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  1. Polygon

    Transfering Vinyl to Digital, I Need A Deck

    Yeah, it will be in a carpeted basement so it will be pretty stable. Thanks for the advice and the other suggestions. I'll look for those as well.
  2. Polygon

    Transfering Vinyl to Digital, I Need A Deck

    Hmm. In that case I'm going to try for this Kenwood. Judging from what it has been going for on eBay I've got a fight on my hands. If this falls through, do you guy have any other suggestions. I looked in a suggestion thread that someone posted and I really couldn't find any of the model...
  3. Polygon

    Transfering Vinyl to Digital, I Need A Deck

    It's been a long time since I've posted here, but I need help. My father has quite a few vinyls that he can't find on CD. He want's me to transfer them over. I was looking at one of those USB decks but I have only found that they are rubbish. So, I'm left with getting a decent deck but I...
  4. Polygon

    Ferrari Enzo pics

    What camera and lens are you using, very good combo and great shots. Very nice auto show, I wonder where it was, it had a lot of nice cars. Kind of odd to see an SRT-4 and RSX in the mix with the other cars, but they still very nice cars.
  5. Polygon

    reccomend me a program to help clean my registry

    Quote: Originally posted by minya format c:\ /y - Chris That or just use regedit, unless you don't like playing in your registry. I feel that when the registry has become cluttered, it is time to wipe the drive and do a clean install.
  6. Polygon

    Skoda Octavia Turbo RS and Fabia RS

    Quote: Originally posted by marios_mar i guess you can order these cars in the US from some importer couldnt you? And there would be no problem finding parts as 99% of the mechanical parts are same as in the other small VW cars. You can, but it isn't exactly cheap. You would...
  7. Polygon

    Writing Instruments

    I prefer typing but if I have to use a writing instrument I use either a .5mm mechanical pencil or my favorite pen, the Uni-Ball Vision Elite.
  8. Polygon

    DSL Speeds

    With my DSL I get 648kbit downstream and 256kbit upstream 160kbits is rather slow for DSL. It could be the fact that you have an old router or firmware, it also might be the fact that your DSL provider doesn't offer higher speeds, or perhaps a combination of the two. The best thing to do would...
  9. Polygon

    If you're feelin' a bit bummed right now

    I'm not really new here, but I don't post a lot, but I do read a lot of posts and I hope things work out for you Tube. I guess I can somehow relate. When I was 18 I contracted a chronic disease called Chron's Disease. At the time I didn't know what I had and I've always been the type of...
  10. Polygon

    What willyou buy for yourself this holiday season?

    This is what I've bought myself for Christmas: Indiana Jones Trilogy on DVD. Denon AVR-1804. Wharfedale WH-2 Surrounds. Wharfedale WH-2 Center. Loads of binding post connectors and plugs. Speaker wire. Soul Calibur 2 on PS2. Mario Kart Double Dash on GameCube. A load of parts for my...
  11. Polygon

    N64 Experts - Expansion Pack

    Quote: Originally posted by utep10 Polygon, Thanks for the reply. Didn't see a plastic tool but will use a screwdriver. Just wanted to make sure it was as easy as pulling out the expansion jumper and pluggin in the expansion pack. The sticker says to consult your manual ...
  12. Polygon

    N64 Experts - Expansion Pack

    The expansion pack should come with a gray plastic tool to remove the old pack, if you don't have that a screw driver or something similar would work. Really all you have to do is take the sticker off the jumper pack, pull it out, put the expansion pack in, and you're done. It is quite simple.
  13. Polygon

    EBay user names...

    duncan_r1977 matbon0013 sergio4099 cartermccoy austonia1 Pappucho / Pappucho2 amadeus-mozart uncledaniel bryanzilla rizumu drift65 corey-mit tbdoah steevens007 00940 dej915 stfractus elrod-dt -rally617- elviseldritch makoto27374 stratifier Flizarthanon philosophergeek...
  14. Polygon

    Pc woes

    There is one I used to use called Trouble Shooter. It is a bootable DOS disk. It is kind of old and I don't know how accurate it is with newer hardware. I'll look around for some newer ones for you. One problem is that I don't know of a program to test the power supply. You can always use a...
  15. Polygon

    Rich, dumb, audiophile spendaholic fools?

    Quote: Originally posted by markl So, my question is-- where are these rich dribbling nit-wits? Do you believe in this stereotype? If so, why? What evidence is there that such people exist? Do you personally know any people like this? Have you heard their mega-buck systems and did they...
  16. Polygon

    A n00b's review of the Bose Triports

    Quote: Originally posted by Eagle_Driver "Buy Other Sound Equipment" That's exactly what I think of Bose for many years... I couldn't agree more. These days buying Bose is like buying cloths at the Gap. You're paying for a name not quality. I think that Bose offers...
  17. Polygon

    Pc woes

    Just remember that you might have a bad memory controller on the motherboard. Most harware caused reboots can usually be related to the power supply, processor, motherboard, and system memory. So don't rule any of those out. I would test them all.
  18. Polygon

    My friend became a comes the preeching:(

    Quote: Originally posted by Sentral Dogma Actually, Peter Luger's steak sauce, from Peter Luger's steakhouse in Brooklyn, is the best steaksauce i've ever tasted. Its not like A1 at all, there's something sweet in there. I think every steak lover should give it a try. Hmm, I must...
  19. Polygon

    My friend became a comes the preeching:(

    Quote: Originally posted by Sentral Dogma I dunno. I'm not a cow chemicologist. Polygon, i wish i could buy meat from a local farmer. You can't find many of those in NYC. no mistreatment except for the killing, of course. nothing unnatural, except for A1 or worchestershire sauce...
  20. Polygon

    buying a used mac for ipod...crazy or not?

    Quote: Originally posted by blessingx Yep, that's the absolute truth. Surely if you came across that much discussed link on /. or the like you saw the slew of counter arguements against his findings starting the very next day (and not just from Apple). The debate continues. Ol' biased...
  21. Polygon

    My friend became a comes the preeching:(

    Quote: Originally posted by Sentral Dogma It's not silly at all. Humans are not plants. As animals, our life must come from the death of another living thing. To draw distinctions between what you kill doesn't make it any different that you killed something to live. I just wanna move away...
  22. Polygon

    My friend became a comes the preeching:(

    Quote: Originally posted by Sentral Dogma I believe so too. I would like to move to only eating natural meats too oneday. mass produced beef is fed corn. in nature, if cows only had corn to eat, they die. Mass produced beef is pumped full of chemicals just so they can eat it. Nothing good...
  23. Polygon

    My friend became a comes the preeching:(

    I find the view of most vegans to be silly. I have met some that don't eat meat because it simply makes them sick or they don't like meat. That I can perfectly understand, but not eating meat because it wrong to eat meat is plain stupid. Do they think that cows are simply put here as natures...
  24. Polygon

    buying a used mac for ipod...crazy or not?

    Quote: Originally posted by cyberhazard And you know this how? As far as I know, no G5's have been made available for testing to third party's except for VeriTest and NASA. Both of these entity's tests show the G5 kicking Dell's ass in speed tests. In the absence of any other hard data...
  25. Polygon


    Yep, I'm out here by Thanksgiving Point. I would love to get together, I wouldn't ming input on my old rig.