot against her 2nd floor dorm window. We changed her to Verizon and later my wife. I planned to stay with Cingular and asked...
  10. jclinton46

    DIY passive noise cancellation headphones

    This trick has been around for quite a while. About 20+ years ago I slipped some headphone drivers into an old pair of David Clark earmuffs. Now these were NOT slim and foldable but they did very well for what I needed. Between the very loose driver fit and the large volume I am sure they didn't...
  11. jclinton46

    a little help, no pun intended, with some IEM's

    If it doesn't have to be an iem there is always the well regarded Koss KSC-75. The ear clips are not too much larger to carry than iem's. I like their sound but for some reason the clips are uncomfortable for me. A number of people seem to complain about the comfort of iem's (or a few are...
  12. jclinton46

    IM716 for $49 on Dec 3rd,

    I placed my order within minutes of the 12-3 sale start at By 12-6 it had been transfered from UPS Atlanta to USPS. Rome is only about 60 miles from the USPS facility but I finally got it today. (Could have walked round trip in less time!) Now to check it out!!
  13. jclinton46

    which IEM's are your biggest dissapointment and why??

    My experience with iem's is limited to er6i, Marshmallows and Plugs. For the prices I paid, none were a letdown. For dollar/sound quality the Plugs don't come close to Marshmallows but when I bought them I just needed something to drown out lawn mower noise and allow a bit of diversion. I used...
  14. jclinton46

    Welcome Back to I'm Sorry About the Extended Outage

    With great trepidation I clicked on the Head-Fi link expecting to see the outage message I have seen so often these past two weeks. NO ... WAIT ... ITS BACK UP!! (Sorry about the shouting) I did not realize how much this site was part of my routine. I tried to find an alternate site in case this...
  15. jclinton46

    IEM Upgrade Time

    What about Livewires? They are sold direct for $249 plus about $50 for impressions and for your $300 limit you get dual driver customs. I am considering them for my next upgrade when I get some discretionary funds (gas and food first!). Use the search function in...
  16. jclinton46

    Etymotic Er-6i's good for rock?

    I have a pair of ER-6i's and listen to a wide range of music - rock to classical to jazz. To me the Ety bass is clean and tight and fine for rock IF you're not a basshead. They work fine straight from an iPod but an amp does seem the give the bass more punch. YMMV
  17. jclinton46

    Sharing your IEMS: A germaphobe nightmare

    If I had spare tips and an alcohol swab with me - MAYBE. Otherwise no. I did let my daughter listen to my ER6i once but they were cleaned before and after.
  18. jclinton46

    PX 100 Appreciation

    Excellent sound. So comfortable you can easily forget you have them on (that can be a negative!!). Definitely worth the money and then some. I do wear iem's more frequently because I need/want the isolation. However the PX-100 is my first choice when I use open phones.
  19. jclinton46

    PortaPro vs PX100 Poll

    I like them both. Sound aside, the Koss always "seemed" more rugged (no experience to back this up) and the PX-100's never pulled my hair out. With rock music I preferred the PortaPro slightly more. I guess the "in your face" sound is what I expect with rock. But I listen to pop, country...
  20. jclinton46

    Sound Isolating Earphones - Please Help!

    There is such a thing as "analysis paralysis". At some point you have to figure you have enough information and just do it. While I trust this forum, people (ears) are different and no one can say with certainty which is best for me. The Koss Plugs are widely panned on this forum but when I...
  21. jclinton46

    help me improve my portable rig

    I am still working out the synergy in my system but maybe I can help in the appearance department. I cannot speak from experience (my iPod lived in a case from day one) but check out this review for Radtech Ice Cream.
  22. jclinton46

    mp3 quality

    An easy way for me to relate sound reproduction and quality is to go visual. We have all seen photos in the newspaper. They are not very detailed even thou the original photo may have had a lot of detail. In fact if you look at one under a magnifying glass you can easily see the individual...
  23. jclinton46

    Free to Good Home, Audio Technica ATH-W5000

    Very generous!!! Dire Straits - "Walk of Life" (Brothers in Arms) (Seems like Dire Straits and Pink Floyd are very popular)
  24. jclinton46

    Help selecting entry level iem's

    If you get a good fit with the ER-6i I don't see how they could possibly slip out. They fit well into the ear and I have to "pull" to get them out. I called Etymotic and they sent me (gratis) an assortment of tips so I could get the right fit. The isolation is great. Personally I can't...