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  1. Dzjudz

    Guild Wars 2

    Anyone else excited for Guild Wars 2? I played a lot of Guild Wars and am ready to start the sequel. An MMO without a subscription fee, and a great one at that. The first public beta weekend starts in an hour and a half, I'm all set up to go. More people playing this weekend?
  2. Dzjudz

    Head-Fi 2009 Christmas Gift Exchange Whadjaget? Thread

    I haven't seen a Whadjaget? thread for this year's X-mas exchange yet, so I thought I'd make one again. I had a feeling there were less participants than previous years. A shame, because picking out music to give a total stranger is a lot of fun and it's even more exciting to get music you...
  3. Dzjudz

    Head-Fi 2008 Christmas Gift Exchange Whadjaget? Thread

    Right, I was thinking we need a separate thread for listing the gifts received, just like last year's thread by Old Pa. In short, list here what you got for the 2008 Christmas CD/Gift Exchange! And of course you can share your impressions of the all new musical experiences you received from...
  4. Dzjudz

    Apogee Mini-DAC USB as USB speakers?

    Hi there, I have a simple question about the Apogee Mini-DAC and its use with USB on Windows XP. I have a Corda Cantate USB DAC/amp. If I connect it to Windows XP on a USB port, XP recognises it as USB speakers. All audio is outputted to the Cantate, including Windows XP sounds and game...
  5. Dzjudz

    Apogee vs Aqvox vs Benchmark (USB DACs), help me choose

    I just posted a WTB ad to acquire on of these three USB DACs: - Apogee Mini-DAC USB - Aqvox USB 2 D/A MKII - Benchmark DAC1 USB They all have exactly the features I want. A standalone DAC is the last component to add to my system. My first question is: is it worth it to have a DAC as...
  6. Dzjudz

    FOUND: Aqvox USB 2 D/A MKII, Apogee Mini-DAC USB, Benchmark DAC1 USB

    FOUND: Apogee Mini-DAC USB, thanks for looking As the title says, I am looking for one of these three products: - Aqvox USB 2 D/A MKII - Apogee Mini-DAC USB - Benchmark DAC1 USB I am located in the Netherlands. I'm looking for one of the above DACs in a reasonably good to very good...
  7. Dzjudz


    I traded my RSA Hornet for shadesbass' Shure E5c + cash. Conversation was pleasant, payment and shipping swift, and the product is in the promised (new) condition. I would gladly do business with shadesbass again. Recommended.
  8. Dzjudz

    SOLD: Gold RSA Hornet (preferably the Netherlands)

    SOLD Up for grabs is a Gold RSA Hornet ('M'), that I purchased from Ray Samuels in December 2006. Total costs for me were about €360 (€305 excluding customs etc). I thoroughly enjoyed this portable amp, but I think now is the time to downsize my portable rig, since I am focussing more and...
  9. Dzjudz

    Arcam CD73 arrived (initial impressions)

    Today my setup is complete. No upgradeitis for me any more (you all know how that's going to turn out ). My bargain arrived: a second hand, good condition Arcam CD73. As you can read in my thread about the remote the supplied remote is broken but I'm using a different remote that works...
  10. Dzjudz

    Sound problems with USB to DAC/amp (static and channel reversal)

    Okay, guys, I have a problem I hope you can help me with. Problem: I connect my Cantate to my laptop with USB. Everything works as it should. Sound is perfectly clear and all's good. But problems arise after a while, the time it takes to start having problems varies. Sound works good for a...
  11. Dzjudz

    REVIEW: Corda Cantate. Includes lots of pictures

    I ordered my Cantate Tuesday evening, Dr. Meier mailed it Wednesday, and it arrived this morning (Friday)! I'm one happy customer. This is a marvellous piece of work. It looks great. Of course, in the spirit of head-fi tradition, I took unboxing pictures for the lot of you to salivate over...
  12. Dzjudz

    Hornet in the house! (56k beware)

    My gold-coloured RSA Hornet arrived today! Listening impressions later, pictures first, like expected from a proper head-fier . Setup: iRiver H340 -> RSA Hornet -> Sennheiser HD650 / Shure E4 Initial impressions (after 24h ownership, about 6 hours of listening): I spent a few hours...
  13. Dzjudz

    Hornet: European adaptor?

    Since I'm in Europe, where we have 230/240V with double round prong wall warts, does the Hornet come with a compatible adaptor or do I need to go out and buy a Europe -> US converter to stick the US adaptor (120V, double flat prong) in?
  14. Dzjudz

    HD650 question (with iRiver H340 and Hornet)

    Hey gang, I've been looking (and reading a lot) at the HD650. I was going to order it last week from the internet, but they were just out of stock. I hadn't auditioned them or anything before. Now today, I went to a random electronics store, and there they were, the HD650s! For a good deal...
  15. Dzjudz

    Good Senn HD650 price Netherlands?

    Hi guys, I'm very interested in buying the HD650. I'd be using it with my iRiver H340 and a RSA Hornet. However, the problem is the pricing of this particular headphone in the Netherlands. Prices at shops are regularly €399, and Dutch internet shops sell them for €333-399. I think these...
  16. Dzjudz

    iRiver H340, Shure E4, Senn HD650 and Hornet?

    Okay, so here is my situation. I am finally ready to take the plunge on a better setup. But I have some questions for you :-). I have the iRiver H340 as my main portable source. On the go, I am using a pair of Shure E4's with it, and I absolutely love the combination. The kink in my system...
  17. Dzjudz

    iRiver H340 -> Amp? -> Shure E4/future audiophile phones

    Hi, I'm in need of some portable amp advice. I currently own an iRiver H340 and a Shure E4. I love this combination, but I feel the bass is a little bit on the soft side. I don't really use EQ's, because I want to hear the music like it is recorded. I mostly listen to pop/alternative pop...