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  1. Mike K

    A Question to All Single Power Owners Past and Present

    I have owned a PPX3 (6cg7 version) for several years and have had zero problems with it.  I actually like it quite a bit and see no reason whatever to (try to) sell it.   MK
  2. Mike K

    $750 Amps

    Hello everyone - I've not been around for a while (and obviously you didn't miss me!) for various reasons, but now I'm back and need your opinions. ' I currently have a Singlepower PPX3 (6cg7 version), which works fine (so far anyway), but with all the reports of problems with Singlepower...
  3. Mike K

    Suggestions for $1000 CD Player

    Get yourself a used EAD 2000. For the money, you absolutely cannot beat it. It uses Pioneer stable platter system, and has very low jitter. I'd avoid Sony product like the plague. All Sony units I've ever owned have a dark, slightly muddy sound.
  4. Mike K


    Maybe it's your cd player. The planet is a nice enough piece, but there's a lot better ones out there. Or maybe buy yourself a good dac and use the planet as a transport. Either way, you'll probably notice a lot of improvement.
  5. Mike K

    Reccomend some speakers!

    I recommend Maggies. Either the MMG or the MG12. Cant go wrong.
  6. Mike K

    Recommended Power for Magnepan MMG

    I have a pair myself which are set up in the living room for when my wife wants to have music - she doesn't just sit and listen like we audiophools do. As others have said - the more power the better. I say again - the more power the better. Let me suggest a used Bryston 3BST (or even a...
  7. Mike K

    Singlepower Customer Service!!!

    Received my PPX3 about a month or so ago, and have been enjoying it immensely. It was a pleasure to deal with Mikhail during the buying process, and I will absolutely not hesitate to recommend him and to do business with him again. His customer service and his products are both top quality.
  8. Mike K

    Source Upgrade -- I'm ready (up to $2500)

    is an EAD 2000. It is an amazing player that you will be VERY hard pressed to surpass for less than $3k. I auditioned several new cdps a while back, and the Arcam 33 came the closest to the EAD, but did not surpass it. The one cdp I really want to hear is the AR CD3 MKII ($5500). Happy hunting
  9. Mike K

    A Cheap Tweak for your PPX3

    My PPX3 arrived with a throw-away 18gage power cord. I replaced it last week with a Volex 17604, which is a 14ga SJT cord which costs < $6.00 (plus shipping) from Newark Electronics. The improvement is small but very noticable - improved bass and mids, and better musicial definition. A very...
  10. Mike K

    FS: Musical Fidelity Xcans V2 Headphone Amp

    My mufi v2 is now for sale. It is NOT stock. I have replaced the power supply capacitors with comparable-value Panasonic caps, and I have drilled 2 ventillation holes in the top and bottom of the case in an attempt to relieve some of the heat buildup. Current tubes are Amperex Bugle Boys...
  11. Mike K

    Stereophile reviews $350,000 amp...

    this monstrosity could be any better than a pair of VTL MB450s ... driving a pair of big maggies in the right room ... oooooh mama!
  12. Mike K

    My PPX3 (6cg7) is here!

    It took just under a month from ordering to delivery.
  13. Mike K

    Oregon meet location!

    I'm in Scappoose (metro Portland). I've never been to a meet before but I'm always looking for new a new thrill in life. Definitely prefer meeting in metro Portland.
  14. Mike K

    Benchmark Dac1 as hp amp and as a DAC

    This unit has just come to my attention, and looks like it might be the answer to all my prayers. How is it as an amp, and as a dac? Thanks for your input
  15. Mike K

    Ventillation for X Cans V2

    Pink - thanks for the info about the Hosfelt and the pic of the ventillation holes. I got the idea for the cap replacement from you, and it was very worthwhile. I've also looked at your outboard power supply and am thinking about that too, esp. in light of what you say about the Hosfelt...
  16. Mike K

    Ventillation for X Cans V2

    My mildly modified X Cans V2 seems to be running warmer than usual, so I am considering drilling some ventillation holes top and bottom. Has anyone done this? The mods I have done are: (1) using 4500ma power supply in lieu of 500 ma supplied power supply; (2) changed out all power supply...
  17. Mike K

    Great tweak for X-Cans V2

    Beagle - I dont think Rat Shack has anything this strong. But you can certainly check ... Mike
  18. Mike K

    Great tweak for X-Cans V2

    Recently, I considered purchasing an X-psu power supply for my X-Cans v2, but was reluctant about the price. After a little reasearch here and at AudioAsylum, I purchased a 12vac/4500ma power adapter from - cost less than $20 including shipping. What a difference! The bass firmed...
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