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  1. OneMalt

    McIntosh flagship SACD/CD/Headphone amp player

    I honestly don't do a lot of HP listening these days (don't hurt me!) but I've used Senn HD-600, HD-650 and Grado RS-1 with the headphone out on my MCD-500 with very satisfying results. At least comparable to using an RA-1.
  2. OneMalt

    today's vinyl quality?

    Quote:  You appear to have already made up your mind. Different strokes, my friend.
  3. OneMalt

    Will any vinyl player do the job?

      Quote: And now we return to the continuing saga of the SL1200 vs. anything Rega...   To the OP - if you get the chance, listen to them both and let your ears decide.  
  4. OneMalt

    today's vinyl quality?

      Quote: +1. You took the words right out of my keyboard!  
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  8. OneMalt

    Extreme Near-Field Fi

    What about bass response in near-field listening? It would seem that the long waves wouldn't have the time or distance to form properly.
  9. OneMalt

    McIntosh flagship SACD/CD/Headphone amp player

    Quote: Originally Posted by Bones13 Looks like something to aspire too, especially if SACD remains viable, something I am doubting. SACDs are great on this machine but it really shines on Redbook playback. Just awesome!
  10. OneMalt

    turntable help

    Quote: Originally Posted by freakydrew will the Zero DAC suffice? I think not. While I'm not familiar with this specific device, in general a DAC converts a digital signal to analog for playback. Your TT outputs an analog signal to begin with.
  11. OneMalt

    McIntosh MCD 500

    I'd rate it fair for a built-in on a CDP. Not quite the equal of my Grado RA-1. I've done some fairly extensive listening with Grado RS-1 and Senn HD-650.
  12. OneMalt

    How important are aesthetics to you?

    Quote: Originally Posted by 4N6 Me too. Atta' boy!
  13. OneMalt

    How important are aesthetics to you?

    Beautiful rigs are fun to look at but at the end of the day, when everybody has gone home and it's just you and your stereo, it's all about how it sounds. I've got to admit though, I have a soft spot for big blue meters...
  14. OneMalt

    MCD500 opinions?

    Simply the most analogue sounding CDP I've ever heard. Mine never ceases to amaze me. The two digital inputs that allow you to take advantage of this machine's incredible DACs with external sources are just gravy. You can buy this one with no regrets.
  15. OneMalt

    McIntosh MCD201

  16. OneMalt

    How to play SACDs?

    McIntosh MCD301 and MCD500 - both marvelous 2 ch. SACD/CD players!
  17. OneMalt

    Head-Fi Old School Roll Call.........

    I guess I qualify...
  18. OneMalt

    What was your favorite toy when you were a kid?

    Jeez...if it wern't for john jcb and JMT, I wouldn't recognize any of this stuff (I'm feeling very, very old).
  19. OneMalt

    What were your largest and most radical Hifi gear changes?

    I guess my most radical change was a few years back when I made MD my recording format of choice and ***-canned about 20-odd years worth of cassette equipment and tapes.
  20. OneMalt

    Post your pet's picture

    The late, great Chivas. He ruled this roost for 15 years: Kita, the current Queen Bee: Sophie, the cat that Head-Fi named:
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    Best recorded albums of all time?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Oski The original CD release is terrible, closed in, flat, and veiled. The remaster that came out a few years ago is really good, expansive, great soundstage, and detailed. I got the limited edition cardboard Original Album Art version. My bad. The only...
  22. OneMalt

    Best recorded albums of all time?

    Quote: Originally Posted by elrod-tom Roxy Music - Avalon Can't argue with this one at all. One of the best produced and recorded albums I've ever heard. It doesn't matter about the format - LP, CD, SACD - they're all good!
  23. OneMalt

    Should I finally get one of these damn things? Phillips DVD963SA

    I bought two at $399 each and I think I got a bargain. You absolutely can't go wrong at $190!
  24. OneMalt

    Grado RA1

    I'm in firm lockstep with Joelongwood, Zanth and Jigglybootch. Nothing else come close to presenting the magic of an RS-1 that an RA-1 does. My Senns sound like mud through it but the RS-1 is special in this pairing.
  25. OneMalt

    Kurt Elling: Wow, i think i actually it now!

    He kinda' reminds me of Frank Sanatra doing beat poetry on acid! (edit: Not that that's a bad thing! )