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  1. ElectroJunkie

    Returning my Grado PS500...Not sure what to get now

    Just checked they are 65 dollars locally and I only have another 2 days to exchange the Grado's......Loved them for the bass and tame highs.  Not sure if it is worth another 65 dollars to find out.
  2. ElectroJunkie

    Returning my Grado PS500...Not sure what to get now

    It didn't know that it would fit.  Do the change in pads influence the sound signature at all??
  3. ElectroJunkie

    Returning my Grado PS500...Not sure what to get now

    I absolutely loved the sound of the PS500's.  They were probably the most detailed cans I have ever heard with an amazing bass response.  The sound signature was slightly different then other Grado's I have owned or heard.  The PS500's were neutral and not really fatiguing.   My main issues...
  4. ElectroJunkie

    Grado PS 500 vs HD650 w Low End Source?

    Hi Guys,   Haven't posted for many years but I am getting back into headphones and was looking for your opinions:   Situation   I have a gift certificate for a local toronto store for $500.  I can either buy the Sen HD650 or PS500.     Source   My source is going to be an...
  5. ElectroJunkie

    RSA Hornet: Is it a Line Out?

    I was curious to know two things: 1. Is it safe (for both the Hornet and stereo) to use the Hornet as a line out? So the way I have it setup is Ipod --> Cry dock --> Hornet (med Gain) --> AUX/MD in on my stereo. 2. Assuming that the above is safe for the equipment, would using an Ipod dock...
  6. ElectroJunkie

    Apogee Duet

    Quote: Originally Posted by raelamb It works seemlessly with my itunes, all files ripped in Apple lossless. Haven't AB'd the headphone out yet with my Tomahawk cause I'm too blown away by what it's doing to my NHT's! Will report back soon. Thanks looking forward to the comparison.
  7. ElectroJunkie

    USB Dac using USB Hub (Quality Issues?)

    Thanks for the feedback. I guess the only think I can really do here is test it out. I guess by the info above I have to plug the external HD directly into the computer too. That means no more USB ports left for anything else...
  8. ElectroJunkie

    USB Dac using USB Hub (Quality Issues?)

    Just wanted to know if there would be any negative affect on sq if I used a usb dac like the upcomming Headroom micro dacs with a self powered USB hub. As a side note, I would also like to plug my external drive (with Itunes collection on it) to the hub. Will this affect sq? I would be using...
  9. ElectroJunkie

    More UE11 Impressions

    First I'd say great reviw, thanks. I am curious as to how your experience was through the fit/refit process when geting your ue-11's?
  10. ElectroJunkie

    BOUGHT - wtb: hd650

    how did th ebay retailer pan out?
  11. ElectroJunkie

    Ultimate Ears Customer Service is 5 Star

    I know, I know it's been said a thousand times before but I have to say it again. UE's CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AMAZING. I called them to order a replacement cable for my UE5c's after the cable had tinted green (which started to happen about a year or so after I received them). I have had my UE's for...
  12. ElectroJunkie

    Hornet Volume Knob Gold or Silver?

    I just ordered a black Hornet. In some of the pics I have seen a silver volume knob and some I have seen a gold colored knob (I think both colors look pretty good). I am just wondering which one of the colors comes standerd, because I didn't specify a color preference. Thanks
  13. ElectroJunkie

    New Superfi 5 pro price

    Thanks, I will consider it. I always liked my er6i's but I gave those away to my brother in law. I take a closer look at the ety's.
  14. ElectroJunkie

    New Superfi 5 pro price

    I just saw on earphonesolutions website that the "New Black 5 pro's" are now selling for $189.99. With this new price drop is there really anything else to consider that can compete in this price range. I am looking for something to use with a G2 NANO with no amp. I will mainly use this...
  15. ElectroJunkie

    Dr. Pepper

    Dr. Pepper was a delight to deal with. I received the product (Senn 650’s) as described in his PM as well as the photos. When I asked for additional feedback and opinion on intended setup with the 650’s he was very forthcoming in talking about what he like and disliked about the cans...
  16. ElectroJunkie

    Question fro UE owners

    The only UE's that I own so far are the UE 5c's. They are super comfortable (after 2 refits) to wear all day and to fall a sleep in. From what I have read the Superfi. line doesn't look like the most practical IEM to sleep with (on your side that is).
  17. ElectroJunkie

    Who plans to buy a Shure PTH?

    Thanks that review was very helpfull. I tried the PTH at a hifi show and really thought it was great. However, I only spent a few min with it so I'm pretty much put-of from buying it. Now if they release the E500's without the PTH, that would be great!!!
  18. ElectroJunkie

    Are the E500's (rain) water resistant?

    Um I wouldn't risk it to be honest. If it rains I would just pop in a crapier pair of IEM's i.e. sony ex71
  19. ElectroJunkie

    Is the Micro Dac better then my source...

    Come on guys I need some input please. Microdac vs. 10 year old Rotel (about $900 ) CDP.
  20. ElectroJunkie

    Toronto Members (Help Me!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by firefox360 Sorry if this is out of topic, but does anyone know any decent audio shops (besides Bay Bloor) in Toronto that stock a good selection of headphone? I'll be visiting TO this Friday to Sunday, so I'm looking for some good place to browse, sample...
  21. ElectroJunkie

    i, robot - headphone-rack

    I have a feeling that thing would seriously freak me out at when I went to bed each night.
  22. ElectroJunkie

    Rank the headphones you've heard

    1. Stax Omega II 2. Stax 404 3. Senn HE 60 4. Stax 303 5. Senn HD 650 6. Ultimate Ears UE5c 7. AKG 701 8. AKG 240s ---- Grado sr80 9. KOSS ksc 75
  23. ElectroJunkie

    E500 and the PTH system

    I tried the PTH at the Montreal HiFi show. I don't think it was designed to be left on all the time. (Such as for bike riding) I believe it is more suited for use durriring brief interptuions i.e. when someone walks in the room, or if a flight attendent asks if you want another drink
  24. ElectroJunkie

    Etymotic ER•5000SX

    Quote: Originally Posted by yellafella321 am I the only one that believed him and didn't immediately think it was an april fools prank till reading through the thread? Nope. Well Done.
  25. ElectroJunkie

    Got to hear the SHURE E500 today...

    Quote: Originally Posted by Card18 Just a short question for Electro (& others who have tried the E500). How was the comfort and fit of wearing them? I'm seriously considering westone's UM2 right now as those are the most comfortable universal IEMs I have ever tried (apart from the UM1...