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  1. Chris T

    IE8, Phonak, Westone 3 (confused)

    hmm don't like the look of that IE8 graph.
  2. Chris T

    IE8, Phonak, Westone 3 (confused)

    Thanks inukage0029 Actually checking out the Westone UK price.. they are more like £300 here. The only way to buy them for the amount I said is to get them from the States or Hong Kong and run the risk of paying import duty and VAT when they reach this country. It still sounds from what...
  3. Chris T

    IE8, Phonak, Westone 3 (confused)

    Thanks for your reply tstarn06. I've read most of the posts on here from yourself and Average_Joe among many others and I guess that's what is adding to my confusion.. Maybe I should go back and read them all again really. I could actually afford the Westone 3's if wanted to spend pretty...
  4. Chris T

    IE8, Phonak, Westone 3 (confused)

    Having read quite a bit on here about these three 'phones I am getting more confused as to my next move. I have owned a couple of pairs of er4p's. The first pair went wrong in months (one earpiece) and Etymotic replaced them after I paid a fortune sending them back from the UK. These lasted...
  5. Chris T

    FS/IC Etymotic ER4P+ER4P-24 cable (UK)

    Quote: Originally Posted by allenf ER4Ps are worth looking for Chris Yes, I know. I have a broken pair that will cost a fortune to send back and get repaired that's why I may consider buying another pair. I must be mad
  6. Chris T

    FS/IC Etymotic ER4P+ER4P-24 cable (UK)

    Quote: Originally Posted by allenf Sold! oh well, such is life, I would have wanted to pay cash and collect them though so maybe that wouldn't have worked out.
  7. Chris T

    FS/IC Etymotic ER4P+ER4P-24 cable (UK)

    are these with braided cables? Chris Hampshire
  8. Chris T

    Goodbye Sony, Hello Philips

    Quote: Originally Posted by Duncan Hmm.. I've moved on a fair way since the HN060... mine died within a month of having them, and I've since moved on to IEMs... ....snipped.... Now that's a shame Duncan. I read this thread through from the beginning and saw that you would...
  9. Chris T

    Etymotic ER20 vs ER4P

    They will probably last longer than the ER4's if my experience is anything to go by. Maybe it's time to give it all up and just buy earplugs.
  10. Chris T

    ety er4 braided cable problems

    Kuja: You might just need to replace the filters. enzoferrari650: In fairness they honoured the guarantee and when I sent the Ety's back with the first fault they repaired them free of charge and paid the return carriage. They agreed to replace the cable this time for free too and pay the...
  11. Chris T

    Latest rubber tips for ETY4. COOL!

    so what are you using to fill the gap between the Ety shaft and the Sony 71 tips?
  12. Chris T

    Etymotic ignoring emails? (surely not)

    Thanks for the prompt reply Big D. I didn't know about Royal Mail Airsure, but I wonder if it fits Etymotic's requirements as they say ... "Send them via an insured and trackable shipping method (like UPS or FedEx). My other problem is that as we are renovating the house, I cannot find my...
  13. Chris T

    Etymotic ignoring emails? (surely not)

    I was in correspondence with Russ from Etymotic a few months ago about returning (yet again) my ER-4s, this time because of the cable insulation cracking. They had agreed to replace the cable free of charge, but I was unclear about the return carriage, so I wrote again. I have since sent two...
  14. Chris T

    Ety Er4p Replacement Cables

    Ahhh sorry. I should have made this clearer. When I say that Etymotic "seem" unwilling, I should have said they definately WILL NOT just send a replacement cable. (unless you are being told different) I have also been in touch with them by email. This will be the second time that something...
  15. Chris T

    Ety foam tips too long?

    Quote: Originally posted by Dunbar I think the foam tips actually wear out quickly, I don't get more than a week out of them before the fullness in the music is gone. As soon as I put new foamies on, and the seal returns, the richness is back. That sounds like it gets expensive, as...
  16. Chris T

    Recs for Beethoven piano sonatas?

    Emil Gilels.
  17. Chris T

    HD 600 ??

    Quote: Originally posted by Duncan like i did once on my HD565s you mean?? I must remember never to pick a fight with Duncan
  18. Chris T

    My initial impressions of the V6s (or why I love my Etys)

    Quote: Originally posted by Peddler How much for your wife??? A slap for Peddler. keep your mind on those headphones lad.
  19. Chris T

    Ety's durable enough?

    As one of the poor unfortunates who just paid almost £60.00 ($96 approx) to return a pair of ER4P's to Etymotic for a warranty repair after 3 months of ownership, I would say that I generally agree with Duncan. Personally, I will never use a foamie again, as even Don from Etymotic says that...
  20. Chris T

    Ety ER-4P problem?

    Quote: .............and I just can't live without my Ety's. I know the feeling. I have a pair of Grado 125's & Sennheiser HD600's and some Koss Sporta Pro's and..... (the list goes on) but I really do miss the Ety's
  21. Chris T

    Ety ER-4P problem?

    Quote: Note: be very careful with your etys. They're pretty robust, but not indestructible, as I've discovered. The black driver piece on the left side just snapped in half. I've contacted Etymotics to see what the repair/replacement cost would be, but in the meantime, no 4P's for me...
  22. Chris T

    I lost a very dear friend last night.

    Quote: Be thankful for your life, your family, your friends, and all that you have. Life is short at best, and the end date is not defined. You could lose a loved one, or they could lose you, at any time. Cherish the moments for what they are; too short and far too fleeting. How very...
  23. Chris T

    Etymotics in the U.K.

    Hi Duncan & John, Thanks for the info about Thanksgiving. I have sent another email this Friday so maybe I will get a reply soon. I am aware of Etymotic's good reputation for service and was disappointed when I didn't get as quick as a reply as I did when I was enquiring about buying the...
  24. Chris T

    Etymotics in the U.K.

    They are the company that Etymotic removed from their listing due to bad service. I ended up buying them from Headroom. However my Etymotics have developed a fault and I have been trying to contact Etymotic by email but I have had no reply since sending the first email on 22 November 2002...
  25. Chris T

    Headbuds ... whats the best?

    Peddler: I never could get my darned MX-500's to stay in my ear no matter what I tried (short of superglue). I agree that the 888's were better at staying in your ear. I tend to use the Ety's outside (got used to the strange effect that footsteps give).. but you have aroused my curiosity...