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  1. 0rangutan

    FS: Fearless Tequila 1DD+6BA

    Like new Fearless Tequilas for sale. Complete with original packaging and all accessories, tips unused. New and rare model. I am in the UK and so these are available quickly and without import duties to any EU location. £275/€315 + Delivery/fees
  2. 0rangutan

    SOLD: AK Billie Jean

    AK Billie Jean in red. New, opened box but unused. £155/€175 + delivery.
  3. 0rangutan

    SOLD: Qudelix 5K 3.5mm Single Ended and 2.5mm Balanced Bluetooth Headphone Amp

    Fantastic quality bluetooth headphone amp. This is in excellent condition, unmarked and supplied in original packaging.
  4. 0rangutan

    Shanling UP4 with official case

    Boxed, excellent condition, supplied with the official Shanling case.
  5. 0rangutan

    SOLD: FiiO FH7

    Boxed, complete with all accessories, excellent condition. SOLD
  6. 0rangutan

    SOLD: AAW ACH and A3H IEMs - UK/EU

    Both boxed, complete with all accessories, unregistered warranty cards, mint condition. AAW ACH have a DD + BA + Ceramic tweeter and come with a Null Ethos Mk III Cable, RRP $229. £125/€145 + delivery...
  7. 0rangutan

    SOLD Focal Elear

    Focal Elear for sale. Original double boxed packaging, great condition, sounding fantastic. Located in the UK but happy to ship anywhere at cost.
  8. 0rangutan

    SOLD Final Audio F4100

    Final F4100 headphones for sale. Boxed in original packaging with carrying case, spare foam tips and ear hooks. Fully working, cable was re-terminated with a high quality Amphenol 3.5mm plug as the original plug failed. Happy to ship anywhere at cost.
  9. 0rangutan


    Clear out time... All boxed and great condition, except X1's which are new and unopened. Focal Elear - SOLD Final E3000 - SOLD Final F4100 - £125 REDUCED Final F7200 - SOLD BGVP DMS - SOLD BGVP DM6 - SOLD Moondrop Kanas Pro - SOLD Echobox Finder X1 - £25 REDUCED Zero Audio Carbo Tenore - SOLD...
  10. 0rangutan

    Hifiman HE-4

    Looking for a pair of HE-4's (not 400s) if anyone has a pair to move on?
  11. 0rangutan

    SOLD: Sony NW-ZX300 (uncapped) and CKL-NWZX300 leather case

    Sony ZX300 DAP in black, boxed with all accessories, immaculate condition, barely used (4h45m playing time). Uncapped, no EU volume limit. £315 + delivery. I also have the official Sony CKL-NWZX300 black leather case for this, also boxed. Great condition save for a mark on the back, more...
  12. 0rangutan

    SOLD: FiiO uBTR bluetooth receiver

    FiiO uBTR for sale. Excellent fully working condition - receiver only. UK preferred
  13. 0rangutan

    Alfa Genus V2

    Alfa Genus V2 IEMs. Boxed, good used condition. UK preferred
  14. 0rangutan

    SOLD: KZ IEMs bundle - ATE-Hifi, ZS5, ED9, ED4

    Now sold. Bundle of KZ IEMs for anyone wanting to see just how good Chinese head-fi can be for very little money. KZ ZS5 KZ ATE Hifi KZ ED9 KZ ED4 All boxed, all excellent condition. UK preferred.
  15. 0rangutan

    Closed: Sony NW-A55

    Looking to buy a Sony NW-A55 in blue, green or black please - anyone thinking of selling and happy to ship to the UK? Thanks
  16. 0rangutan

    SOLD: Sony NW-WM1A Uncapped

    Sony NW-WM1A, boxed and in excellent condition, screen protector applied on day 1. Latest firmware, uncapped with no EU volume limit. Total play time is 27 hours. Happy to ship anywhere at buyers cost - please ask for a quote. Now £615
  17. 0rangutan

    SOLD: Tin Hifi P1

    Just arrived and much as I love them, they really need a more powerful amp than I am prepared to carry! Located in the UK so can offer fast UK/EU delivery and no risk on import duties. Just looking to recover most of what I paid, so £119 delivered in the UK or €135 + shipping in the EU, + any...
  18. 0rangutan

    SOLD Hiby R3 (UK/EU)

    Hiby R3 in black, boxed, good condition, latest firmware. Includes clear and white cases plus a genuine Hiby leather case in brown. Absolutely love it, but need more than 20,000 tracks! Happy to ship anywhere at cost. Alternatively, would trade for Sony NW-A55 or towards ZX300.
  19. 0rangutan

    Hiby R3 and FiiO M6

    I have two great compact DAPs for sale. Both are in excellent condition, boxed with all accessories. 1. Hiby R3 - £149 / €187 delivered NOW SOLD 2. FiiO M6 - £109 / €138 delivered...
  20. 0rangutan

    SOLD: Final Audio FI-BA-SS, VSonic New GR07 Classic (2017 model), Mee Pinnacle PX and P2

    Clearout time... Final Audio FI-BA-SS Good used condition, boxed with all original accessories. These come in the simpler packaging with FAD case rather than pouch. SOLD VSonic New GR07 Classic (2017 model, detachable MMCX) Latest version. Like new condition, boxed with all original...
  21. 0rangutan

    FS/FT: Beyerdynamic Xelento Remote (EU/UK)

    Flagship IEMs in excellent unmarked condition, boxed with all accessories. Just one pair of tips and one of the two cables have been used at all. These are the Remote cable version (this second cable is unused). Photos to follow, but pretty much mint. £625 including Royal Mail Special Delivery...
  22. 0rangutan

    SOLD: AK70 Black Edition + Official case

    Astell & Kern AK70 DAP, Black Edition in excellent unmarked condition, boxed with all accessories. £309 including Royal Mail Special Delivery or €365 delivered in EU. I also have an official AK leather case for this, also boxed and in excellent condition. £25/€35 delivered. £329/€385 delivered...
  23. 0rangutan

    FS: Noble Audio Sage, boxed, mint, UK/EU

    Noble Audio Sage universal IEMs in excellent unmarked condition, boxed with all accessories. These are the even better successor to the Savant and are very well reviewed. RRP £549 in the UK. £345 including Royal Mail Special Delivery in the UK. €399 delivered anywhere in the EU. Happy to ship...
  24. 0rangutan

    Sony NW-ZX2

    NW-ZX2, boxed and in excellent condition - please see close up photos. This is the EU version.  Regarding volume levels - it goes *plenty* loud enough for my relatively insensitive Sennheiser IE800's.   £495 delivered in the UK. €579 delivered in the EU. $625 delivered anywhere else.
  25. 0rangutan

    Pioneer XDP 100R Android DAP

    Pioneer XDP 100R Android DAP for sale.   I purchased this to evaluate against carrying a Mojo around with my iPhone.  The Pioneer sounds superb and I could happily listen to this instead of the Mojo, however my idea was flawed in the first place as I will still take my iPhone with me...