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  1. Jlazer

    [SOLD] FS: Woo Audio WA11 Topaz w/ extras

    For your consideration, Like-New lighty-used Woo Audio WA11 Topaz Amplifier with extras. First owner. Purchased in June. Under warranty. I can give the purchaser the receipt. Package includes: WA11 Topaz amplifier/DAC x 1 Soft Alcantara carrying pouch x 1 USB type-C to A cable (USB 2.0...
  2. Jlazer

    [SOLD] Audeze LCD-4Z w/ stock 6.5 mm and modded 2.5 mm cable

    For your consideration. LCD-4Z in good condition. New in March of 2019. Not the first owner, but only had these for a few weeks. I picked these headphones up from another head-fier. I'm currently on a "headphone tour" and I wanted to try these. They are spectacular, but can only afford to...
  3. Jlazer

    Sold!ABYSS Diana Phi w/ two stock cables (6.5 mm and 2.5 mm balanced) - like new!

    For your consideration. Lightly used like-new Diana Phi. New in January of 2020. Widely regarded as the best TOTL portable headphone, this pair sounds absolutely incredible. I am the second owner -- I used these for about a month. I picked these up from a fellow head-fier and probably put...
  4. Jlazer

    [WTS] Audeze LCD-MX4 SOLD

    For your consideration. Excellent condition LCD-MX4. I bought them from a fellow head-fier a month ago. These sound incredible, and I'd really like to keep them but I am doing a headphone "tour" and can't afford to keep more than one pair at a time. They were bought new from Audeze in...
  5. Jlazer

    [WTB/WTT] 4.4 mm balanced ABYSS stock or custom cable

    Hi all! Receiving a Diana Phi in the the mail next week. It's coming with two stock cables: 2.5 mm balanced and 3.5 mm with 6.5 mm adaptor. I'd prefer to have a 4.4 mm balanced that way I don't have to attach a 4.4 mm adaptor. Willing to trade for one of the other stock cables or willing to...
  6. Jlazer

    Father's Day Gear

    Anyone get anything cool for Father's Day? I've got a Fiio M15 on the way.
  7. Jlazer

    DAP to stream Tidal that doesn't downsample on output

    Hi! I am looking for a DAP for the sole purpose of streaming or playing Tidal offline. I want this DAP to have an USB-C or USB 2.0 output into my Woo Audio WA11 Dac/Amp so the DAP doesn't need to have a spectacular DAC. I'm currently using my iPhone to output to my Dac/Amp, but the output is...
  8. Jlazer

    Sennheiser HD 800 S Sale

    Hi all! The HD 800 S is on sale right now for $1400. I was wondering if anyone knew how often they run these sales if I don’t snatch them up right now. Thanks!