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  1. SpiritAfrica

    Selling RHA DACAMP L1

    And SOLD. Thank for looking, everyone.
  2. SpiritAfrica

    Selling RHA DACAMP L1

    Hello everyone, I have for sale my RHA DACAMP L1 that I've had for a couple years now. I used it mostly for desktop amplification of all my favorite music and to that end, it performed that job pretty well! I recently purchased the Bose Companion 20s and use the pod that came with it for...
  3. SpiritAfrica

    FiiO E17K (ALPEN 2)

    I am currently selling my FiiO E17K headphone DAC/AMP that I've had for about a year and a half now. The shell of the amp has some nicks and scratches but otherwise is in good condition. I wasn't much of a fan of what the amp did to the soundstage and separation and it was only when I compared...
  4. SpiritAfrica

    Panasonic RP-HD10 - A Serious Contender?

    If anyone is interested, I'm offering up my RP HD10s for sale if anyone wants to get their hands on them!
  5. SpiritAfrica

    Philips Fidelio L2

    and SOLD
  6. SpiritAfrica

    Definitive Technology Symphony 1

    I am currently selling my pair of Definitive Tech Symphony 1 Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Headphones. I got these used off of eBay and wanted to try them out to see if a good quality Bluetooth Headphone could be found. They sounded good, but not quite as good as my wired ones. I'm selling them to...
  7. SpiritAfrica

    Philips Fidelio L2

    I am currently selling my Philips Fidelio L2s that I have owned for the past 4 months. These headphones are in excellent condition. The reason I'm selling is I've found a pair of portable headphones that I prefer. These still sound amazing for the price. I still have the retail box with all of...
  8. SpiritAfrica

    Little Dot MKIII For Sale

    I received my amp a couple weeks ago. I like it but I greatly prefer the sound of my older Sony A/V receiver. The tube amp is in wonderful condition and I still have all of the packaging including the RCA cables which will be included with the amp. If you have any questions or are concerned...
  9. SpiritAfrica

    FiiO E17K Review

    So, I've been thinking of replacing my E17k with just a pure amp. Does anybody have any suggestions for a mainly neutral amp with some sub-bass and soundstage boost?
  10. SpiritAfrica

    Review by 'SpiritAfrica' on item 'Beyerdynamic T51i Portable Headphones, Silver/Black'

    Introduction I was first introduced to the Beyerdyamic T51i’s when I entered the market for a Hi-Fi portable can I could listen to on my morning commute and at school. After searching through countless competitors including the B&W P5/7s, B&O H6s (which I owned for a short while) and countless...
  11. SpiritAfrica

    Reply to review by 'spiritafrica' on item 'SoundMAGIC HP100 Premium Over-the-Ear Folding Headphone'

    @tipsjr Haha thanks, man! In terms of the separation of the instruments, the HP100s perform this task very well. Every instrument just "feels" like it's in the right place. The wide soundstage complements this very well. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask and thanks for reading!
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  15. SpiritAfrica

    New Beyer DT1350

    Does anyone know how the DT1350s stack up to the V-Moda M80s? I had the M80s for around a month and was NOT impressed by much of anything they did with exception to their bass.
  16. SpiritAfrica

    [New] Philips Fidelio X1

    Does anybody know how these headphones compare to the AKG K701?
  17. SpiritAfrica

    Vali vs Magni vs O2

    I kinda want to know how the Vali compares to the Fiio E09K.....
  18. SpiritAfrica

    Review by 'SpiritAfrica' on item 'SoundMAGIC HP100 Premium Over-the-Ear Folding Headphone'

    Introduction After enjoying my re-branded Brainwavz HM5s for around 6 months, I decided that it was time to move onto the next best thing. Not that I got tired of my HM5s, but I just knew that there was something better out there. After looking around on Amazon, Head-Fi and a couple other...
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