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  1. penvzila

    Anyone play Progress Quest

    I'm a level 49 Eel Man Robot Monk, currently seeking the Puissant Tome. I play on Expodrine.
  2. penvzila

    Rated PG-13 for "Double Entendre"

    I saw this on a poster for the Medallion, Jackie Chan's second of three movies coming out this year. Would the average weirdo parent who doesn't let their kid see Jackie Chane movies even know what that means? ...Oh, it's not funny? Had to be there, i guess.
  3. penvzila

    Anime Music

    I am listening to the soundtrack to Akira, and it is as awesome as the movie. Is all anime music as great as this?
  4. penvzila

    Tokyo Philharmonic Performs Nintendo Music

    That might not be the real title, I have only heard it off slsk, but does anyone own this on cd? I think it's messed up how they actually recorded this, but I still want it.
  5. penvzila

    Willie Wonka Remake

    A long time ago the rumor was it would be starred in and scored by Marilyn Manson, now today I read that Johnny Depp will star and RICHARD ****ING JAMES will score it WITH ORIGINAL TRACKS!!!. While I don't beleive any of this, I truly wish the latter were true. Does anyone have hard facts on this?
  6. penvzila


    I used to have the Panasonic version of this console. It was like an early Playstation, and most of it;s games ended up on playstation. The console broke a long time ago, and I sold the games for quite a bit of cash, but I saw this on ebay...
  7. penvzila

    Piping the soundcard output into a wav file

    Is there any program that will record the "end of the chain" so to speak. Like, if I were to play two instances of foobar at once, i need a program that RECORDs the mixed output of both to a single wav file. I dont want something that just saves it, i want to be able to record also seeking...
  8. penvzila

    Next Gfx Card

    I am leaning heavliy towards the Matrox Parhelia 512 base mainly on the fact that I would be able to run Morrowind panoramically on three monitors. I know people who do this the screenshots they send me are amazing. Is there really...
  9. penvzila

    Koss KSC50 or 55

    One of them has the wierd clip thingys, and the other one has the band that goes behind your head. Which one stays on better?
  10. penvzila

    Agent Smith is a Contra Fanboy!

    you'll have to google it now
  11. penvzila

    Pretty Decent Gamecube emu, considering

    Screenshot Homepage
  12. penvzila

    Partition Magic

    When I first set up my hard drive, I stupidly made a bunch of small (<30gb) partitions, and worst of all made the c:\ partition too small. I would like to convert my many partitions into 2 or 3 larger ones. I was going to get partition magic because i really dont feel like spending four days...
  13. penvzila

    Hows this?

    I changed my avatar because i know it looks really obnoxious on Apple screens and stuff. Is this one annoying?
  14. penvzila

    ASP problems

    I am trying to get an asp script to work but i dont think the atnt worldnet personal webspace supports it. IE wants to download the asp files to disk, but of course i want them to execute. I need this to work for a school project that involves displaying essays and writing assignments. Does...
  15. penvzila


    Arvydas Sabonis tips it in at the buzzer and we're going to game 6!!!!1
  16. penvzila

    Twin Peaks

    Is there anywhere i can get the entire series on DVD or VHS?
  17. penvzila

    Vinyl Rips

    I've tried to rip a couple of records and i have been discourage by the crappy results. I don't have an amazing record player or amp, if fact most here would probably consider them to be garbage, but they shouldn't be THIS bad. I have a Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, and using the line-in and...
  18. penvzila

    Would Like To Broaden My Horizons Somewhat

    I know there are a lot of idm and electronica lovers on this board with must vaster collections than i, so I would love to hear some suggestions. I have a list of my idm collection here: so you can get an idea of what might interest me. Or, just tell...
  19. penvzila

    Stream ripping

    What are some good (preferably electronica) internet radio stations?
  20. penvzila

    MP3 OR WAV Joiner

    I downloaded a dj mix album and it would sound better if it was all one file without pauses. What's a good program to join a bunch of files into one? The are all the same bitrate and samplerate, but it would be cool it be able to join dissimilar ones.
  21. penvzila

    Aphex Twin - Hangable Auto Bulb

    If you are even remotely a fan or RDJ (Aphex Twin), you MUST somehow find Hangable Auto Bulb 1 & 2. These two singles are, in my opinion, his best work. ISANELY GOOD IDM/Electronica. Especially HAB 2. Words cannot begin to describe their goodness. Why is it that his best stuff is so rare?
  22. penvzila

    Calling WinXP gurus (or at least those who know more than me)

    How would I go about disallowing printing directly from Internet Explorer, or Phoenix, or even both ?? Certain people in my home seem to think it's great to print off huge full color websites or emails (like those morons at school who run off a 50 page document and only use a few sentences.)...
  23. penvzila

    Stay Away From TurboTax!!!!!!!!!,881243,00.asp Holy ****ing ****!
  24. penvzila

    Mouse Over Size Change (in html)

    How would I code it so that a link would change size on mouseover, or for that matter any other attribute, like color or background color? I was mainly thinking os size, though.
  25. penvzila

    Ten Favorite Songs

    The ten songs you most want when, say, you have a long exam and the teacher allows you to bring headphones. 1. Tool - Lateralus 2. Autechre - Yeesland 3. Aphex Twin - Milkman 4. Aphex Twin - Heliosphan 5. Track 3 on Analogue Bubblebath 3 6. Marilyn Manson - 1996 7. Aphex Twin - Come To...