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  1. jim

    Corda Aria vs. minidac (or hr micro)?

    Can anyone compare the relative sound quality coming from the following dac/(builtin) amp combos? This will be for office use, with ety er4s'. corda aria headroom microdac/amp apogee minidac I'm mostly interested in minidac vs. aria.. can anyone give some comparative comments? I like the...
  2. jim

    Interest Check: Vandersteen 1C speakers

    I bought these speakers around Jan/Feb. of this year, used. They are in excellent condition, with only slight markings on the bottom of one speaker from the stands. These are very nice sounding speakers, but I honestly haven't been able to use them very much (ie, <25hrs), as I primarily bought...
  3. jim

    need hardware recommendations

    ok, so my laptop is busted. I'm toying with the idea of building a new computer soon, so I'm looking for some hardware suggestions. I want to have a little fun with this. If you have any comments/recommendations on the following items, please post. 1.) Dual processor motherboards. which is...
  4. jim

    what linux distro are you running?

    just curious. I'm running gentoo, and it's awesome!! The portage system absolutely rocks. Only bad thing about it is it took forever to install. I used to use Mandrake, but couldn't stand the stupid config tools overwriting my changes. Also, I think the mandrake star is ugly, haha. Anyway...
  5. jim

    inverted polarity and norah jones

    Here is an interesting experiment for those of you with the Norah Jones CD and speakers/akg K1000's or Grado HP-1 rigs. Try reversing the absolute polarity of your connections: amp: + - + - speakers: - + - + I was playing around with the polarity of my speakers this morning and it seems...
  6. jim

    Recs for Beethoven piano sonatas?

    Hey guys, Anyone have any recommendations for Beethoven's piano sonatas? I'm thinking about finally investing in another complete set. (I have schnabel's complete set right now) Also, what is your recommended rendition of no. 21 Waldstein and no. 23 Appassionata? Those are two of my...
  7. jim


    Mr. Montalvo purchased my akg K501's. It was a pleasure working with him! First class communication, and extremely prompt payment with money order from his bank! I would definitely do business with him again. Thanks! -Jim
  8. jim

    MG Head pops?

    Ever since I've had my MG Head I've noticed a few pops and clicks here and there, which I just assumed to be normal. However, today I've experienced two really loud pops that actually hurt! Is this normal? I don't want this amp to blow out my headphones and/or eardrums or something... What...
  9. jim

    Custom molds for Etys

    Hey all, I finally got them! This morning I went over to the campus speech and hearing clinic and picked up my molds for a little less than $110. I had the impressions made at school, but they sent it out to Westone for manufacture. I won't give a complete review on the sound because I just...
  10. jim

    Satellite radio has started!

    Just saw this article on yahoo Yahoo also Seattle times Sort of weird how all the radio stations are centralized and part of a single company. It said in the article that all 100 stations will be broadcast from XM's headquarters. Anyone here planning to get into digital radio?
  11. jim

    Where do you guys by pots?

    I've been using my cmoy for about 9 months now, and the panasonic pot is already beginning to get noisy on me. Anyone know where to get some higher quality ones? Maybe a conductive plastic clarostat or alps/nobel or something? It'd be nice if the thing could fit in the pactec case as well, but...
  12. jim


    Anyone here heard of the Senn HD497? Looks like they are only available in germany. Here is a picture of them: I wonder how they sound...
  13. jim

    Custom molds for etys?

    How many of you have custom molds for the etymotics? I bought a pair recently and I don't find the foamies very good sounding, and the rubber tips are just too much of a pain to insert correctly. Anybody have any recommendations for custom molds? Where's fuzzy when you need him?! :-)
  14. jim

    Good Cheap Portable w/juicy amp

    Hey all, two weeks ago I strolled into my local walmart and stumbled upon an awesome cdp for a mere $30! It's the Lenoxx CD-87. Thanks for the lenoxx recommendation Hawkeye! You're right in every respect! Features: It's less than an inch thick (about 7/8 mostly, 1in at the top of the...