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  1. rrrango

    Red Wine Audio Headphone Amplifier Audez’e Edition LFP-V Edition

    I bought this headphone amplifier in 2011 and have thoroughly enjoyed using it with my LCD2s.  I will be looking to upgrade my system with Vinnie's New line of amps (LIO) so here is a chance to get this perfectly matched headphone amplifier for your own pair of Audeze headphones.  As listed in...
  2. rrrango

    FS: Monster Turbine Pro Gold Edition

    Up for sale is a pair of Monster Turbine Pro Gold Edition IEMs.  I bought these in Changi Airport in Singapore in mid-May because I had forgotten my IE8s and these were the best ones I could find at the store.  After I got back, I bought a pair of Miles Davis Tributes which better suit my Dave...