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  1. Rangotherabbit

    Headphone Sightings 2

    At university I saw the occasional sennheiser, and a few other decent headphones.  Probably because headphones are so bloody expensive here. Wish I could remember more specifics but its been a while since I've been to uni. There was the usual beats of course, but not too many. I certainly...
  2. Rangotherabbit

    WORST headphone you ever heard?

    Ferrari by logic 3. Just plain terrible.
  3. Rangotherabbit

    Am I crazy.....

    Ive spent  $90 for my cx 300 II, $140 on my sennheiser ie8's, and $200 on my xba-4's, .... and my point is invalid beacuse they all cost less than $200.....   Basically no, id spend more than $200 on earphones that I only use with my sony walkman any day of the week, provided they are worth...
  4. Rangotherabbit

    Price alert for australians, the xba's are now very cheap.

    "Whoa... I bet amazon gets a lot of business from you guys." They do indeed.
  5. Rangotherabbit

    Price alert for australians, the xba's are now very cheap.

    Basically the xba-3's are $150 and the xba-4's are $200 at harvey norman right now... Thats cheaper than ebay! Its worth getting them for that price, i got the xba-4's and I'm very satisfied with them. Although does anyone even want the xba's anyway? They seem very unpopular in australia, my...
  6. Rangotherabbit

    Review by 'Rangotherabbit' on item 'Sony XBA-4SL'

    To get the most out of these i use them with normal buds, as the foam ones reduce treble as per usual with foam, without foam in nozzle as it reduces clarity and with the cable over ear because it allows for the earphone to be in a better position.   I bought them from harvey norman for $197...
  7. Rangotherabbit

    Sennheiser Amperiors?

    Just wondering if the amperior is better with sound quality/practicality than the hd 598's.
  8. Rangotherabbit

    Sennheiser IE8 Impressions Thread

    Just wondering if its possible for 2 pairs to burn in differently... my pair of ie8's are very "burnt in", the bass is strong and clear, although i have to give them a fair bit of treble with the eq on my walkman.    My friends pair had less burn in, so the treble was very harsh and the bass...
  9. Rangotherabbit

    Review by 'Rangotherabbit' on item 'Sony NWZE465BLK Walkman MP3 player'

    My first impression of a sony walkman e-series was from when i listened to one my friend had in school. I don't have a clue what my impression was though. But some time that year, or early next year i bought one, the latest model at that time. I went home, and copied my music straight on...
  10. Rangotherabbit

    Multi-IEM Review - 352 IEMs compared (Pump Audio Earphones added 04/03/16 p. 1106)

    Wow. I've never seen a more comprehensive review of iem's. This is perfect for a reference point when deciding what to buy/suggest. Even with listening to many IEM's, i cant remember what they all sound like, and I don't get to see what they come with brand new. For the sennheiser ie8's, the...
  11. Rangotherabbit

    Reply to review by 'rangotherabbit' on item 'Sennheiser IE 8 In-Ear Headphones'

    "Cons: the sound tuning is useless, earhook, cable" The bass tuning is brilliant, but you have to have bass to begin with. What do you use to play music on them/what did you use? I've found the earhooks and cable to be really good too, the earhooks look uncomfortable, but they are actually...
  12. Rangotherabbit

    Reply to review by 'rangotherabbit' on item 'Sennheiser IE 8 In-Ear Headphones'

    I've found the foam tips that came with my IE8's provide brilliant isolation. Maybe they've changed the type of foam.
  13. Rangotherabbit

    Review by 'Rangotherabbit' on item 'Sennheiser IE 8 In-Ear Headphones'

    Bass screws work if you have some bass to begin with, ie. not using an ipod. Soundstage is brilliant. Sound is a bit unbalanced, have use aggresive eq with walkman. bass is phenominal.                      
  14. Rangotherabbit

    Sony XBA-4 vs Sennheiser IE8. (Single dynamic driver, or multiple (armature?) drivers)

    well, i want a high end IEM, but im not sure about all the pro's and cons of armature IEM's and single dynamic driver IEM's. And i want to know if the XBA3/4's are any good, especially with bass and clarity of mids/highs.   And anything else with bass and cool stuff.