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  1. blux

    Interest Check - Sony MD MZ-E44 Walkman

    Anyone interested? Its metallic blue. Comes with everything, even a recepit from when I bought it for $86 at Audio King. All literature, cheap headphones never opened. I can provide pictures if needed. Please email me if interested, or reply in the thread. I may put it up on ebay for $20 if...
  2. blux

    ATH-EW9 Review

    I said they are overpriced because they are clip-on earphones, that cost $200. The same price as the ATH A900 full size can. How can you put that same price tag on the clip-ons when its not possible that they sound the same, because of driver size, enclosure... $150 direct from Audiotechnica...
  3. blux

    ATH-EW9 Review

    $150 is not that bad IMO. Once you break $200 for some clipons is bad.. I could spend a lot more on fullsize phones, but after I spent a good $160 on my E3 I can spend $159 on the best earbuds money can buy.
  4. blux

    Audio-Technica ATH-A700 ?

    I read about that.. I see that the design is a little different than the othe Axx series. It looks more like a W100 W1000 W2002... etc
  5. blux

    ATH-EW9 Review

    I agree, EW9 are overpriced IMO.. You can get the A900s for the same price.. I'm going to go with the CM7ti once I get back from vacation! They will be my GYM/Work/on the go phone.
  6. blux

    Audio-Technica ATH-A700 ?

    If you are on a budget, go for the A500, you will be happy.. $99 If you have the money to spare, go with the A900, you will be just as happy if not happier. $199 If you have even more money to spend, go for the Audio-Technica ATH-A1000 for $359.. I'm not sure exactly what the...
  7. blux

    Audio Technica CM7ti

  8. blux

    best headphones for working out

    I'll throw in my 2 cents... I am training right now to be a amature body builder. I spend a lot of time in the gym, and I have yet to bring my iPOD and E3, I think it can be too dangerous to not be able to hear what is going on around me, I also cant concentrate on getting the weight up when...
  9. blux

    Audio Technica

    Obsession is right... Especially with the overall build and appeal quality of the Audio Technicas. You will want to start collecting them just because they look amazing. You should look into the AT EW9 as well, its made with cherry tree wood, they look amazing for a clip on.. They will be...
  10. blux

    Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-F828

    What about the size? The Rebel is pretty big, as is the 828, but I think it has more features, like night shot, etc. I was also looking at the new 8 megapixle Nikon. I like the build quality of the sony better. I really didnt handle the rebel much.. Eh... I have a lot of research to do, I...
  11. blux

    Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-F828

    Anyone have one? Anyone thinking of buying one?? I am going on a cruise on the 20th, and I'm looking into getting a nice digicam.. I have a nice 35MM SLR minolta, but I need to step into the "real" digital age.. I have a digital camera now, its a "concord" EyeQue 3100 AF. Let me tell you, it...
  12. blux

    ATH-A900 owners...

    I still dont see how your saying its the plastic, take the actual pad off and look at it underneith...Mine are perfect. Its just the way the pad is stiched or whatever to the material... I dont see what the big deal is. Its just the way the phones are! Edit: I just really hope that your...
  13. blux

    ATH-A900 owners...

    Mine have the exact same problem on my earpads... I dont think it has to do anything with the plastic at all.. Its just the earpad not perfectly fitting onto the headphone. Dont worry about it at all!
  14. blux

    New Audio-Technica Clip-Ons

    Anyone have any new information regarding the EW9? I have an obsession with AT... haha
  15. blux

    Audio-Technica ATH-EW9

    Sweet! Thanks a lot.. I don't think the search function is working... I'm also interested in the Audio-Technica ATH-CM7ti, if anyone has any information. I am looking for an amazing portable earphone, when I cant use my E3. For instance I cant wear the E3 at work because I am...
  16. blux

    Audio-Technica ATH-EW9

    Here's a pic from I know this is probably a repeat thread, but I searched and couldnt find anything about these. Anyone have any experiance with them? Any reviews? They look VERY sweet... Edit: I know I remember seeing a thread with a review on these... :/
  17. blux

    Hissing sound?

    I had the same hissing problem out of my soundcard. When I mutted the MIC and the CD Audio, along with the line in, all of the noise is gone!! Try it out... !
  18. blux

    Ety's on their way

    right now its pouring rain in the suburbs of mpls. Its supposed to turn over to freezing rain/snow/ice around 5PM... It WILL be messy.. better engage the ol' 4wd in the pickup truck!
  19. blux

    I've just received my Sennheiser HD555s! (First impressions...)

    Quote: Originally posted by bangraman Sure. But it's worth drawing attention to the fact. Have you tried it? It's not too bad out of the iPod. Even the DT880 kind of works (not recommended though, obviously). Ive tried the DT880 on the ipod, sure there was some volume lacking, but...
  20. blux

    ATH-A500s have arrived - Opinions from a newbie :)

    Quote: Originally posted by SouthPaW1227 Heh, well although this isn't my Q, I wanna say... It's a fact that if the A500s are the best phones you've ever heard, then you will fully believe they are the best phones you've ever heard. Until you hear the CD3000s or something. Then you'll...
  21. blux

    ATH-A500s have arrived - Opinions from a newbie :)

    Quote: Originally posted by lindrone You'd be surprised at the output quality of the iPod, actually. A lot of people complain about the flatness out iPod's output when they use it in a portable situation. Ironically the "flatness" of iPod's output makes it almost perfect for audiophile...
  22. blux

    A900's in today!

    I ordered mine on the 18th, they didnt ship until the 26th, I got them on the 29th...Expect that kind of an order..
  23. blux

    Sigh...I have the itch to upgrade

    How are the new 5X5 series supposed to sound? Are they still going to have the high detail hard to drive "laid back" charecteristics as the other senns? Or do you think they will be "up front" and bright like the grados?
  24. blux

    Best Buy (the store), Any good Equipment?

    I know how you feel.. I tend to be really cheap, I am very hesitant to spend all of this money, turns out to be about $479.24! I wish it was cash, but I'll end up finding somthing to put it towards. I really want to get a nice home system, but I think a new computer in the fall would be the...
  25. blux

    Best Buy (the store), Any good Equipment?

    Thanks for the reccomendations. The Panasonic SA-XR25 and Pioneer DV-563A look like a cool combination, along with a pair of Athena speakers would be a really nice system.. Thanks again guys.. I feel more like saving all the money now rather than letting it burn a hole in my pocket. With...