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  1. Tolblo

    Multi-Custom In-Ear Monitor Review, Resource, Mfg List & Discussion (Check first post for review links & information)

    Hey guys. What are the current best alternatives to Sennheiser IE8's? I've had 2 pairs of these now and am getting a bit tired with the connections going funny, plus want better sound. I love my bass but am wondering what else is out there. Budget is about $300, maybe more maybe less.
  2. Tolblo

    Fixing earphone jack - the impossible task?

    I cannot for the life of me repair the jack. Every time after battling with solder I eventually get it fixed for a 5 mins to a week until it starts shorting again and I can only hear out of one ear.    Once the solder is in place, the wire parts that aren't soldered will eventually or...
  3. Tolblo

    IE8 silver cable broken. Can I fix it?

    I recently bought an upgrade cable for my IE8's:  ...
  4. Tolblo

    Atrio MG7 - Extra large tips?

    I bought the MG7's, supplied tips were too small for any kind of isolation. So I bought these large foam tips:   made no difference!   I got the mg7's after hearing a mate's M5's, his supplied large tips we're...
  5. Tolblo

    Fixing my IE8's?

    I'll dig out the papers and check. I don't think it's still under warranty.
  6. Tolblo

    Fixing my IE8's?

      I managed to bend the metal on the jack a month ago and it eventually broke off :( How do I fix this? Is there a way to fix it without a soldering iron?   Many thanks.
  7. Tolblo

    Where to get Atrio MG7's in the UK?

    Hi I'm after a pair of Atrio's with the MG7 drivers. Anyone know of a decent place to get them in the UK?
  8. Tolblo

    IEM for a bass enthusiast?

    I previously owned the Atrio M5's and now own the IE8's. I miss the deep sub-bass and impact of the M5's. I'm thinking about the MG7's but am wondering what else there is. I'm mainly into techno, drum n bass, dubstep etc. I use a Fiio E7 as a DAC also. I've read about the TDK EB900's from...
  9. Tolblo

    Sennheiser IE8 Impressions Thread

    I struggle to see whats so great about these IE8's. My old Atrio M5's blew them away in the impact department. The IE8's sound balanced etc and I'm using TX500 tips, but honestly I am far from impressed given their massive hype. Maybe they'll grow on me.
  10. Tolblo

    WARNING: Fake IE8s! Comparison pictures included!!

      I have purchased no less than four pairs of fake IE8's. They have all been different in just how they are fake. The last pair was the best, they could easily pass for the real product to someone who hasn't listened to a real pair (or another decent pair of earphones) or isn't checking for...
  11. Tolblo

    WARNING: Fake IE8s! Comparison pictures included!!

    I just sent back a fake pair, the sound was dreadful, like someone throwing up in my ear. Most notable difference was no red chip wire, other differences we're really hard to see but we're there. Thanks a lot for this thread!
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