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  1. barrist

    Koss Pro DJ100/200 - useless unamped?

    I'm looking into purchasing a pair from eBay, but have heard I really need an amp for these to sound good. I really just want to use them out of my iPhone 5s for portability.   Any owners of these have any insight?  If that's the case, any suggestions for something in this price range for a...
  2. barrist

    KRK-6400, Koss PRODJ200/TBSE1, UE6000, Skullcandy Aviator, M40x, V-Moda M80 or similar

    looking for a full size closed over-ear headphone for commuting (isolation, portability, durability is key). also would like it to have detachable cable.... would consider on-ears with good isolation and comfort.   located in Canada
  3. barrist

    AT ATH-ES55 vs Beyer DTX501p

    Hi all, Looking to get a pair of new headphones for my gf for her birthday. Looking at these two portable closed-backs. They're both around the same price from my research.   She listens to all types of music (rock, hip-hop, acoustic), and imo would probably prefer a livlier headphone to a...
  4. barrist

    Sony DR-BT50 Bluetooth Headphones

    I know BT headphones don't get much love on Head-Fi,   But if you do want to go wireless, these are pretty good for wireless.   In pretty decent condition, a few nicks here and there, but in perfect working order.    Includes charger...
  5. barrist

    WANTED: MEElec HT-21

    Looking for a pair of HT-21s , located in Canada.Thanks      
  6. barrist

    WTB: THIN 1.5ft mini to mini cable (like ones that come with Fiio's)

    Looking for a 1.5ft 3.5mm male/male cable.. has to be thin at the ends (needs to fit in Equation Audio EP3070 jack). I'm told the cables that come with Fiio amps are perfect size.   let me know, located in Canada   Thanks  
  7. barrist

    FS: Fiio E5 + Short mini-to-mini IC

    Up for sale are a LNIB E5 and a short mini-to-mini hand-made by a head-fi user. (mogami cable, stripped, rebraided and covered in nylon multifilament, and using neutrik gold plated mini for straight end, and nickel right angled plug) photos of IC...
  8. barrist

    WTB: Headphones for the gf (Under $50CDN) PX100? AT ONTO?

    So my gf asked me to look for a new pair for her, since her px100 that she was using has crapped out. She'd like a similar pair to the px100, mostly in design and fit. So no IEMs, earbuds, or anything like that. Thanks in advance. Located in Ottawa.
  9. barrist

    Sony a828 or stick with my Fuze

    Hey, i was offered a pretty good deal on an a828, and currently have the fuze. Gonna be paired with a nuforce uf-30 expected in the mail right now. any insight on which one you would choose? i also have an e5 on the way. lol, all i wanted from head-fi this week was the headphones and i...
  10. barrist

    FS: Samsung YP-T9 2GB Black MP3 Player *pricedrop* $45 SHIPPED

    selling my Samsung T9 2GB. Comes with USB cable only (no earphones but you don't want crappy pack-in earphones anyway do you? )Asking $45 shipped. Thanks I'm in Ottawa.
  11. barrist

    FS/FT: Audio Technica ATH-ES7

    Selling my ES7s In good condition, comes with carrying pouch Shipped from Canada SOLD PM
  12. barrist

    FT: V-Moda Vibe w/biosciencegeek custom cMOY

    Hey I'm looking to sell my V-Moda Vibes (chrome) and my biosciencegeek CMOY (which was gain customized for the Vibes) . The Vibes are great, but i need a bit more isolation when I'm on the bus on my way to school. Plus, I think i'm done with the IEM experiment. Only one tip was used and the...
  13. barrist

    FS: MPIO FY500 512mb MP3 Player

    I'm lookin to sell my trusty ol' MPIO FY500 512mb Flash MP3 Player. In perfect working condition, and good cosmetically (some faint signs of wear) Only includes USB cable. Takes one AAA battery. Doesn't include headphones Asking $50USD --->$35USD OBO Ships from Ottawa, Canada...
  14. barrist

    WTB: Audio Technia ATH FC7

    Hi looking for a set of these, preferably in grey (gun metal) or silver. contact by PM please. P.S. Located in Canada.