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  1. SmilinKev

    Suggestions for Reinforcing - or Recabling - HiFiMan RE-400 IEMs

    I just bought a set of HiFiMan RE-400 IEMs and I'm amazed by quality of sound they produce.  However, I can already see problems happening, sooner rather than later, with: (1) the extremely thin earshell-to-y-junction cables; (2) the absence of any strain relief at the point where the cables...
  2. SmilinKev

    REVIEW: Oppo HA-2 Amp/DAC - Not Just for High-Resolution Listeners!

    Back in June, I was thinking about buying a portable amp/DAC to replace the TEAC HA-P50 I was using.  Searching for alternatives, I found the “OPPO HA-2 Portable Headphone Amplifier/DAC Discussion Thread” here on Head-Fi.  I read the entire thread – and I’m still subscribed and keeping up with...