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  1. yoyojoe

    Grado ps500

    I am selling my grado ps500's in great condition. They come with the box, but that's about it. They sound good, and look great no noticable scratches or anything. I am open to trades or price negotiations.
  2. yoyojoe

    What amp to use for modified fostex t50rp?

    I haven't been on headfi in a while, and don't want to search that hard for this (sorry for my lazy attitude). Just wanted to know what people use for heavily modified fostex t50rp's, mad dogs, or ZMF headphones?
  3. yoyojoe

    Bose QC2 for sale QC2: Comes with everything it came with. The cable has a small tear that I taped over they still work and sound the same. There are a couple small scratches on both cups hardly noticeable. The pads and headband...
  4. yoyojoe

    Beyer custom one pro, AKG k550, akg K81dj

    What I have for sale: Beyerdynamic custom one pro: No box, or original cable included. They are in great condition no scratches, scuffs, or dings on them. $92 SOLD AKG k550: Has everything it originally came with and in fantastic condition, rarely used. $145 AKG K81dj: The cable on these were...
  5. yoyojoe

    How did you become an audiophile?

    I thought it would be interesting to see how people started along the audiophile path.  I'll keep it short I was rummaging through my parents garage and found a pair of koss PortaPros and an old Denon receiver. I found Head-Fi when I was researching them and have been buying headphones since...
  6. yoyojoe

    Audio Technica ES7

    Selling a pair of ES7's good conditions other than some scratches on the cups shown in the pics comes with the bag and box and they sound and look great looking for $70 shipped within the US
  7. yoyojoe

    Selling Audio Technica ES7

    Selling my audio technica ES7 looking for around 70 shipped within the US  good condition other than some small scratches on the the cups but the pad are good and they sound good the pics aren't that great but they should work and if you have any further questions just pm me and we can talk ...
  8. yoyojoe

    Looking for an Australian to interview

    Hi everyone I'm looking for someone that has recently been to Australia or is currently living in Australia to answer a few questions for me. I'm writing an English paper on Australia and my teacher wants me to interview someone about their culture and life style. It would be great if someone...
  9. yoyojoe

    Selling Ultimate Ears 10

    Selling a barely used pair of 10s in like new condition had for about 2 months comes with all the parts box and everything it originally came with. great sounding no problems with physical or sonic problems    selling for what i payed plus shipping and paypal fees    SOLD  ...
  10. yoyojoe

    Looking for Akg k 518

    Im on the search for a pair of akg k518s ill offer like $45 mabey more depending on the color or condition and i have a pair of  sony xb500 or a pair of Bose triport on ear head phones i would trade for a pair Also interested in any other portable closed headphone in that price range
  11. yoyojoe


    Purchased a great headphone from him received exactly what i paid for and gave me the fastest shipping I've ever gotten on head fi
  12. yoyojoe


    Bought a pair of headphones off him they came just as described he shipped fast and gave we a tracking number   
  13. yoyojoe

    FS/FT Monster Turbine Pro Gold

    im selling or trading my monster turbine pro golds there mint have very few hours sound great they have no damage to them and include all the ear tips the box and the carrying cases  if you need any more information on these MTPG's send me a pm im looking for $140 shipped conus     ...
  14. yoyojoe

    hd 280s for trade or sale

    these work great and have no cosmetic damage well im interested in trying some audio technica ad700 i would be willing to trade my hd280's and like $10 for a pair in moderate condition    i would also be willing to sell them for 65 shipped conus   ...