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  1. zeplin

    For trade - Etymotic ER 4S/P & Shure SE 310!!!

    ^^^   as of now, i won't be selling either earphones.  although that MAY change in the future(most likely not)?!?!     going further into their descriptions though... when i originally purchased my Ety's, it was over approx 6+ yrs ago.  however, like i said in my ad, every part of them...
  2. zeplin

    Help me w/ a subwoofer problem... pretty please?

    yeah, it still does make that "loose connection" sound when i plug in just the single dig sub cable to the positive RCA input jack by itself... w/out the Y-adapter.  but, the sound/interference doesn't seem to be as pronounced?  i'm sure you know, but the reason why i use the Y adapter is...
  3. zeplin

    Help me w/ a subwoofer problem... pretty please?

    OK, I've had my Klipsch RSW-12 sub-woofer for almost 8 years now and have never had any problems whatsoever... until now.   So the other day when I was getting ready to start a movie, like I usually do, I had to hook up some cables between my receiver and sub (just your basic RCA digital...
  4. zeplin

    >>>MINT Senn HD650 w/ Zu Mobius upgrade cable v.1<<<

    <<<BUMP>>> I'm sorry I haven't checked-in in a while. I haven't been feeling too well The Zu Mobius cable is SOLD!! But the 650's are still available for $300, including shipping. Although I'm <I>slightly</I> willing to negotiate. Anyways, let me know by email or PM. Thanks for...
  5. zeplin

    >>>MINT Senn HD650 w/ Zu Mobius upgrade cable v.1<<<

    <<<BUMP>>> Headphone & cable... almost sold... !?!?!?!?!
  6. zeplin

    >>>MINT Senn HD650 w/ Zu Mobius upgrade cable v.1<<<

    Here is my Senn HD650! As with the picture above of the Zu cable, again, these pics don't really do these headphones justice. If I had a better camera, you would know what I'm talking about. But, I did the best with what I have. Here's a couple of what I think are the best pics of my...
  7. zeplin

    >>>MINT Senn HD650 w/ Zu Mobius upgrade cable v.1<<<

    <<<Bump>>> OK, I know it's weird, but I've never posted pictures like this directly onto a forum/post. So, lets hope this works... ?? here is my Zu Mobius cable for the HD650/600! Sorry about the quality. I don't own my own digital camera, and the camera I did use/barrow is not the best...
  8. zeplin

    >>>MINT Senn HD650 w/ Zu Mobius upgrade cable v.1<<<

    <<<BUMP>>> Sorry I haven't been around... I've been a little under the weather. I also have been trying to locate/barrow a digital camera. Well, I finally found one, and I'll be posting some pictures of the Zu Mobius cable & HD650 sometime tomorrow!! Let me know if you're interested...
  9. zeplin

    >>>MINT Senn HD650 w/ Zu Mobius upgrade cable v.1<<<

    I hate to have to do this, but I very badly need the cash. I bought both, the headphones and the upgrade cable together approx 2-3 yrs ago. I used them sparingly at first... that is, until I came to the conclusion that the 650's just weren't for me. I just didn't ever seem to connect with the...
  10. zeplin

    FS: Mint condition/never-been-used SHURE se310 in-ear/canal phones/black color

    I bought them a few months back from Fry's ($250) and quickly decided I made a mistake... I simply didn't have the cash to pay for them, and I still don't! It pains me to have to sell them because they look so pretty! I've NEVER used them, not once... so they're in the same exact condition...
  11. zeplin

    Head-Fi Old School Roll Call.........

    I haven't been around in a while, but I'm lookin' for a comeback. Only this comeback will be entirely message board discussion related as I have no money to burn a huge hole in my wallet like I once did... which I guess is kind of a good thing! Anyways, I think I joined around 6 or 7 years...
  12. zeplin

    Senn650 & Zu cable issue... please help!

    its been a long time since i've posted here, so i don't really know whose still around from the "old" days (i.e. 2-3 yrs ago). anyways, when i first bought the 650's, i also bought the Zu cable to go along with it based on an overwhelming amount of advice telling me that they were a great...
  13. zeplin

    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    i too have had a great relationship with my 650's. they present a certain type of sound that i just love and can't get away from! i've had the same experiences some of you have already described where you buy or listen to another headphone, only to come crawling back to the 650's. it's like i've...
  14. zeplin

    Learning to type! Where to start?

    i would say i'm an ok-->so-so typist that could use some work and practice! however, as of late, a job opportunity in the near future has opened up. it is a job that will require various computer skills as well as knowledge of a lot of different computer programs. i figure that right now, the...
  15. zeplin

    DVD burnin' ?'s

    I'd figure I'd come here to ask since I know and trust so many of you guys here on head-fi! So in your personal opinion, what are some of the best programs out there for burning DVD's...copy right protected and all the other mumbo jumbo (sorry if that's illegal to discuss). I know next to...
  16. zeplin

    FS: KEF Q5 Towers!!!

    One last bump before I move this to Audiogon. Remember, I am willing to negotiate the price. Drop me an email or PM if you're interested!
  17. zeplin

    FS: KEF Q5 Towers!!!

    These babies are only 2 years old and are in supreme/perfect condition! They have the beautiful look of the rosewood color. The MSRP is around 900$, so I think 600$ (only slightly used) sounds like a great deal...however we can talk further about the price if need be. I would really prefer that...
  18. zeplin

    What do ya'll think about ROTK: EE??

    Me being the LOTR freak that I am, I of course bought it the second it came out, and to no surprize it was simply amazing!! WOW! One of the many ways it can be described is in one phrase...THE BEST EVER! It is by far better than the other two EE, althought the first one FOTR, is still a close...
  19. zeplin

    just bought the nintendo DS

    I bought it as well and it is the sole reason as to why I haven't been posting on here lately. Actually, I've completely dropped headphones for about 2 months in order to 1. play more vidoe-games (and concentrate on school of course) and 2. to just take a good, needed break from headphones. I...
  20. zeplin

    Please, I need help fast!!!!

    Orpheus, That sounds exactly like me and the way I complete my work...unless of course it is an 20 page paper, single spaced. In some wierd way, I can more easily concentrate when I procrastinate If I had such a hard time doing everything at the very last second, I wouldn't do it the way I do...
  21. zeplin

    Please, I need help fast!!!!

    again, thank you all for all the help you given me. i can't seem to find any .dat, *.bak, or anything in the temp folder. someone on another board said that windows 2000 and up automatically saves a back-up, but i can't seem to find it. it looks like i'm starting all over again i'm going get in...
  22. zeplin

    Please, I need help fast!!!!

    Thanx guys for respponding so fast. I had a feeling the chances were slim This sucks! Also, Goredwings, it was word, and what do you mean by .bak??? Do I type that in the blank space when I go into the open file option. Or is .bak an already existing choice??? Thanx again for your help
  23. zeplin

    Please, I need help fast!!!!

    Sorry to ask like this, but the circumstances plain suck. I was almost done with a 6 page paper when I accidentally closed it without saving. Don't ask me why I did it (i'll explain later), but is there any way to retrieve that document with my paper on it???? Please say there is, oh please. My...
  24. zeplin

    Going from Senn HD590 to HD600/HD650, need opinion/confirmation

    If you know you'll buy the 650 later on in the future once you upgrade your rig, then you might as well just buy it now...if you have the cash for everything? I think you'll hear a slightly better sound as I think what you are after is a more balanced/warm sound. And the fact that the 650 being...