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  1. Mingneh

    Westone UM3X Thread

    I see!! Thanks a lot for all the input! Actually I think its kind of daft to compare merely technical aspect of an iem and decide. Afterall, your ear is the best judge. For matters such as these! Um3x it is. Thankyou:) Ps I heard from a friend of mine that its possible to 'enhance' thr bass of...
  2. Mingneh

    Westone UM3X Thread

    Cheers Peter! Thanks foir your reply! Indeed. My audition with this lil' monster was epic really. Guess I was simply daunted by the specific few who found the bass of the um3x 'shy'. Anyways, I probably would not use an amp on the road. I'm wondering if my iphone 3gs or itouch 3rd gen will be...
  3. Mingneh

    Westone UM3X Thread

    Actually I'm deciding between the sm3 and um3x like many. For sm3 I like how the bass is similar to my sisters ie8m but the clarity of the um3x is definitely 'my kind of sound'. For a 20 minute auditioin the bass of um3x seems fine. But after reading loads of review on how the um3x is bass shy...
  4. Mingneh

    Online store to buy um3x RC?

    Dear head-fiers.   I do realize that this might not be the best place for this post to be but i can't seem to find a better place than here(since everyone talks about their iem here). I'm actually looking for some suggestions for online headphone stores.   I clearly recall one that has a...
  5. Mingneh

    Got an IE8 from cousin. Cable doesnt seem to unplug. Fake?

    Ok, i cmae up with this genius(or not, haha) idea of wrapping tissues around the connector for more grip and yep, off it came! Thanks for the input! :) But guys how do i identify if it's a fake or not? Besides visual inspection.
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