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  1. Nightfall

    Has Anyone Found A Tube Amp To Work Well With Raal Requisite SR-1A?

    As the title says, I'm wondering if any of you have found any tube amps, obviously of sufficient power, to work really well with the SR-1A's? I'm very interested in potentially purchasing a pair, but most reviews seem to indicate they will tend towards being bright, or strident unless carefully...
  2. Nightfall

    Best DAP $400.00 Or Under - Your Expertise Requested

    First of al, I'm looking for good sound quality and I will be using strictly FLAC files. Secondly, it would help if the player was simple to use, well constructed and reliable. Lastly, it will be used with full sized cans, nothing too difficult to drive, for workouts, Koss Porta Pro's, while...
  3. Nightfall

    Best DAP For A $1000.00 Total Cost System Using Oppo PM-3's? Need Your Expertise!

    I'm helping a friend put together the best possible mobile audio system for a total of up to $1000.00. Almost all of my current knowledge is with home systems, and so I could use your recommendations. He has already purchased the Oppo PM3's, as he simply liked them better than anything in that...
  4. Nightfall

    Best DAP For A $1000.00 Total Cost System Using Oppo PM-3's?

    I'm helping a friend put together the best possible mobile audio system for a total of up to $1000.00. Almost all of my current knowledge is with home systems, and so I could use your recommendations. He has already purchased the Oppo PM3's, as he simply liked them better than anything in that...
  5. Nightfall

    Best External Drive To Rip A LOT Of CD's With?

    As the title says, I have a lot of cd's to rip (about 3500). I will be using DB Poweramp to accomplish this. I need an external drive to accomplish this, and could use your help in identifying what drive will best meet my needs. It obviously needs to  be solid, well built, rugged and accurate...
  6. Nightfall

    Considering Moving To A Mac laptop As My Audio Source - Need Your Help And Expertise - I'm Totally New To This

    As the topic says, I'm completely starting from scratch here. After attending a couple audio shows over the past 18 months and noting how many exhibitors were using Mac laptops as the source for their audio systems, and some initial research, it seems clear that this is rapidly replacing...
  7. Nightfall

    K1000's For Sale

    Hello,     I have a near mint condition pair of K1000's with original light colored (oak) wooden box and the associated literature. I no longer have any amplifier worthy of these amazing cans, and so am selling them off to fund another venture. These have been sittting unused for a number...
  8. Nightfall

    AKG K1000's For Sale - Excellent Condition

    Offered for sale, my superb K1000's in excellent/near mint condition. Also included will be the original wooden box, and for a fair price, I will also throw in two custom made cables, one for 1/4in. phono connection, one for standard speaker terminal connection. These were built for me by...
  9. Nightfall

    Any Recommended CD Transports That You Are Using With Your Slim Devices Transporter?

    Thinking about selling off my current high end cdp, as it's now not being used enough, as the Transporter is getting the lions share of playback duties. Considering going with a good, at least semi-reasonably priced transport, to connect to the Transporter for those times when I am listening...
  10. Nightfall

    Moved iTunes ALAC Library From One Drive To Another and Transporter Can't See It?

    I just finished relocating my iTunes library from the hard drive where it previously existed, to a new network drive. The new drive consists of three 500gb drives in Raid 5. I was able to move it succesfully and change iTunes to redirect there, but the Transporter somehow can't see those files...
  11. Nightfall

    New Slim Devices Transporter - Volume Issues With My Head Amps - Please Help

    I have tried the Transporter connected to two of my headphone amplifiers, and in both cases, I have to nearly maximize the volume setting for an adequate playback level in my headphones. The Transporter offers attenuation settings, but they require opening up the unit and changing jumpers...
  12. Nightfall

    I Now Have My Transporter, And More Questions About Ripping and Storing

    Hello again, In my previous thread from a month ago, a lot of people provided some much appreciated and helpful advice. Much of which I am acting upon. I purchased three 500GB drives to store my music on (1500cd's worth) , and am currently in the midst of formatting them for Raid 5. It...
  13. Nightfall

    Mobile Fidelity Original Masters Version of Fragile by Yes - Anyone Have This Yet?

    I'm close to pulling the trigger on this one. Typically MoFi stuff is usually worth the cost. This album has been a favorite of mine since its release. Has anyone picked up one of these yet? JC
  14. Nightfall

    Best 6550's To Use? Retubing My Cary Amp, Your Tube Expertise Requested

    I'm in the process of retubing my Cary SLI-80 Signature integrated and could use your help. I have all of the other tubes purchased and will be using some very good NOS tubes (7308's, VT231's, 5U4G's etc) but know almost nothing about 6550's and what might be best. Realistically, even supposing...
  15. Nightfall

    Using MP3 Player With Car Stereo Head Unit I Am About To Purchase - Need Expertise!

    I'm about to buy a new head unit to upgrade my 99 BMW M3. After a fair bit of research, and some advice from a number of people in the business I've decided to go with the following unit: This unit has the latest 24bit Burr-Brown DAC's...
  16. Nightfall

    Anyone Bought From CD Japan?

    These guys have a cd I cant find anywhere else. Has anyone ever dealt with them before?
  17. Nightfall

    TNT Series - Into The West Trailer Theme Music As Played on NBA Playoff Commercials??

    Something is driving me crazy and I suspect someone here knows the answer and can help. While watching the NBA Playoffs over the past couple weeks, and again tonight, TNT repeatedly airs trailers for its upcoming western mini-series, "Into The West" produced by Stephen Spielberg. They are using...
  18. Nightfall

    Quick Question On Burning In A Source Need Your Expertise

    Greetings all, I've just picked up my new Meridian GO8 and have a question about burning it in. Everyone I've talked to, including a number of owners, and even someone from Meridian recommends giving it 200 hours, or so, of burn in before seriously giving it an audition. In the past, this...
  19. Nightfall

    Your Thoughts: The Best Elvis Costello Album?

    I thought this might be an interesting thread to create. With most artists, there is a fairly clear consensus as to what their best album is, with maybe one or two others that a few might choose instead. Amongst fans of Mr. McManus however, there seems to be much disagreement as to which is the...
  20. Nightfall

    What Cables Are You Using With Your Meridian G08???

    Mine will be here sometime next week. I'm wondering what interconnects you've discovered to be best with the G08. A number of people have noted that the Nordost cables have a great affinity for the G08, but lets face it, not many of us can afford the Valhalla's, or even the Valkyrja's. I know...
  21. Nightfall

    Stereophile Guide To Home Theater Is Gone :(

    Just received two issues of "Home Theater" in the mail, announcing that they were in lieu of my remaining subscription, since the publication has folded. Yes, I know it went more than a bit beyond Stereophile's intended market, and it wasnt perfect, but it was the best available option. It will...
  22. Nightfall

    XM Radio Announces Huge Monthly Rate Increase!

    Just heard on the news earlier that XM has announced that they will be raising their monthly subscription rate from $9.95 to $12.95! Now, I am on the record here, repeatedly, as a huge fan of XM, but this is a BIG increase. Imagine if a car you were going to buy went from $9,995.00 to...
  23. Nightfall

    Need Info From Seattle Area Head-Fi'ers Please

    Hello again, I will be flying into the Seattle airport and spending a four hour layover there this coming Thursday. I would really like to grab a cab, and make a trip over to Pyramid Brewery for a few pints, and some dinner, if its possible. I will be arriving at 2pm, and leaving at 6pm...
  24. Nightfall

    Musical Fidelity Claims New A5 Is Best CD Player Ever

    They have made some great players, including the Nu Vista, but claim that this new one tops them all, and everyone elses too, apparently. And at HALF the price of the Nu Vista. Interesting, to say the least. Does anyone here have one yet...
  25. Nightfall

    Finally, An Answer To The Great Universal Player Question?

    According to the new (January) Stereophile that I received in the mail today, the new universal player from McCormack is the real deal. They claim it plays ALL formats superbly. Not a claim previously made before by anyone of note about any universal player. It will be interesting to see who...