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  1. tkalee

    Short cable?

    Hi, does anyone know where to get a short cable for my 1964ears IEMS? I've got a bluetooth receiver for the commute, but the stock earphones that came with it are crap, and I'd like to use my IEMs. However, the cables are too long. Something about 40cms would be ideal.
  2. tkalee

    Advice wanted on custom IEM fit issue

    Hi, I got my first customs over the weekends (1964 Quads), and while I'm generally delighted with the sound signature, I think I'm having real issues with the fit, and was hoping my fellow head-fiers could help with a diagnosis. Here are the issues so far:   1. They rub deep against my ear...
  3. tkalee

    Possible fake FX500s?

    I found some FX500s on ebay for only $36 (1 cent + 35.99 int'l shipping):   And I'm wondering whether they're fake...