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  1. MrSpaceFox

    Finally ordered my first real pair of cans!

    I have, at long last, decided to get myself a pair of Beyerdynamic DT 990s! They seem like top of the line build and quality, but rather hard to drive. For that, I purchased the Bravo V2 $70 tube amp. That little bad boy has some solid reviews and enough juice to power the 990s. I may end up...
  2. MrSpaceFox

    Amp for the dt990 pro 250ohm

    From what I've read, these can be used with a mere iphone, but will be hindered without an amp. The $140 price tag has coaxed me to consider purchasing them with an amp rather than a 32 ohm pair. I own the fiioe6, but understand that I will need more. I have a $75 limit for the amp and was...
  3. MrSpaceFox

    Stuck between hd598 and hp200

    This will be my final amateur, monotonous thread regarding my audio dilemma, I swear... I would simply like to know from someone with more "hands on" experience to recommend one of these two pair of phones to me. Working with a budget around $200... I initially wanted an ADxxx series, but the...
  4. MrSpaceFox

    HD598 or AD900x

    New member and looking for my first "audiophile" pair of phones. My budget is <200 and these two options have me quite crossed. The 900xs are about $145 on Amazon while the 598s are about $190. I will be listening to a variety of music (minus hard rock ect) and am very interested in the...