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  1. edwinaviles

    Looking for opinions on IEMs. Thanks...

    Hi. Its been awhile since ive been on here.. but i need some advice. I'm looking for a very good pair of IEM's for my creative zen mp3 player. Im on the go now more than ever and don't listen to my home rig as much anymore. My first pair of monitors are the Sony MDR-EX71SL. Not bad...
  2. edwinaviles

    Final Fantasy Piano Collection Books 4-6

    Hello. I am selling my collection of the original 3 Final Fantasy Piano Collection Books with CDs for F.F. 4, 5, and 6. All in very good condition. These are originals and NOT copies from SM studios and whatnot. Make an offer and I will seriously consider it, considering how rare they are...
  3. edwinaviles

    Interest Check: Potential Massive Sale

    Hello. I am currently looking for interest on my entire headphone gear. Everything is in very good to excellent shape. I haven't come up with prices but I am looking in the range of 50%-70% of what I payed for these items. Best offer in that realm would be there's. Those really interested in...
  4. edwinaviles

    Cardas Golden Reference ICs

    One pair of Cardas Golden Reference 0.5m RCA cables. Very good condition. $300, including shipping, only to the US. Contact me via messages here or e-mail. Thanks.
  5. edwinaviles

    CDs with emphasis or preemphasis

    Hello. Upon reading CD player and DAC reviews in 'Stereophile' I read the measurement sections regularly. John Atkinson performs a measurement that shows "frequency response at -12dBFS with 44.1kHz sampling" with and without emphasis in his figures. He mentions in the July 2002 issue on...
  6. edwinaviles

    ARCAM CD92T on ebay

    Hello. The ARCAM CD92T is on ebay for around $500 right now. Not a bad deal if it doesn't go up too much. NO, I am not the seller. Just letting you guys know.
  7. edwinaviles

    need help on CD players!

    Hello. I was wondering if anyone could give me advice between these players. Sony SCD-XA777ES Arcam Diva CD92 Musical Fidelity A3CD Basically, how does the redbook audio playback of the Sony compare to that of the Arcam and the MF? Is it worth the extra dough for the SACD playback if...