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  1. Cousin Eddie

    the end of Audiogalaxy The settlement effectively destroys Audiogalaxy. That' too bad. I really liked this one because you could get obscure songs.
  2. Cousin Eddie

    Face the Music: Suits Pending Over Copy Controls

    "Face the Music: Suits Pending Over Copy Controls",aid,93904,00.asp It's a good article on copy protection and has some links to sites that list copy-protected CD's.
  3. Cousin Eddie

    Final Four predictions

    Final Four ------------ Duke Gonzaga Maryland Kansas Championship game ------------------------- Duke Kansas Champion ------------ Kansas
  4. Cousin Eddie

    PowerDVD XP 4.0

    I just saw this new version of PowerDVD for the first time today. We have it at work. I don't think we've had it for over a few days. It might be a prerelease demo version. I checked Cyberlink's site, and they are still listing version 3 as the current version. But this version looks completely...
  5. Cousin Eddie

    Etymotics ER4S and ER4P on sale at for $225

    The Etymotics ER4S and ER4P are on sale at for $225 plus $13.50 shipping for a total of $238.50 until July 31. I remember someone on Headwize mentioning the price before the Forums went down, but at the time I wasn't considering buying anything in that price range anyway. Buying...