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  2. Fush

    PRESS RELEASE: Bang & Olufsen announces BeoPlay H3 and H6 headphones

    In a review at Headphonia, the author says about the H6 that "the cable has a mic control, making it impossible to use with all of my desktop amps at home". What does he mean by that? What problems does the mic cause? Would I need to get another cable in order to use the H6 with my FiiO E17?
  3. Fush

    Best closed headphones for office use? (long list!)

    My search has come to an end. The B&O H6 has all the qualities I was looking for. Bought them today. I think the sound is terrific. Can't believe that anyone find them lacking in the bass. Thanks for all suggestions!
  4. Fush

    Sony MDR-1R series MK2

    No reviews of the MK2 yet?
  5. Fush

    Focal Spirit Classic First Look - Head-Fi TV

    Too bad, they look so nice! Guess I'm waiting for a demo or review of the Sony MDR-1RMK2 then.
  6. Fush

    Fiio Andes (E07K) VS. Fiio E17: What's the difference, and how does it sway the amateur audiophile?

    Hi! I just got the E07K. I've tested it with a USB signal from my computer, and Klipsch x10i IEM's. There is a small amount of hiss from the device. It's barely noticeable, but definitely there. I also find the sound a bit warm and veiled.   How does this compare to the E17? Will the hiss and...
  7. Fush

    Best closed headphones for office use? (long list!)

    Thank you, for the suggestions. Actually, I have an old XTRA X-1 Pro amp, that I plan to hook up to the UCA202. I assume that will be an improvement. Or is the DAC in the UCA202 inferior to FiiO and ELE?
  8. Fush

    Best closed headphones for office use? (long list!)

    I'm usually streaming music from Wimp (320 kbps AAC) on my laptop, through a Behringer UCA202.
  9. Fush

    Sennheiser MOMENTUM Review

    The P7 looks promising!
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  11. Fush

    World's most expensive earbud?

    Here's a video of them, from a Norwegian newspaper's website: link. And they sure look good on her.
  12. Fush

    Memory stick/MP3 player

    I think 2 GB would be plenty. After doing some research, and looking into the options suggested here, I'm thinking that the SanDisk Sansa Express would do the job. The only problem as far as I can see from the manual, is that it only works with Windows XP. So if I wanted to transfer files...
  13. Fush

    Memory stick/MP3 player

    Hi! I'm looking for an MP3 player that can also work as a memory stick for storing random data like documents, pictures etc. That means that it should have a built in USB port. Price range is up to $100. What are my best options here?
  14. Fush

    TrekStor Vibez

    According to specs, the Vibez does not have a line-out for connecting to amps and such. Can any of you who have actually used one confirm this? My Sony player has a software setting for using the headphone out as a line-out. Does the Vibez sport any such feature?
  15. Fush

    Pictures of your portable rig part VIII

    Quote: Originally Posted by ueyteuor nice dap. did you get it new? if so from where? i got a hd5 too but used and its silver. yours is nicer I bought it new two years ago, yeah.
  16. Fush

    Pictures of your portable rig part VIII

    Quote: Originally Posted by rockin_amigo14 I love the HD5, Fush. That's the one player I've always wanted but have never had. Yeah, it's really good, and I've had it for more than two years now. The only thing I'm missing is an option for creating custom playlists on the fly.
  17. Fush

    Pictures of your portable rig part VIII

    Here's my updated rig:
  18. Fush

    Amp and CD player burn-in question

    It is very doubtful that "burning in" purely electronical equipment such as CD players and amplifiers will have any effect at all. Imagine, how would your computer work, if solid state electronics would change performance characterstics over it's lifespan?
  19. Fush

    Pairs of E-500's **NOW $259.99** Free shipping (Hurry!!)

    It's really to bad that he didn't ship outside of the US. If any of you guys here bought a pair but don't really need them, I'd be happy to let you pass them on to me.
  20. Fush

    Pictures of your portable rig part VIII

    Sorry for the noob question, but which Shure's are these? Quote: Originally Posted by Towert7
  21. Fush

    ATH-ANC7 Availability

    Strange how fast they have gone up. I paid USD 120 plus shipping just a couple of weeks ago.
  22. Fush

    Help me pick my third pair!

    Quote: Originally Posted by grndslm You keep saying for use "in quiet office"... does that mean you can use open cans?? Actually, I'm not a 100% sure how it will work out yet. Usually, the office is pretty busy, and I will normally be using my ATH-ANC7 (active noise cancelling)...
  23. Fush

    Help me pick my third pair!

    Quote: Originally Posted by grndslm Ehh...well, if you're taking this to work... you're gonna want light, closed cans, prolly unamped too. No, the phones can stay in my office. And so can my source (NW-HD5) and my amp (X-1 Pro). But since I'm using the DVD-player and integrated...
  24. Fush

    Help me pick my third pair!

    I'm doing some upgrading of my portable audio equipment this summer. At the moment, my list looks like this: Sources Sony NW-HD5 Sony PSP Amplifiers Xtra X-1 Pro (on it's way in the mail as we speak) Headphones Sennheiser PX-100 Audio Technica ATH-ANC7 + two other pairs that I...
  25. Fush

    Noob: Amplifier sound differences?

    Has there ever been performed any blind test that proves that these differences are actually noticable?