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  1. silencer

    Australians looking for HD650

    I have found the HD650 in sydney for A$590, which seems a pretty good price, but that is the absolute lowest they will go. But they did say if more than one pair is ordered the price will be better. If anyone is interested maybe we could get some deal from them.
  2. silencer

    D-777 or MZR50?

    I was looking for a new player and out of these two players (D-777 or R-50) which would offer the best sound quality using Ety ER-P? Forgot to mention I will not be amping either at this stage but will be in future. Also is the R-50 better sounding than the R-55?
  3. silencer

    Anyone encountered this store before?

    I was looking at this Linky and was wondering if anyone has ever bought anything through them, if so how was the service? Thanks
  4. silencer

    Ety 4s/p or Shure E5?

    I have the choice between these two phones, both costing me around 500 Australian dollars. The Ety's are located in Australia which is a bonus, whereas the Shures will have to be imported from the US. I have no way to demo either of these phones and after reading articles on both i think i...
  5. silencer

    would this be a good set up?

    I don't really have much in the way of audiophile equipment so i'm planning on taking the dive soon, and making a fairly big splash What i have in mind is: For home: Nad C542 Beyer DT880s ETY 4P OTL 32 For Portable: Ipod Total airhead (need to import to Oz) ETY 4S Does this seem...
  6. silencer

    Just got myself some 7506's

    I was on the way to buy some new 7506's today but before i reached the shop i intended on buying them from i stopped in a second hand store and suprise suprise i found a pair in there in good condition so i snapped them up saying myself around $120 australian. I have been listenign to them...