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  1. jjcapurro

    Klipsch Reference RB-25 bookshelf speakers

    I have a nice pair of Klipsch RB-25 bookshelf speakers I'm not using anymore since being replaced with some Silverlines. Have the original box, and they are in conservatively 8 out of 10 condition on A-Gon scale. Not true audiophile level speaks but sound GREAT for watching movies which is what...
  2. jjcapurro

    Klipsch RB-25 Bookshelf speakers

    I have a nice pair of Klipsch RB-25 bookshelf speakers I'm not using anymore since being replaced with some Silverlines. Have the original box, and they are in 8-9 out of 10 condition on A-Gon scale. Not true audiophile level speaks but sound GREAT for watching movies which is what I used them...
  3. jjcapurro


    A pleasure to deal with! Greg bought my Headfive and sent funds without delay. Great communication, highly recomended! Cheers, Jeremy
  4. jjcapurro

    FS: Meier Corda Aria

    Time for an upgrade. Been eyeing that PS Audio GCHA and this must go to fund it. Everything is here, both lights work, unit in GREAT shape. Killer deal on a killer amp! $WITHDRAWN. Pictures will be posted this evening. Cheers, Jeremy
  5. jjcapurro

    FS: CORDA HEADFIVE, mint with Power Cord!

    Up for sale is my headfive (#146). Everything included as shipped from Jan, and I'm throwing in a power cord so you can use it out of the box. The cord is nothing special, but the amp is! PERFECT MINT CONDITION. $215 shipped in CONUS, paypal fees included. Pictures coming this evening...
  6. jjcapurro

    Has Homegrown Flown?

    Anyone have any insight into why HGA's website is down? I've been trying to get there to make an order. Did they shut down? Any other good places to buy silver wire in bulk? How about those oh so sexy LOK Rhodium connectors? Cheers, Jeremy
  7. jjcapurro

    How does the Sony X3000 compare to modern CDP's?

    Hi All, I have a chance to buy a Sony X3000 cd player for a very attractive price. From all the threads I've read about this player here on head-fi I gather that it's a BEAUTIFUL player with great sound, but not quite what todays high end can do. This is perfectly expected, I'd just kinda like...
  8. jjcapurro

    My Costa Rican Adventure

    Hi Everyone, Well I just finished directing a feature film as you can see and so now it's time for something a little different. On Sunday morning I'm leaving the USA for Costa Rica to attend a spanish language school. I'll be gone for slightly over 2 months, and should return with a pretty...
  9. jjcapurro

    Magnum Dynalab FT-101A analogue tuner

    I have placed my Magnum Dynalab FT-101A tuner On Audiogon. Purchased about a month ago from a fellow head-fier and now need to sell to fund a new toy. Listed at $350 on A-Gon, but if sold to a head-fier it's $325 + shipping to the USA only. Pics on the A-Gon ad. Thanks for looking. Cheers...
  10. jjcapurro

    FS: 4G 20GB iPod with Monster Power Car Adapter

    Hi All, I'm just not using my ipod much anymore, so I'd like to raise some money for other toys. It's about a year old in good condition. Some light abrasions from normal use, but nothing that couldn't be erased with the radtech ice cream polish kit. I have the original box and all accessories...
  11. jjcapurro

    Cartridges, Needles & Tables Oh My!

    Hi All, So a friend of mine just gave me his old turntable. It's a really nice older technics with a rega tonearm and ...for the moment... a cheap audio technica cartridge. I haven't used any sort of vinyl playback system since I was about 10 with my cheap playskool record player so I'm jumping...
  12. jjcapurro

    Carbon Fiber for casing?

    I'm pondering putting together an amp at some point reasonably soon, and got to thinking... Carbon fiber looks really cool. People put carbon fiber hoods on their cars, but I've never seen a carbon fiber audio component case. I found a site that explains how to make it & it seems fairly easy to...
  13. jjcapurro


    I sold a pair of Shure E3's to Andrew. He paid promptly, and had excellent comunication throughout the transaction. Yet another asset to Head-Fi! Thanks, Jeremy
  14. jjcapurro

    Shure E3 (grey version)

    Hi All, I'm feeling the need to upgrade again, and I miss my Grado's... So these are on the chopping block so to speak. This is a nice pair of Shure E3 (The 'professional' version that's identical to the E3c except that it's grey instead of white) in it's retail box with all the ear pieces...
  15. jjcapurro

    Sunrise over Reno (56k warning)

    Here are a few of my shots from this morning's sunrise taken with my new camera from near the Mt. Rose Ski Resort. I just got back, so they haven't really been adjusted, retouched or cropped at all - just white balanced. I've got about 40 more, this is just a sample. Good Times! Cheers, Jeremy
  16. jjcapurro

    Suggest some electronic pop

    A kinda guilty pleasure for me is ultra-trendy high-energy electronica... Like Darude's 'Sandstorm' and Paul Oakenfold's 'Ready Steady Go'... You know the ones. Crank 'em in the car until someone sees you and it's straight for the dial. So anyway, suggest some electro-pop singles for me to put...
  17. jjcapurro

    Kelly Silva

    Kelly sent payment very quickly, and was excellent to deal with. Highly recomended buyer.
  18. jjcapurro

    Why is (was) the PS-1 a Germany Only Phone?

    Just curious if anyone knows why the Grado PS-1 is Europe only (with the exception of Todd's 2/month allotment of course)... It would seem to me that a NY company like Grado would allow their own people to buy the ultimate product in their arsenal... Cheers! Jeremy
  19. jjcapurro

    I Forgot how BAD 'normal' phones are...

    Hi All, So I was down in Sacramento a week or so ago to hit up a couple audio stores that carry stuff I can't get in town, and I brought my new iPod along. Well, life was great in the car running my car stereo through the line out of my iPod charger cable, but when I arrive in Sac I realize I...
  20. jjcapurro

    OK... Exactly which headphone is the V6?

    Hi All, I'm really geting confused. Whenever people mention the Sony 'V6' I'm intrigued, but I've seen three different model numbers mentioned by people as being 'The V6'. MDR-V600, MDR-V6, & MDR-V7506... So which is it??? I'm all for nicknames, but wish people would all reference the same...
  21. jjcapurro

    80's/90's song lyric... I'm Stumped.

    Hi All, I remember a song from either the later 80's or early 90's by an R&B group of male vocalists (Think Boyz II Men, Bel Biv Devoe, etc.). I liked it, but for the life of me I cannot find it or remember anything but a single lyric snippet from the hook... I tried plugging it into Google to...
  22. jjcapurro

    Apple Airport Express... Optical? How?

    Hey all, When looking at the Airport Express base station (soon to be added to the expense list...) I see that they list it as able to accomodate both analog and optical connections... FROM A MINIJACK! How does that work? When I think optical connection i think toslink lightpipe which sure...
  23. jjcapurro

    Grado Flat pads vs. Comfy's w/ holes cut?

    Hi all, I'm currently looking at purchasing a pair of Grado SR-325's as an upgrade and additon to my SR-60's. I have had pretty good luck with my comfy pads on the 60 by cutting out the center. I hate the bowl pads comfort wise, and the flat pads are made from the same hard and abrasive foam as...