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  1. Gord SW Ont

    Happy Birthday: Gord SW Ont, pataburd, yellafella321 and [belatedly] MD1032!

    Thanks! I'm anxiously awaiting for spring to come as it's been a long hard winter up this way. Without my headphones - and Head-Fi - I probably wouldn't have made it this far. Any longer and I'll likely be "really" scrambled ...
  2. Gord SW Ont

    my version of Christmas giveaway 2007!!! (winner is ALBPM!!!!!)

    Grado is the best My family lives in B.C. and after the twelve plus inches of snow we had today - had to shovel twice so far today - I think I should join them. And a Merry Christmas to you ... have a great holiday season!!!
  3. Gord SW Ont

    Was my post removed?

    Somehow I posted my message on a different forum ("Portable Audio" which is one I don't normally visit). So the screwup is all mine ... not that I doubted that for a moment. kpeezy - thx for commenting and forcing me to look further as I should have originally.
  4. Gord SW Ont

    Was my post removed?

    I posted a link to some photos that had headphone content but it seems to have disappeared. I'm trying to figure out if it is related to recent website problems or what? I read the Head-Fi rules and may have missed something??? The link was: Finally 40D, first pics inside !!!: Canon EOS...
  5. Gord SW Ont

    FYI ...Interesting headphone photos on DPReview

    Not my photos ... but thought some of you might be interested. Such headphones are not usually seen on DPReview. Finally 40D, first pics inside !!!: Canon EOS 40D/30D/20D/10D Forum: Digital Photography Review Gord SW Ont.
  6. Gord SW Ont

    Welcome Back to I'm Sorry About the Extended Outage

    Just great to have you and Head-Fi back ... you've been sorely missed!!! Your efforts are appreciated. Thanks beaucoup!
  7. Gord SW Ont

    Happy Birthday Ray Samuels!

    A quickie for your birthday ... have a great one!!! P.S. Thought I'd add it to both threads just in case you missed it.
  8. Gord SW Ont

    Ray Samuals Hits 60 (and I don't mean MPH)!

    A quickie for your birthday ... have a great one!!!
  9. Gord SW Ont

    Post Pics of Your Halloween Costumes

    Quote: Marzie wrote: THAT IS AWESOME!! He looks like he is enjoying it too! Did you buy that or make it? We bought it and it is a real hoot seeing him walk around in it. A still camera doesn't come close to capturing how funny it really is ... especially when he shakes a paw or...
  10. Gord SW Ont

    Happy Birthday NotoriousBIG_PJ and FalconP!!

    Happy birthday ... have "GREAT" ones!!!
  11. Gord SW Ont

    What was the first computer you ever used?

    Does anyone remember the Radio Shack TRS80 "Pocket" computer (below)? BTW the Grados are just for scale. Although - truth be told - my favourite first computers were an Amiga 500 & Amiga 3000.
  12. Gord SW Ont

    Free to Good Home, Audio Technica ATH-W5000

    Dave Matthews Band - Crash/Crash Into Me. Thx
  13. Gord SW Ont

    SOLD: Singlepower Extreme

    Someone buy this thing before I get tempted to finally try a tube amp as I've always wanted to. And he's "soooo" darn close. Oh btw ... BUMP!
  14. Gord SW Ont

    Post your Photography Here!

    Quote: Contrastique wrote: Here are 2 pics of what I am working on at the moment as a part of my graduate-project: Intriguing shots. For me personally, image number two has that something extra. Good luck on your graduate project!
  15. Gord SW Ont

    Post your Photography Here!

    Saw this when walking my dog recently. Not a great photo but it gave me a real chuckle ...
  16. Gord SW Ont

    uh, Metal Detection-Fi? Go, Bill Wyman!

    Quote: Thelonious Monk wrote: orpheus driving an hd650? good luck with that LOL ... only on Head-Fi would anyone notice that. BTW I took the first pics I had on hand to put it together and (unfortunately) forgot to match them correctly. P.S. the ring I found made a nice prize!
  17. Gord SW Ont

    Who's good at MS Excel?

    Good to see you figured it out. It helps to know what the data looks like in order to get the best solution. Not sure exactly what you did with autofilter but be careful that you don't duplicate rows if you autofilter column by column. I may not have understood you correctly as I'm not sure...
  18. Gord SW Ont

    Who's good at MS Excel?

    Okay ... now you need to get someone in who knows a little more about databases. You really shouldn't be playing around with databases without knowing it's structure (tables, relationships, etc). Not sure if "scripting" is absolutely required as running a query to extract the required data can...
  19. Gord SW Ont

    Who's good at MS Excel?

    Great stuff! Glad you were able to work it out.
  20. Gord SW Ont

    Who's good at MS Excel?

    Quote: Pepsione1 wrote: I will give you a complete run down of what I am trying to do. I have a program that do some data logging. It then creates a file full of recorded data points in respective columns. The program can append to this file as time passes and values are added. I...
  21. Gord SW Ont

    Who's good at MS Excel?

    Quote: Pepsione1 wrote: That's a very good example Gord. However, the data file is built & exported by a independent program and I don't have any control on how the file is created. Is there anyway to do the exact same thing you showed? This is the problem with trying to solve...
  22. Gord SW Ont

    Out-of-this-world Head-Fier!

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Quote: NotoriousBIG_PJ wrote: Nice work. I just hope that it doesn't have ears, or those arn't plugged in. Biggie Good eyes ... it's RF and that stub is an antenna. I noticed but didn't think anyone else would. Quote: Fitz wrote...
  23. Gord SW Ont

    Anyone live around London, ON?

    Quote: Biggie wrote: I'm glad I don't have exams anymore. Biggie. Hey Biggie ... I've got news for you ... life is one big exam!