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    Yuin PK1-PK2 impressions thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by lt.milo Welcome to Head-fi, sorry about your wallet!
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    FLAC is brighter than WAV

    Quote: Originally Posted by Patrick82 Because with batteries I can't color the sound with Valhalla power cords. Have you tried? I'm pretty sure the Valhalla power cables can be adapted to carry DC power. Who knows, maybe their effect is even more dramatic when used for DC. . .
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    FLAC is brighter than WAV

    I admit I did not read the whole thread. But what I don't understand is why you are still using AC power. Likely every thing you have runs on DC. Try batteries - recharge between listening sessions. Get all AC as far away as you can.
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    Turning speakers on their side?

    If after a couple of weeks you change your mind let us know.
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    Which to upgrade first: Headphone cable or Interconnect

    As long as both cables work OK I'd agree with the above. You'll get more bang for the buck spending your money elsewhere. Maybe try a different headphone, or a different amp, or just buy more music. My experience is that cables make only a very small difference in what gets to my ears. Others do...
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    Turning speakers on their side?

    Try it. I suspect you'll find that the tweeter is placed above the woofer for a good reason. But you may not notice the difference. Can't hurt to try I suppose. I had to go with b&w 600 for my computer speakers due to limited space.
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    ERS Paper - picture and video thread

    You are definitely a candidate for an aluminum foil hat. It might not help the sound, but, how will you know without trying? I honestly don't think I could spend what you have on power chords and fancy paper. But if it makes you happy that is all that matters. Cheers.
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    Auralex Gramma Platforms - Best Speaker Tweak Ever?

    Thanks for reminding me I really do need to experiment with how my speakers sit on the floor. Right now I'm using the rubber feet. I have hardwood floor and would rather not mess it up with spikes. I think I'd rather isolate than couple. I wonder how much if any change in sound is due to...
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    Best cheap 2.0 computer speakers?

    Quote: Originally Posted by redrich2000 I want some basic 2.0 computer speakers, ideally around the $50 mark. I'm not too concerned with sound quality, but I might as well try to get the best bang for my buck! Thanks. If you are not concerned about sound quality then just buy...
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    I keep my discs pretty clean - probably because I'm used to using LPs in the past, so handle only by the edge and center. Sometimes I'll give them a swip across my fleece (in the winter) or my t-shirt (in the summer) to gently wipe off dust that somehow gets on them. These days I mostly rip...
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    Storage and backup?

    I keep all my music on external drives. I backup to other external drives, that stay turned off unless I am actually making a backup. I also backup to external drives on my office computer (both to provide me music in my office, and an offsite backup) I'm on a Mac. I use silverkeeper...
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    How do the Insignia BS 211s compare to the Paradigm Atoms ( or Titan )?

    I think you'll find the insignia has more bass but it is a little boomy and mushy, has somewhat congested midrange, and uneven and indistinct highs. At least that is what I found when I compared them to b&w 600. I haven't compared to paradigm. The insignia is a decent speaker, and sounds pretty...
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    What's the most you've spent on one piece of music?

    I paid about $300 each for my MFSL Beatles, and Rolling Stones, LP boxed sets. Not a single LP, but a single item so I guess it counts.
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    Please recommend an external hard drive (or enclosure) for Intel iMac

    I've had pretty good luck with LaCie drives. Knock on wood. They sleep and wake just fine. I use firewire.
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    How to clean connectors?

    Quote: Originally Posted by jpr703 Not sure about optical connections, but Caig's Pro Gold or Deoxit works great on metal ones. I agree. But you can't just spray it on, you need to rub it around with the proper brushes (or just plug and unplug a few times while both parts are wet).
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    Nordost Valhalla appreciation thread

    I don't know if I should laugh or cry.
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    How to "enjoy" music?

    I don't know about Sweden, buy here in the US most public libraries have music CD's. It is kind of like shopping. You get to flip through the stacks, pick out ones that look interesting, then wait in line to check them out. The nice thing is you check them out with a library card, not a credit...
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    what has the greater impact, DAC or bitrate/encoding?

    FWIW I can't tell the diference between 320 mp3 and lossless, but, I can tell the difference between an M-Audio audiophile firewire and a Benchmark DAC1. Of course I could be wrong. It is easy to blind test music file formats. It is not as easy to blind test a DAC so perhaps I'm fooling...
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    Meier Corda MKIII USB Vs Total BitHead...which one is best?

    I would be suprised if you find anybody who has compared the two side by side. I bought a PortaCorda (v2 I think, just before the current version with USB came out) It worked well for me after I started using an external power supply instead of batteries. At the time I was using Senn HD650 which...
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    M-Audio Audiophile USB

    If the USB and firewire versions sound similar, then I'd consider them solid entries into the low end of "audiophile". Whatever that means. . . I was perfectly happy with my Maudio firewire until I bought a Benchmark DAC1. I suspect one day I'll find something I like even more, but for now I'd...
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    Any Gregory Isaacs fans here?

    I listen to Gregory Isaacs sometimes. Listening to Out Deh! now. Good roots music.
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    SPDIF Out options

    Cd's use 44.1KHz, so that is what I'd choose.
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    $17.50 for a new Entech Number Cruncher 203.2 DAC?

    I could use another one, but don't want to pay another $50. $25 would be good. though. If there turns out to be a group buy count me in.
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    Chinese $10 USB Audio Controller Review (I'm serious)

    I liked the OP's review. I wouldn't buy one because I'm not in the market for a cheap usb solution - yet. It is rediculus that you can spend $1000 on a laptop and have the sound bettered by a $10 device, but, that seems to be the case. I'd rather spend $1020 and have decent sound built in, but...