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  1. amartignano

    Italian MEETING 8/10/2006: Pics and Impressions

    Some days ago we made a very interesting meeting in Trentino, (at a friend's home situated in Ala). This was the stuff: Sources: -Audio Analogue Maestro 192/24 -Denon DVD 2900 mod. Royal Device -Marantz SA 11 S1 -Meridian G07 Amps: -Earmax Pro -Rudistor NX-01 -Rudistor NKK-02...
  2. amartignano

    AKG K26p and K27i: Differences

    Hi, anyone know if there are real differences in sound between these two models, or it is the same headphone with different look and volume control? thanks in advance bye Andrew
  3. amartignano

    Beyerdynamic))) DT880 v.2006: the return of the Music! :p ;)

    Yesterday I received my new Beyer DT880 from Mr. Meier. This is the return of the DT880, I had the 2003 version. This new version is almost identical in balance (slightly on the bright side, you know), but has more "hoomp" in the midbass and more detail with a slightly more controlled...
  4. amartignano


    Hi, I've found a Sony SA1000 in a shop near my home, and I want to know the experience of the people who have/had those hadphones. In particular: how do they compare with the SA5000? thanks! bye Andrew
  5. amartignano

    Question: OmegaII not at best amplification vs Sennheiser HE60/HEV70

    I'm thinking about getting a Stax OmegaII, instead of my Sennheiser HE60/HEV70 system, looking for warmer/bassier sound. If I'll decide for the OmegaII, for a while I will drive them with a SRM-3 amplifier (similar to the SRM-313). In your opinion, will I obtain a better (and warmer)...
  6. amartignano

    [COMPARISON] Sennheiser Baby-Orpheus HE60/HEV70 & AKG K701 + Rudistor NX01

    Hi, I want to share with the forum my impressions about these two system, Sennheiser Baby-Orpheus HE60/HEV70 (with improved dc power supply) and AKG K701 + Rudistor NX01 solid state amp. This will be not a "vs" comparison, but instead an "&" comparison, as I can't really say which system is...
  7. amartignano

    HD600 & HD650: two interpretations of the same project...

    Some weeks ago, "inspired" by the cheap price on an ebay site, I bought the HD600, mostly for curiosity... and I've found quite surprisingly (but not too much surprisingly ), that they are close to what I ever wanted in a dynamic heaphone. I find their sound very exciting, in my setup, more...
  8. amartignano


    Hi! I've been to the "first" top-end italian headphone meetings, a wonderful and instructive experience. There was: me, Nik and another headphone-lover, Riccardo. The source: Linn Sondek CD12 The cables: Shunyata Antares interconnect cable Shunyata Copperhead power cords...
  9. amartignano

    NOOOOO!!! AKG K141M, K240M, K240DF DISCONTINUED! They're crazy...

    I see that now on AKG site:,EN.html,EN.html,EN.html Three pieces of headphone history go out of the cathalog after about thirty years. No more...
  10. amartignano

    BEYER DT990: listenings and comparison (DT880)

    I have by now listened to the Beyerdynamic DT990 for enough time in order to develop a precise idea of their sound and of the "intentions" of the object. I'm sorry for the "approximate" english, but I want to say a lot, and my english is not the best... but I think it's understandable...
  11. amartignano

    The Electrostat DILEMMA...

    Hallo everyone, I have a Stax Lambda Nova Signature powered by a solid-state SRM-3 amplifier since a month ago. I've bought it (used, of course) because I wanted to "discover" the world of electrostatic sound, that I've read many time to be "different", or, better said, to have some...
  12. amartignano

    NEED HELP! Headsave Classic and beyer DT880

    Hi everyone. Anyone has experience with the Beyer DT880 driven by the Headsave classic? I'm looking for a "cheap" headphone amplifier that can make my DT880 sound better than driven from my cd-player phones-output. Any suggestion? Thanks Andrea
  13. amartignano

    AKG! Differences between Monitor and Studio

    Hi everyone! VS. VS. Anybody knows, please, the differences in the sound between the AKG K141Monitor and K141Studio, and between the K240Monitor and K240Studio? Assuming all headphones properly amped... Thanks in advice! Bye Andrea
  14. amartignano

    [REVIEW]: AKG K141 Studio is home, and that's GOOD!

    AKG K141 Studio REVIEW! Hi everyone! There's a new entry in my headphone collection... I've bought a "legendary" Akg K141, the Studio version, which is 55 ohm version of the classic K141 Monitor. In the past I've read very good things about this cans in magazines, so I've bought them for...
  15. amartignano

    Rudistor Rp3 - a good deal with the HD650!

    I've receiveid the Rudistor RP3 two months ago, the "entry-level" of Rudistor line-up, a gift for me and my HD650. For the technical features see the site . The ampli looks very solid and well constructed, it has a strong...
  16. amartignano

    REVIEW: Nik's STAX OMEGA II + RUDISTOR EGMONT REFERENCE; i've listened to it!!!

    Nik's OMEGA II + EGMONT REFERENCE RevieW!!! Hallo, I want to share with you my experience with the best audio (Music!) system I've ever heard (and probably the best audio system ever!). [sorry for my english...] The equipment...