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  1. vrapan

    SOLD Vorzuge Pure 2+ white with extra battery

    Very little use portable AMP. I am kinda out of the audio hobby - have been for a little while, I have a decent home setup and on the go I have gone Smartphone + Bluetooth everything else is just too much to manage. £300 shipped in UK. Shipping at cost in EU
  2. vrapan

    For sale Dita Answer, brand new Finder X1, CE6P and SD2 - lower prices

    Hi, Dita Answer as new with all accessories and original box. Really well rounded set of IEMS but culling my collection so something has to give. £200 + shipping (box is kinda large) Echobox Finders X1, brand new unopened box. £40 including shipping to the UK at cost anywhere else. This is the...
  3. vrapan

    Brand new unopened Echobox Finder X1 with iOS Controls and mic

    This is a brand new pair received them as a gift but have no use for them as I was a Kickstarter backer. I was planning on giving them to my brother but he has settled with other earphones. They are brand new unopened and have the iOS controls and a mic.    I will absorb PayPal and shipping...
  4. vrapan

    XDP-300R silver as new - 2 weeks lightly used to work and back

    Photos to follow shortly, lovely device but not the sound signature I was looking for. The player will come with original box, charging cable, the screen protector has not even been peeled off. It will be indistinguishable from new.   Now with pics and a slight price reduction.
  5. vrapan

    Cowon P1 like new

    Mint condition Plenue 1 bought from AMP3 in the beginning of the year.   It has been taken out very few times always in its case and with the protective film still on it. It comes with original box and accessories. A brilliant player , with intuitive and easy to use interface that to my ears...
  6. vrapan

    Price drop : In Ears SD3 £235 + paypal or £235 gift/BT

    I bought these two pairs of earphones as a stop gap while trying to sort out a re-shell for my SD2 but neither really is quite to my liking. Also I have had a change of heart and planning on buying a CIEM and maybe if I can't find a buyer that wants to reshell the SD2 also reshell that for...