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  1. zotjen

    Some Impressions of the Swan M50W

    After deciding I needed an upgrade for my computer speakers. I recently acquired the Swan M50W 2.1 speaker system. Prior to this I've probably only owned four different computer speakers, this over the past 18 years or so. I've had Altec Lansings, both 2.0 and 2.1, and most recently the...
  2. zotjen

    Spotify Anyone?

    Has anyone here in the U.S. tried Spotify yet? If so, what are your impressions? I requested an invite weeks ago but of course I haven't gotten one yet. I'm thinking of springing for the premium membership to get the 320 kbps streaming but I was hoping to check it out first to see what their...
  3. zotjen

    Question for Subscribers

    Does anyone else belong to In the past couple months, four of the items in my queue suddenly became unavailable. Today when I logged in, it's showing that 9 of the 13 items in my queue have a limited availability and may no longer be available on their shipping dates. Is this...
  4. zotjen

    Cowon J3 Under Review By Amazon

    Edit: Note that as of 9/11, the notice has been removed and the J3 is for sale again.   The following notice currently appears on the Amazon product page for the 32GB J3:   Quote:   The most recent customer review was posted yesterday by someone who claims they received 3...
  5. zotjen

    Xonar Essence STX Out of Stock

    Any one else notice that almost every retailer is listing the STX as out of stock? Is it really that high in demand? I'm wondering how long it is going to take Asus to replenish supplies.
  6. zotjen

    PC Power Supply Question

    Can anyone comment on the quality of FSP power supplies? These often get rebranded as Sparkle. I want to upgrade the PSU of my PC (Dell Studio 540) and this is the only one that keeps coming up as being compatible. 460 Watt Power Supply Upgrade - FSP460-60GLC
  7. zotjen

    Where's the Head-Fi Snowman?

    About this same time last year I posted a lament about the absence of the Snowman. He seemed to appear almost immediately thereafter. Here's hoping the same will happen this year.
  8. zotjen

    Printing - USB vs. Ethernet

    I just bought a new printer and I can set it up using USB plugged directly into my PC or ethernet by plugging it into my router. There may be a rare occasion where I would want to print something off of my laptop, but other than that I really don't need the printer to have networking...
  9. zotjen

    Headphone Cables - Less Debated?

    There's currently another debate raging in the Cables, Power, Tweaks, etc. forum on whether or not cables make a difference. When this topic usually comes up, it is usually regulated only to the discussion of interconnects, power cables, and extension cables. While there is a big demand for...
  10. zotjen

    Windows 7 - Upgrade or Clean Install?

    I'm planning on getting Windows 7. I'm currently using Vista and debating whether or not I should just do an upgrade from Vista (i.e. installing over existing OS) or do I clean install. I know doing a clean install is supposed to be better but I'm thinking of what a pain it is going to be...
  11. zotjen

    Ack! I Found A Bed Bug!

    Today I was changing my bedding, and when I pulled out my blanket from between the footboard and mattress, I noticed some tiny dark spots on it. I then noticed a small insect crawling away which I immediately recognized as a bed bug. After capturing the little bugger, I immediately checked...
  12. zotjen

    Bing! Bing! Bing!

    Anyone try Microsoft's new search engine yet? - Bing I haven't used it that extensively yet but it seems okay. Whether or not it can come close in achieving Google's popularity remains to be seen. When Google was introduced, I remember many people said it would never surpass Yahoo.
  13. zotjen

    Kindle DX

    Anyone thinking of getting one? I'm seriously considering getting the Kindle 2 and one of the reasons I was holding off was to see what this one had to offer. It's pretty much the same as its predecessor except for the larger screen size, native PDF support, and landscape mode. I really like...
  14. zotjen

    Photo Editing Software

    Can anyone recommend some photo editing software? It does not have to be anything fancy. I'm just looking for something basic. My two main requirements are that it must be free and able to open more than one photo at the same time. Thanks in advance.
  15. zotjen

    Vista Security Question

    Does anyone running Vista also use a third party firewall? Is one really needed or is Vista's good enough?
  16. zotjen

    Computer Problem - Advice Needed

    This morning when I turned on my PC, it wouldn't power up. After making sure everything was connected properly, I noticed that the LED on the back of my PC was flashing. This lead me to believe it could be a power supply issue. Using my company issued laptop (which I'm using as I type this) I...
  17. zotjen

    New RA1?

    With all the hoopla surrounding the updated versions of Grado's entire headphone line, I'm wondering if the RA1 is updated as well. Although it's not listed as an RA1i, the website mentions "new" in a couple of places. Was this always the wording? Also, I don't recall the RA1 having a gain...
  18. zotjen

    Where's the Head-Fi Snowman?

    Isn't it about time he makes his annual appearance?
  19. zotjen

    FaceBook Friend Requests Question

    Just out of curiosity, does anyone accept friend requests on FaceBook (or even MySpace) when you have no idea who the person is? I recently hooked up with someone from high school and now I'm getting a whole bunch of requests. Some of these are people I recognize also from high school and I...
  20. zotjen

    2008 Grammy Nominations

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned this year's Grammy nominations yet. Here's a link to the complete list. As usual, there are a lot of questionable nominations and bad choices, as well as oversights. Perhaps the biggest surprise (for me at least) was the nomination of Paper...
  21. zotjen

    Installing A Mail Slot

    Anyone ever install a mail slot in their door? I currently have a small metal mailbox hanging on my front door which I want to replace with a slot. Would it be a lot easier to do this by taking the door off its hinges and placing it on saw horses or can I just leave the door in place?
  22. zotjen

    Archos Media Tablets On The Way

    Archos unveils 3G/Wi-Fi Internet media tablets | Crave, the gadget blog - CNET
  23. zotjen

    Bigfoot Found?

    Hunters claim to have nabbed Bigfoot, Internet goes nuts | The Social - CNET Should be interesting. Edit: This link has pics. Judge for yourself.
  24. zotjen

    Exorbitant Ebay Shipping Fees - Fair or Foul?

    After reading this thread, I decided to create this poll. More and more Ebay sellers, particularly from overseas, are starting their opening bids really low but tacking on high shipping costs. The ostensible purpose of this is to avoid...
  25. zotjen

    Metropolis - Restored At Last?

    It appears that an UNCUT copy of Fritz Lang's Metropolis (the greatest SF film ever made) has been unearthed in Buenos Aires. METROPOLIS Rebuilt!! Fritz Lang's Long-Missing, Full-Length Edit Has Finally Been Located!! -- Ain't It Cool News: The best in movie, TV, DVD, and comic book news...