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  1. Fubar

    Best amp for HD-600's? (~$500)

    I have the Little More Power Premium and think it is an outstanding solid state amp for the price ($679). How many of you here have even heard this amp?
  2. Fubar

    The Cable Factor

    hey kwkarth: Thanks for the info on the Outlaw cables a while back. What a performance boost for the money. It's very helpful to read from someone that has actually TRIED many cables.
  3. Fubar

    cd source - what do you use?

    Sony DVP-9000ES. A great SACD player and one fine DVD player thrown in for free.
  4. Fubar

    Good Headphone Amp, Do I really have to spend over $400?

    Quote: Originally posted by gaineso I'm using a Total Airhead (new 9 volt) with my 600's. I plan to upgrade in September to a "Little - Premium Module". I wish I had the money for a "Maxed Out Home", but semi-retirement limits my finances. I really don't want to have to get a real...
  5. Fubar

    9000ES and CD-R/RW

    kelly: thanks for the search. I used to live in Dallas, now Oklahoma. Step up??
  6. Fubar

    9000ES and CD-R/RW

    I have recently purchased a Sony DVP-9000ES for about $900 with shipping. What an incredible source for the money! And a great DVD player to boot. Source is everything. I think there are several folks here with the 9000ES and my question is, has anyone been able to use CD-R/RW media with the...
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