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  1. ej8989

    RHA T10 vs Trinity Audio Master

  2. ej8989

    RHA T10 vs Trinity Audio Master

    Sorry, wrong post
  3. ej8989

    Sound louder on the left ear, more sibilant (IEM user)

    Recently I noticed that my right ear hears less.This happened only a few days ago. At first I thought it was just my IEM malfunctioning (Dunu DN1000). I tried to swap L & R and cleaned my ears gently using cotton swabs, but the problem remains. Before I go to the doctor (expensive), can anyone...
  4. ej8989

    Cannot hear voices, only background music (Audio Amplifier w/ Speakers)

    I bought and built a stereo audio amplifier kit (80w per channel) and checked if everything's connected properly on the PCB. Everything is working so far (lows, highs) except that I can't hear any voices (mids) no matter what speakers I connect the amp to. I'm running out of ideas. Help?
  5. ej8989

    Android phone to replace my J3

    Can you guys recommend any android phone that matches the sound quality of a cowon j3? If there's none, i'll keep my old phone and my j3. 
  6. ej8989

    VSonic GR06, are they worth it?

    i've had several iems through these years. and i was kinda spoiled with senns. cx500 (sold) > cx95 (stolen) > ie6 (broken) > mee m6 (broken) > superlux hd381f (broken) > ???   now i don't have that much budget for any top-tier upgrades yet, so i would like to know if the vsonic gr06's are...
  7. ej8989

    Moisture on the memory wire: Meelec M6

    i found some rust on my M6 few hours ago probably because of moisture due to sweat. it was near the Driver at the end of the memory wire. does this affect the Driver itself?
  8. ej8989

    shure olives on meelec m6?

    i'm on a quest on finding the 'best' fit for my ears on these iems. these iems had been so far the most tricky to wear. i've tried more than 20 tips. different tips = COMPLETELY different sound signature.   for example, i used triple flange stock tips (very hard to fit) and when i...
  9. ej8989

    Is this sennheiser IE7 fake???

    I am from PH and there's some guy (who doesn't have any feedback yet) who sells used retail IE7 for less than half the price. The guy said he got it from the US, and it is now a year old. I just wanna make sure if these are real. If i am 100% assured of the authenticity, i will buy them...