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  1. ProJoe

    IC for NAD

    Thanks Neruda. I think I'll give it a try. I've heard only good things about the Outlaw. Merry Christmas from down south.
  2. ProJoe

    IC for NAD

    My NAD C541 is in the mail and I'm gonna need a good interconnect for it. I'm looking for something around $100 or less. After some research, I'm leaning towards: 1. Outlaw PCA 2. Van Den Hul D-102 mk III I've read that the NAD is slightly light on the bass, so something that brings out the...
  3. ProJoe

    Anyone ever got burned on Audiogon?

    Well I'm glad to hear it. I wasn't quite sure how safe it was to buy over AG. Hopefully my transaction will go as well as I could ask.
  4. ProJoe

    Anyone ever got burned on Audiogon?

    I'm just wondering if anyone has ever gotten ripped off after buying something advertised on Audiogon. Or elsewere, but still a purchase of some high-end audio equipmnet. By "high-end" I mean stuff they don't carry at the local Best Buy or Circuit City.
  5. ProJoe

    Used or New, what's the best redbook player for $200-$350???

    There are a couple C541is on Audiogon right now for $300. I'm in the process of buying the $250 C541.
  6. ProJoe

    NAD C541

    Well, I've decided to go for it. Thanks for your replies.
  7. ProJoe

    NAD C541

    It's not the 'i' , but I still think its a really good deal. I've got to thinking and I suppose I should say a bit more. I was drawn to this player by several excellent reviews and, of course, the price. I was also thinking about that new Philips, but I'm not sure how it compares to the NAD...
  8. ProJoe

    Sony D-626

    I first saw it in Purk's imagestation photo album. Perhaps he knows something. Purk?
  9. ProJoe

    Pot hookup. Where do the wires go??!!!

    I have figured it out. Turns out the gain WAS too high. That and I had wired my jacks wrong. But I fixed it and it works great now. Thanks for all your help. Tangent: I DID do a search, but didn't find anything. I always have trouble figuring out exactly what to search for. Maybe that's...
  10. ProJoe

    Calling all Ety owners

    Well, seeing as how my only pair of phones are Ety's, I use them for everything. Going to work, at work, going to school, at school, at home. The list goes on and on. I love the isolation and because I don't really need to hear my surroundings, they work great for me. Quote: there is...
  11. ProJoe

    SR225 or ER-4P?

    Hmm. Looks like my choice just got a little easier. Thanks.
  12. ProJoe

    SR225 or ER-4P?

    Well, so far, I have narrowed it down to these two. But without listening to them, I just can't decide which to buy. So I ask you which sounds better? I listen mostly to rock and some techno and at first I was set on the 225s because they are supposed to be the best rock phones. But, I then...
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