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  1. PatM

    Eric Clapton's "Me & Mr. Johnson"

    iTunes has put up a preview (4 songs) of this forthcoming release (3/30). Everyone of them is outstanding (if you like Blues guitar). I wish the encoding was of higher quality. Clapton's work is usually well produced and these AAC rips are a tad mushy. Wait for the CD.
  2. PatM

    Joan Baez

    For any fans of Joanie, I recommend her new CD, Dark Chords on a Big Guitar. The music is good, very good. And the disc is beautifully produced.
  3. PatM

    Cycling Help-Stumpjumper Bike

    After a long hiatus, I've begun cycling again and I would appreciate some help from this board's group of cyclists. I own three bikes (racing, touring and mountain). All are getting on in years but the first two I've kept up and I know that they meet my needs. The mountain bike is another...
  4. PatM

    Jeff Tweedy (Wilco) Uses Senn HD-600

    I just watched the DVD, "I Am Trying To Break Your Heart" (about the making of Yankee Foxtrot Hotel) and Tweedy uses the HD 600 in all of the recording scenes. The rest of band uses another headphone, one that I cannot identify. Anybody know what it is?
  5. PatM

    McIntosh Labs...

    just purchased by Denon/Marantz.
  6. PatM


    Bought a Grado RA-1 from justthinking and it just arrived. Very smooth transaction. The price was very fair and the unit itself is in mint shape, just as advertised. The amp was packed so well that even a MOAB would not have touched it! Shipping was prompt. I highly recommend...
  7. PatM

    Philips 963SA-Dorky Question

    Just got my 963SA and it is quite good. I have even stumbled my way through the less than intuitive menus. Here is my problem: When I switch the unit to progressive scan, all I get is horizontal stripy bars. Works fine in interlace mode. The TV is a brand new Wega with component...
  8. PatM

    Cables for Philips DVD 963

    I've never owned a DVD player so I know nothing about their cable requirements. Sorry if what follows is a doofus question. I've ordered the Philips 963 and intend to hook it up to a new Sharp Aquos LCD TV. (I will also hook it to a head amp (still debating which one) but I know what I need...
  9. PatM

    iPod-Super Mini Amp Solution

    If you use a Super Mini amp with the iPod and either have or will invest in one of the Xtreme cases, you can remove the clip from the ear bids carrier and super glue it to your mini in the manner shown by the photo below. Works great even with the stiff Kimber cable.
  10. PatM

    Static in MP3 Encoding

    Anybody know what would cause brief moments of static in an MP3 file? I am using iTunes 3, set to encode at VBR with 256 kbps minimum ("high quality setting"). The static is not on the original AIFF file and the CDs are pristine, meaning I bought them, opened them and encoded them. This did...