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  1. ak622

    FS: HeadAmp Gilmore Lite LE (Black)

    Hi All,   Up for sale is a HeadAmp Gilmore Lite LE with matching DPS (Serial #5), the Limited Edition is a special black finish run where only 15 were ever made.  I am the original owner of this great amp and it is in excellent condition and has been well taken care of.  This amp has paired...
  2. ak622

    FS: AKG K701

      Up for sale is a pair of AKG K701.  I am the original owner and it has been in a smoke/pet/child free home.  I've own these for about 2 years and they have been in rotation with my other headphones.  There is minimal wear on them and below are pictures of the headphones.  I have the original...
  3. ak622

    Northstar USB DAC32

    Has anyone here tried the Northstar USB dac?  The Northstar 192 MK1 and MK2 have been talked about on this forum and has had good reviews but I haven't read much on the updated Northstar USB.  Does anyone have any experience with and how does it compare with the original Northstar or other...
  4. ak622

    Problems with HD650

    Hi everyone, First off, its great to have head-fi back!! Anyways about a week ago my HD650s were all good and great but then last Saturday night I went to listen to them and the left channel makes a screeching sound when I turn up the volume... Also the left channel is quiet and not...
  5. ak622


    John (lilleyjl) bought my Lite DAC-AH. Fast payment, easy to deal with and definitely recommended.
  6. ak622


    Hi! I'm selling my DARED MP5 which I purchased in April of this year. I am the original owner and this unit was used in a non-smoking, no children, and no pet home and is in perfect condition. I have updated the stock Chinese 12AX7 to a matched pair of Tung Sol 12AX7 which is a $40US value at...
  7. ak622

    FS: Lite DAC-AH

    This is a stock version bought from in late August of this year. This has been used in a non-smoking, no pets, no children household. The unit is in perfect functional and cosmetic condition as the day I received it. Perfect for someone who's handy and interested in modding...
  8. ak622

    upgrade from K501?

    First off my current rig is AV710 -> DAC-AH -> DARED MP5 -> K501. I've been thinking of getting another pair of headphones as an "upgrade" but I would like some recommendations. I love the K501 sound and I would think the K701 would be a logical upgrade but I've read that the K701 isn't that...
  9. ak622

    Please tell me about San Francisco!

    Hi fellow head-fiers! So I'm currently going through a recruiting company and there is a possible match with a firm in San Fran. The thing is I know nothing much about San Fran and I've never been before. I can't give the recruiter a go ahead to pursue this further unless I get a better feel...
  10. ak622

    Jack Johnson type music?

    Hi fellow head-fi'ers... Recently I picked up some Jack Johnson CD's (In Between Dreams, On and On, and the Curious George soundtrack) and I really enjoy chilling at night just listen to his music. Does anyone have any recommendations for similar laid back style music? Thanks in advance!