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  1. wrathzombie

    Cheapest, Good Quality DAC, with RCA Output

    Please provide names of Cheapest DACs with RCA output.
  2. wrathzombie


    I am looking for a source which could act as an input to a Pioneer Stereo receiver. Here are the requirements.   - Should be cheapest - Should provide coaxial output/hdmi, that could be fed into the the receiver. - Should support music playback from external harddrive/pendrive. - Should...
  3. wrathzombie

    INEARCUSTOM - Cheapest re-shell ever?

    I just recently got my XBA-3's reshelled through inearz who did an amazing job. For the past few months, I have been searching head-fi for the cheapest reshell option and at the time inearz seemed to be the cheapest.   The reshell including cable + return shipping (excluding impressions) was...
  4. wrathzombie

    Looking for Desktop Amplifier

    Guys, I have a Topping TP20 which drives my Cambridge audio S30 bookshelf spearkers. Its getting input through my HRT streamer.   I was wondering if I could replace it with a desktop AMP since the Topping TP20 doesn't have a headphone out.   I would like to get an amplifier which is not...
  5. wrathzombie

    HD-25 1-II, Triple Fi-10, Atrio M5, DT-1350, V-Moda M-80,

    Any one who would be interested in selling any of the below headphones please PM me.   IMPORTANT: SHOULD BE WILLING TO SHIP TO INDIA. PM me THE QUOTE including shipping fees.   1. HD-25 1-II  2. UA Triple Fi-10 ( With Custom Cable also) 3. Atrio M5 4. DT 1350 5. V-Moda M80 or the True...
  6. wrathzombie

    Sony MDR-XZ 700G

    SORRY FOR THE TYPO IN THE HEADING   For Sale: Sony MDR-ZX 700   Purchase Date: September 5 2011       Condition: Mint Reason for Sale: Want to upgrade to HD 25-1 II and have an MDR V6 which serves my purpose.     Pictures available (Sorry for the quality of Photos)  PM me for more...
  7. wrathzombie

    Urgent Advice Needed

    I am a beginner with limited equipment and unlimited music. I have put down the things I have:   Headphones/IEM:   MDR-ED12LP/R  Brainwavz M2 JVC HAS700 XB300 SR-60i HD518   Source:   Laptop Ipod Nano/Classic(Cant be rock-boxed) E-72- Primarily for FLAC   Speakers...