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    I purchased a pair of AKG 271S from jpo245. He was quick to respond to emails and quick to ship out the item; I wouldn't hesitate to deal with him again.
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    Reccomend me shoegaze+female vocal

    Hello, fellow Slowdive fan If you decide to try Yo La Tengo, give I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One a try. IMO it's their best, and one of my favorite albums of all time.
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    So far my favorite album of the year. It's solid through and through - the only song I routinely skip is Names which is a bit too much....
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    Talk Talk fans rejoice--SACDs coming!

    Laughing Stock > The Colour of Spring and Spirit of Eden, IMO. Still if I had the money I'd love to pick up a SACD player.
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    Best opening to a song?

    Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust (classic riff...) Joy Division - Warsaw (3-5-0-1-2-5 Go!)
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    Heady Award: Most Annoying voice -- Female Vocalist

    Wow, how could this thread go on for three pages with no one mentioning Nico?! Her songs on vu & nico are automatic skips for me... btw, Vespertine, and Bjork in general, is pretty great.
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    Cocteau Twins - New Remasters

    Quote: Originally posted by markl Pitchfork is very unreliable and seems to be staffed 100% by nameless faceless college kids who seem to think they are the center of the universe. Have you ever noticed their so-called "reviews" (and even their News, for chrissake) are composed almost...
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    Cocteau Twins - New Remasters

    I had been looking forward to these, but this review doesn't seem so positive:
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    The Ultimate Headphone album

    I was going to say sterolab too (Emperor Tomato Ketchup, since its the only album of theirs I have so far), I guess I'll go with DJ Shadow Endtroducing instead.
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    Johnny Cash's 'Hurt' Video Cash's video for his cover of the NIN song "Hurt", from his recent album, American IV, it's possibly the most moving video I've ever seen. It's amazing how Cash can make the song completely his own.
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    Who Loves Pavement?

    Slanted & Enchanted/ Luxe & Reduxe is definetely on my "to buy" list.
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    mini review/ JVC HA-D990

    One of the things I like best about the dt770s in comparison to other closed phones I've tried (e.g. my v6) is the fairly wide soundstage, how are the 990 in that regard? Quote: The mid-range is clear, smooth and has a presence that reminds me of the current grados mids, but not as...
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    MX500 -vs- RS 33-1991

    IIRC, the radioshack buds are just rebadged senns.
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    Senn PX200 - WOW!

    Cool! I've been hoping something would come along to replace my mx500 (my KSC50 sound better, but just leak too much sound...). So, how much do they cost (in usd)?
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    What is your favourite Inde band?

    Quote: Originally posted by grinch the more i listen to it, the more it stinks of commercialism to me. it's like wannabe-indie rock, in my opinion. this is the latest album by the way, i don't own any of their other stuff. I only brought up Wilco, because YHF. has so far been my...
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    Are ETYs waterproof?

    If you do a search the old posts you'll find that the little etys are washermachine "proof"
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    Best Headphones For Opera

    I don't really listen to opera and I've unfortunately never heard grados, but fwiw I can tell you that of all the phones I own, the hd580s handle vocals the nicest. If you don't already have an amp, I think the money you save with the hd580 (if you look at the for-sale forum on the site you...
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    Renting CDs

    I think I've heard that they rent cds in Japan? Anyway, like Nezer said, there is no way that it'd fly on this side of the Pacific....especially with burners so common place
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    MP3 Where to start?

    I recommend you stay away from the r3mix setting, it's really not that good. The newer alt-presets will give you substanially better quality. You should check out this thread: recommended settings
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    why if the er4p then add adapter makes it like a er4ps

    Quote: Originally posted by davo Then again, you'd need amplification for the ER6 with more resistance which flies in the face of the intent of the ER6...of lower cost and being easy to drive for portable applications. Thats true, but the er6 also work great in a noisy...
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    why if the er4p then add adapter makes it like a er4ps

    I've always wondered if the er6 would benefit from a higher impedance cable...
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    why if the er4p then add adapter makes it like a er4ps

    There was a big thread a while back about the ety's and someone asked the same questions, d_wilson replied that adding a resistor would probably just make the earbuds sound quieter and not better. I never bothered to read throught the whole thread so I don't know if d_wilson ever explained why...
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    Need Recommendations. =]

    The 770s are much better cans (in terms of sound quality) than the v6 IMO, but they benefit a lot more from an amp. For computer use the v6 are hard to beat: they're easy to drive, work well with games, the coiled cord is long enough to reach to the sound card jack at the back of the...
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    Comparing AKG K501 and HD600

    Snusk-Pelle seems to be new around here, if only he knew the can of worms he just opened up .... Let the flame-war begin
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    ETY ER6 vs. ER4's?

    I can't help with all your questions, but wrt er6 vs er4 here is a great review comparing the er6, er4p, and er4s. dg's ety mega-review To be honest, I'm in the same situation as you, I love my er6, but I can't help wondering what I'm missing -- I start working next week, and once I get...