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  1. mintyfresh

    HD650's (vs DT770's) for Trance/Electronic Music?

    Um, in my opinion the HD650s will never be boring. I suppose if I were accustomed to very forward or boomy phones the 650s would seem too recessed. The 650s are very good for trance with vocals or with very deep bass. If you like hard house stuff you might go with the SA5K because it has...
  2. mintyfresh

    Sony SA5000 - First thoughts

    Quote: Originally Posted by morphie The bass is not deficient, it is different. This bass is BALANCED, it has the sound the bass really should have. Grado's bass is much fuller, but not as deep, detailled, or fast. It doesn't have the impact of this bass, but it has more slam. I...
  3. mintyfresh

    HD 595s give me a headache

    It could be clamp pressure impairing circulation, restriction of head motion leading to muscular fatigue, sensitivity to extra cranial inertia and weight leading to muscle fatigue, or maybe the volume you're playing the music at is too loud.
  4. mintyfresh

    Grado's and Fatiguing

    If you have the Senn HD650 and you think the sound is a bit distant, veiled, dark or whatnot when listening to pop vocals or rock, test the use of an equalizer and boost the 3 or 4 khz range by 8 to 12 decibels.
  5. mintyfresh

    Anybody shopped here?

    You can also check You have to sift through the reviews. Some retailers post phony positive ratings. But you can tell if a site sucks because certain sites get 90 percent five star ratings that are fluff, and a handful of drastically bad negative ratings that are very...
  6. mintyfresh

    HD600's came: impressions

    If the drivers aren't burned in, prepare yourself for a pleasant surprise in about a week.
  7. mintyfresh

    Is the 650 dark?

    It's been easy for me to bring the HD650 "forward" by boosting the 3K frequency range about 12 dB, by equalizer, for rock music. For classical music, such an adjustment ruins the spaciousness of the sound. What's playing now: Recital Trompette & Orgue Frederic Presle and Jacques Amade...
  8. mintyfresh

    voice not in the center of the headphone? what the?

    I use a sonic implement specifically designed for audiophile quality phones called the Quistip Ultra U50. It is a 0.05 cm cylindrical rod encased in methylcellulose to resist hydrophilic contaminants and overlaid with lightweight, flexible monofilaments comprised of 99.995% pure cellulose. The...
  9. mintyfresh

    Grado 325i, Are Hi Fi Mags Truthful?

    It's obviously the hi-fi mag's job to pimp up the audio equipment. The bottom line is always there.
  10. mintyfresh


    Are you playing techno from MP3s or from CDs?
  11. mintyfresh

    Bad Burn-in

    Emon's post reminded me of a monitor that I bought new a couple of years ago and when I plugged it in the image presented had good color but the resolution was terrible due to "jaggy lines". I thought, "What the heck?"; maybe that the electron tube or something else was defective so I called the...
  12. mintyfresh

    What to Expect HD600 vs ER6?
  13. mintyfresh

    Long Review of my new MS-2i (A/B comparison with 650)

    Great, great review, James63. I'll have to try out the Alessandros. I've been finding that increasing the midrange response at 3 or 4 kHz by 10 decibels tends to make the hd650 present with improved immediacy for metal, and it also deepens the soundstage.
  14. mintyfresh

    I'm torn...HD650's or SA5000's

    When the HD650 burns in it is like having a different set of headphones. Burn, baby, burn.
  15. mintyfresh

    Best headphones for jogging (ER4P too much microphonics)

    Yeah, my dog did give me funny looks the first week. I tried to put the phones on her but she HATES that. If anyone ever drives that road with lights off I'm a goner.
  16. mintyfresh

    Best headphones for jogging (ER4P too much microphonics)

    I wear HD650s. I run on an unlit rural road close to midnight with my dog on a leash in one hand and carrying an 18lb iron digging rod in the other to ward off the occasional vole. Don't hear a damn thing beyond the music.
  17. mintyfresh

    HD650's soundstage

    I was walking my dog in the yard with HD650s playing an MP3 "F da Police". I'd never heard the song before actually and I was turning my head side to side looking for the paramedics for about 30 seconds before I realized the sound of sirens was coming from the headphones. Even when I knew it was...
  18. mintyfresh

    HD595, DT880, HD650, K501 -> SA5K

    I found that the SA5K soundstage is less convincing and less natural. It is a fine piece of equipment for resolving music in the treble and midrange. I found the bass to roll off after about 80hz. I agree it's better for electronica and some brighter rock music. I prefer to use the HD650 for...
  19. mintyfresh

    Do I Need the HD650??

    Quote: Originally Posted by amartignano Strange... I feel the HD650 to have more bass than the DT880, but not warmer. Instead I've found them to be more cold and sometimes a little "edgy" in the highs. I feel the DT880 to be warmer... and not only me... well, de gustibus. I know...
  20. mintyfresh

    Sennheiser HD570 Question

    Hmmm....I used an HD570 for 7 years. I thought it was okay. The HD570 is good for light acoustic that doesn't have too much bass. It's also good for pop music. If you try to play orchestral classical music the results can be murky and distorted. The HD570 can handle the "foreground" but...
  21. mintyfresh

    Need some new headphones, but which ones should I get?

    I listen to techno on Panasonic HS-77s attached to Sony MD player playing (of course) AATRAC format at low resolution, LP4 or whatever. I recently got an HD650 + Creek OBH-11 Amp set up, and I pass MP3 into that set up using a Motorola M25. I've found that MP3s at 128kps can sound really crappy...
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