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  1. PatM

    1G/2G iPods: Battery Replacement

    Mustang & MJG: Please note that these batteries are for 1/2G iPods only. No go on 3G. I presume the heftier dimensions of the older units make it easier to pack in more battery power. (And may account for the price difference.) And installation really was easy. Surprisingly so. I had to...
  2. PatM

    1G/2G iPods: Battery Replacement

    On Friday, I received and installed Newer Technology's iPod replacement battery in my 20 GB 2G iPod (which I've owned for more than two years and use constantly). The new battery is 2100 mAh, reportedly +70% capacity versus the original. Installation was very easy! Cost was $39.00. The old...
  3. PatM

    For IPOD, ETys ER4P,S or Shure E3C?

    Well, I own all three (Ety ERp/s and the Shure E3c) and each has their place. For unamped, portable iPod use, the Shure's offer good sound, decent isolation and greater ease of use than the Ety's...and they are a good deal cheaper. They also offer bigger punch in the midrange than the Etys...
  4. PatM

    B&H photo video (reputable seller?)

    I've spent more than is conscionable at B&H and have always found them to be top drawer in terms of product array and service.
  5. PatM

    Ipod Cases, gotta be something good

    I got my brother-in-law an iPod for Xmas, along with the XtremeMac case for 3G iPods and I was very impressed with the design and looks of the case. Fits in very securely. Access to controls is excellent. And the top flap is very padded for excellent protection. You can take a look here .
  6. PatM

    Jazz Recomendations

    Two albums that should be on your list are :[list=1]Miles Davis - Kind of BlueBenny Goodman - Live at Carnegie Hall[/list=1]
  7. PatM

    Dave Matthews: Some Devil

    Has anyone heard this new release? Opinions?
  8. PatM

    Annie Lenox's, "BARE" CD

    A great album. Rick used the word "touching" and I think that is appropriate. Even the liner notes are special. I'd recommend this CD to anyone.
  9. PatM

    SOLD: Sony E888 (LC)

    These are sold.
  10. PatM

    SOLD: Sony E888 (LC)

    Rob: I sent you an email.
  11. PatM

    SOLD: Sony E888 (LC)

    I bought these about 2 years ago for use while flying and have used about 3 times. There's probably less than 5 hours logged on these earbuds. (I use Etys now.) Frankly, they were never comfortable. Here's what they look like: The case is a little scratched up from being carted around...
  12. PatM

    Dorky Question...But How Do Money Orders Work?

    Thank you, one and all. I appreciate it.
  13. PatM

    Dorky Question...But How Do Money Orders Work?

    I sold something on eBay and specified PayPal, but the winner can only do a money order. I have never dealt with a money order. Can someone tell me how it works? Is it analogous to a certified check?
  14. PatM

    Favourite Type of Dog

    OneMalt: Chivas just looks like one of the world's really great dogs. I can see real dignity and kindness in that photo. PinkFloyd: So sorry to hear about Muttley (great name). I know what you are going through. The Akitas that I posted were my dogs. The big guy, Zeke, lasted 14 years and...
  15. PatM

    I won a pair of Grado SR60's on eBay, but got SR125's in the mail. Good deal?

    " I did inform the seller, but hell, this is freaking eBay." I suppose that would have been the sentiment had the seller inadvertantly sent the SR40. You should offer to return the "mistake". My .02 cents.
  16. PatM

    CD RESURFACE / Too many scratched disks in the pile

    There is a product called Finyl that does help with minor imperfections. I bought some years ago and was pretty pleased with the results. I have no idea where you would be able to find it or even if it is still produced. Google?
  17. PatM

    Your fav cotemporary author

    Jane Smiley (fun, latest works at weaker than the earlier ones) Richard Russo (great and getting better) Annie Proulx (good stuff generally but nothing has rivaled The Shipping News) Don DeLillo (red meat reading) and....... Stephen King (I just love his yarns)
  18. PatM

    Creedence Clearwater Revival SACD?

    Has anyone heard the SACD reissues of the major Creedence Clearwater Revival albums? If so, what's your judgement?
  19. PatM

    Static on David Gray CDs?

    Thanks for checking. I guess that it is intentional, then. Same deal on his new release. Track 5, Kangaroo has a lot of static in the background. Very odd.
  20. PatM

    Static on David Gray CDs?

    Anybody out there with Gray's White Ladder or A New Day at Midnight CD? Each one seems to have a couple of tracks with background static (on my equipment, anyway). Case in point is Track 7 on White Ladder (the title track). Is this supposed to be an artsy effect, a flaw with the recording...
  21. PatM

    burning cds with itunes, HELP

    WAV = Windows AIFF = Mac Since he is trying to use iTunes to burn, he is on a Mac.
  22. PatM

    Got my RA-1 AC conversion back from Grado.

    I have the same question as STaTix. When using Grado phones, I cannot get the volume pot past the 8:00-8:30 position.
  23. PatM

    NEED ADVICE- getting into photography

    Screwdriver: Without entering the argument of digital versus film, I would encourage you to think through your level of interest in post-processing involvement. Digital allows you to control your work to the finished print. Unless you intend to maintain a wet darkroom, that is not possible with...
  24. PatM

    Improve the comfort of the Grado SR-80

    N@Z: How do you get that nice clean cut? Is it a punch of some sort?