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  1. james__bean

    Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

    Welp, decided to pour myself some bourbon and try out Qobuz tonight. So first of all, I was wrong about audiokse.dll. Turns out, Wasapi in exclusive mode can be run through audiokse.dll and this is what Qobuz uses. Second, this desktop app is the best in terms bit perfect playback support...
  2. james__bean

    Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

    While certainly interesting, I doubt many people can actually hear anything above 20,000Hz. (Personally I can't hear anything at 18kHz.) Feel free to test yourself. (Note you should have the volume very low on your first run.)
  3. james__bean

    Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

    So from reading Windows documentation, it seems like Amazon Music isn't properly querying the endpoint device for supported frequencies. I don't have access to their code or anything, but just based on what I was seeing the application do, I think it is just pulling whatever frequency Windows...
  4. james__bean

    Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

    At the end of the day, the updated version of the application still needs to be downloaded and installed by Windows. I had an old version of the app so I installed it and watched the logs. It goes through an update check process by checking a json online and then lists the download URL in the...
  5. james__bean

    Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

    I have a trial with Amazon that is about to expire. I'm probably sticking with Tidal anyway, but I do want to at least try out the exclusive mode. However, my client isn't updating to the 2198 build. Went through some of the client logs and there is actually a separate updater application...
  6. james__bean

    PDX Portland Oregon Meet Summer 2008

    In terms of gear I will probably bring the following: Headphones AD2000 SA-5000 Amps Larocco PRII w/ 8620 RSA HR-2 Source: Laptop w/ M-Audio Transit > CI Audio VDA-2 w/ PSU 500GB of FLAC Oppo 980 DVD-A/SACD Player. I could bring my EMU 0404USB as well if anyone is...
  7. james__bean

    PDX Portland Oregon Meet Summer 2008

    I'm down for a meet on any weekend in August.
  8. james__bean

    New Triad Headcode waiting list.

    Wow, how random. Tonight on a whim I thought I would do a search in the FS forums for the older version of this amp. Glad to hear these are going to start being made again. Tried to post in that thread but I can't for some reason. Has there been any estimate on price for the two different versions?
  9. james__bean


    I use my Sansa with Koss KSC35. I run with them and the sound is good enough for those purposes.
  10. james__bean

    Making 24-bit/96Khz DVD-A Recordings from Vinyl

    I make my own vinyl rips all the time. People always talk about how you can't hear above 20kHz, but I've directly compared a rip done in 24/48 to the same rip converted to 16/44 with foobar2000's ABX test. I picked out the difference like 95% of the time, which leaves the probability that I...
  11. james__bean

    Does anyone understand EAC's write offset ?

    You could just try looking it up here. Not all the stuff in there is accurate though.
  12. james__bean

    Emu 0404 USB + Foobar configuration?

    If you want to get rid of the lag, go to preferences > advanced > playback and then adjust the Fade on/out values to 0 and change the thread priority. I have mine at 5. As for the asio resetting on restart, I have no solution for that.
  13. james__bean

    Oregon - interested in a summer 2007 meet?

    Heh, sounds like we'll have lots of laptops. I just got mine yesterday. I got Windows all installed so everything's good on that front. (Although it was a huge pain because Dell made 5 partitions on my drive using various file systems) I know the last time I went to a meet Gigabomber grabbed a...
  14. james__bean

    Dac1usb headamp vs Larocco Headcode

    Personally, I find that doing quick A/B comparisons can only get you so far. If you truly want to know the differences between two components you have to spend significant time with each one over a long period of time. If you find the DAC1's headamp to be sufficient for your purposes though...
  15. james__bean

    The Bourne Ultimatum

    I have to agree that at times the camera work is bad, but there are certainly some really great sequences as well. I understand that they're trying to simulate an intense fight, but at times the camera work just doesn't make any sense. In one of the car chases it was that way too. You get like a...
  16. james__bean

    Customs searched laptop for child ****.

    Quote: Originally Posted by micaela I guess you have been fortunate to never have been a victim of abuse - or to have known someone who was to be aware of the physical damage and threat that it actually poses. Your statement here is grossly naive in regards to this problem. I was...
  17. james__bean

    0404 USB at Guitar Center, $149 after rebate

    I imagine you could get it cheaper after rebate if you can get them to go down on the initial price. I paid $180 for mine like a week ago. Its pretty easy to get people at guitar center to give you a little discount. I remember when the 1212m came out, I got that thing for like $170. If you make...
  18. james__bean

    Oregon - interested in a summer 2007 meet?

    I doubt we'll have 40 people. At most me may get 20, but usually its like 10 or less. In any case, I'll throw in some money for a venue. I did some searching online and found a directory of community centers that rent out rooms. I don't live in Portland, but some of you in the area may want to...
  19. james__bean

    0404 + linux = yes

    Hah, oh crap. Yeah which version are you talking about?
  20. james__bean

    0404 + linux = yes

    OHHHHH!!! You just made my day.
  21. james__bean

    LISA III : First impression at TraidAduio

    I don't really see a big market for this amp. Hell people complain about the size of the PRII so what are they gonig to say about this? I'm sure its exceptional though. This just makes me want a Headcode even more.
  22. james__bean

    Superfast Internet 40 gigabits-per-second fiber-optic connection

    I doubt hard drives could write the data fast enough to download something that fast.
  23. james__bean

    why do i need a DAC for my X-fI?

    You don't need a DAC with the x-fi. You could run your headphones right out of the soundcard if you wanted. An external DAC would simply be an upgrade.
  24. james__bean

    X-fi Flexijack Digital I/O Module question

    Its not optical, its coaxial. I use it daily and it works well enough for me.