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  1. MajinWu

    Sennheiser HD600 [SOLD]

    They've been in the box for most of their lives. Purchased them from a fellow head-fi'er back in 2012, but really have not used them at all since then! Still in excellent condition as you can see in the photos, and still sound as great as always when plugged into my FiiO E17 + E9 setup...
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  3. MajinWu

    Need headphone suggestion. Equipment: Nuforce uDAC-2 & Fiio E5

    Assuming price is equal for these three, would the general ranking from worst to best be: Audio-Technica ATH-M50, Beyer DT770 Pro 80, Denon D2000?
  4. MajinWu

    GOT IT: NuForce uDAC2 or uDAC2-HP

    Tried my friend's uDAC2 and was blown away... so looking for one now! uDAC2-HP works as well as I'll be using primarily with PC.   Thanks!   UPDATE: Got it already THANKS!
  5. MajinWu

    SOLD: Fiio E5

    Does it come with the USB cable and headphone cable?
  6. MajinWu

    WTB Koss KSC-75 KSC75

    Quote: Originally Posted by kmhaynes Uhhhh.... -- $13 + SH. Not that hard. Just do it. You're right. Once in a while you get a steal around here though.
  7. MajinWu

    WTB Koss KSC-75 KSC75

    Mine broke I am in the 30341 Atlanta, GA and can do paypal
  8. MajinWu

    CLOSE: Audio-Technica ATH-ANC7 or some good IEMs on flights

    After realizing ANC7's leak sound like open headphones, I decided not to pursue them anymore.
  9. MajinWu


    Sold him a pair of AKG k71dj's. Very friendly and responsive to PM's. Thanks!
  10. MajinWu

    FS: Beyerdynamic DT 250-80

    price drop bump
  11. MajinWu

    WTB: AKG K81DJ

    Got a seller! That was fast!
  12. MajinWu

    WTB: AKG K81DJ

    Anyone have a new/like new pair? My refs: Head-fi: ebay: heatware: