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  1. tanfenton

    FS: Assemblage UJB-1 Jitter Filter and Sennheiser DSP Pro

    The Assemblage UJB-1 performs the same function as the very popular Monarchy DIP line of processors; in fact, the UJB-1 is, internally, the same as the Sonic Frontiers UltraJitterbug (hence the designation by Assemblage as UJB). A pretty piece of casing, the SF unit sells for at least $200...
  2. tanfenton

    FS: 5 Herbie's Audio Lab HAL-O 9 Tube Dampeners

    I have five of these that I made receipt of last August and have found no real need for given my equipment. Each has happily straddled an antique 12AX7 since that time and looks no different now than it did last year--white. I'd like to get $8 for each and would much prefer to sell them all...
  3. tanfenton

    Happy Birthday, Minya!

    I hope the CDs came before your move and that you appreciate the two albums as much as I do. A whole new world of music is now open to you. May today be a day where everything goes right. NGF
  4. tanfenton

    FS: Sony MDR-V6

    These were the first headphones I ever bought, and I've had them since 1999. They don't show their age except for some flaking of the plastic/leather coating near where the earpads secure to the driver housings. I have long since removed the hokey gold "studio monitor" lettering that ran across...
  5. tanfenton

    FS: Etymotic ER-4S

    Etymotic ER-4S: $180 Excellent condition. Light, careful use (still on original filters). Original case, carrying pouch, filters, eartips, and accessories included. Of all I've tried, this ranks as one of my two favorite dynamic headphones, the other being the Grado HP-1. I've been using them...
  6. tanfenton

    SOLD: HeadAmp Gilmore v. 2

    HeadAmp Gilmore v. 2: $380 Excellent condition. No scratches. Bought a few months ago from the original owner through this same forum. The price includes USPS Priority shipping costs within the continental United States. I prefer to be paid by PayPal. Write me at NGF
  7. tanfenton

    SOLD: Monarchy DIP 24/96

    Monarchy DIP 24/96: $140 Very good condition--about an 8.5 on the Audiogon scale. Extremely slight wear in a few places on the very edge of the cover. Just noting for accuracy. The price includes USPS Priority shipping costs within the continental United States. I prefer to be paid by...
  8. tanfenton

    FS: HeadAmp Gilmore v. 1 "Lite"

    This is an original HeadAmp Gilmore amplifier powered by the Elpac WM071-1950 [HeadAmp] sells with the actual Lite amplifier. It sounds very nice; I'm just wanting to move to a v. 2. $210 shipped. [Forty dollars cheaper than buying a Lite with a second input and a pre-amp output that new...
  9. tanfenton

    WTT: M-Audio Delta DiO 2496 for M-Audio Revolution

    I'm interested in a straight-up trade as indicated in the title. Please e-mail NGF
  10. tanfenton

    08-09-03 Atlanta Meeting Impressions

    Before anything else... Thank you, Leo, for being a gracious host and letting the gathering last into the night; thank you, Ph34rful, for driving from Tennessee; thank you, MagusG, for bringing your monitor and Sonata; thank you, Carlo, for sending Stax; and thank you, mom, for baking the pie...
  11. tanfenton

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT-250-250

    Beyerdynamic DT-250-250 in excellent condition: I bought the headphone from Audio&Me after having it on loan for several months. The original box will be included. I'm asking $150 in all, USPS Priority Mail shipping included. For this sale I will only accept PayPal, and a U.S. buyer is...
  12. tanfenton


    I'm the happy new owner of Joel's Grado SR-225. He shipped the headphone at a fair price the day my money order met his hands. NGF
  13. tanfenton

    SOLD: Beyerdynamic DT-880

    Beyerdynamic DT-880 in excellent condition: I bought the headphone from Old Pa a short time ago and can find no flaw with it. It will ship with its original storage case, extension cable, and paperboard sleeve. I would like to get what I paid for it, $210, USPS Priority Mail shipping...
  14. tanfenton

    WTB: Grado SR-225

    E-mail offers to tanfenton at yahoo dot com. NGF
  15. tanfenton

    SOLD: AKG K-1000

    Asking a firm $325, USPS Priority Mail shipping included. See Drewski's advertisement for them from March: They are exactly as they were when I bought them. Money orders only. U.S. sale preferred. My feedback record. I ask those...
  16. tanfenton

    Ye Age-Old Sennheiser Debate

    In all seriousness, do you or do you not hear something one might characterize as a veil in Sennheiser's HD-580 and HD-600? This is not a thread for venting. Respond on-topic, please, and suspend your incredulousness for another thread. NGF
  17. tanfenton

    What Are You Listening To RIGHT NOW?

    The Complete Blue Note Blue Mitchell Sessions (1963-67) NGF
  18. tanfenton

    FS: "NOS" Mullard Box-Plate CV4004/12AU7 Pairs

    Two matched pairs of recently NOS Mullard CV4004s: CV4004s are military ruggedized versions of the 12AU7, and these pairs, having long lives to live, were in use for less than 150 hours. I'm asking $14 per pair, shipping included. I accept PayPal (preferred) and money orders. NGF
  19. tanfenton

    SOLD: Joseph Grado SR-200

    I may all ready have someone interested in these off-forum, but in the event that that person passes on them, who here would like them? They have made the Head-Fi tour having been owned by Vka, Hirsch, and Gloco before me. I'm asking only what I paid for them, $125 shipped. Post your...
  20. tanfenton

    South Florida Headphone Faithful

    Make yourselves known so that we can assemble! NGF
  21. tanfenton


    A fine buyer who pays in good time NGF
  22. tanfenton

    FS: Sennheiser HD-600

    Sennheiser HD-600 in like-new condition: I kept these in their padded box for much of the time I had them, seven months or thereabout. The cable connections have held solidly. My tastes have changed, and these 'phones must go. I paid $225 for them and am asking for $170. I'll include all of...
  23. tanfenton

    Happy B'day, Carlo!

    Where would I be without you, man? May your day be as relaxing and kind as you've been to a friend. Take it easy with the maestrobati--, er, you know, NGF
  24. tanfenton


    I may have to give a globe a spin or two before finding Brunei, but you wouldn't have known it from my sale to N@Z. We'll tip back a few "bottles" again, I imagine . Recommended. NGF
  25. tanfenton

    FS: Electron Tubes for MG-Head Tuberollers

    I need to make room for even more tubes, and part of my stash has to go. All of these tubes have been used unless otherwise noted. Each, aside from those labeled "NOS," tested around 85% at the time of purchase. Every tube I'm selling has a long life to live. I'm asking eight dollars per...