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  1. griffindy

    [SOLD] Keces DA-131 MKII DAC, w/ toslink and coax inputs, upgraded socket

    up for sale here is a wonderful DAC that has served me well. I purchased it from @ToastedSorbet a little over 3 months ago, but that damn upgrade bug bit me again and now I have two DACs, one of which I don't hopefully one of you can get some use out of it!   This DAC is the 131...
  2. griffindy

    [sold] FS: StyleAudio Carat-Emerald USB DAC/Amp

    hey all, I'm selling my StyleAudio Carat-Emerald USB DAC/Amp in order to finance my recent purchase of Keces 131. I bought this a few months ago from this thread where you can see pictures, although I'll be putting up pictures as soon as I can (which won't be for a few hours at least).  ...
  3. griffindy

    Little Dot I+ a little too loud?

    Hi all;      so after reading a lot about the Little Dot I+ and how it works very well with Grados (I have a pair of SR80i's) and it sounds fantastic. The only problem that I have so far is that it seems to be pretty loud. I'm listening to it right now and the knob is around 10 (out of 100)...
  4. griffindy

    Introductory Amp/DAC

    Hi all;     I've been reading on these forums for a while, but here's my first post. I recently took the plunge and bought a pair of Grado sr80i's and am very pleased. People seem to be very split on whether low end Grados benefit much from amping (at least from what I can tell/have read)...