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  1. silencer

    Sydney Meet #3

    I missed the last meet, might be able to make this one, Headphone wize I can bring Senn HD650 and my Ety ER4P. Might also be able to bring my NAD C542 if needed.
  2. silencer

    What are you worth walking around?

    In $Aus Ety Er4p - $450 iPod 40gb - $649 Ipaq - $700 G-shock - $250 Phone v200 - $300 $2349 all up.
  3. silencer

    Senn HD650 - trying to buy in Australia

    yeah it was a great price took a while to get, since then Retravision have moved location I believe, the store shut down a month back, but they said they were relocating, cant quite remember where too tho. There were a few other outlets who will do close to that price but once again I can't...
  4. silencer

    Any aussies looking for HD650's.

    Quote: Originally Posted by mneuwiueyagaobcf Silencer and I got the HD650 for AU$530 at basement hifi here in Sydney however they are now refusing this price as the Australian distributor of sennheiser products Syntec threatened to stop supplying them if they continued to sell at that...
  5. silencer

    Radiohead: help me discover a "quality" recording

    Yeah i've noticed alot of people don't like that album. Ohwell
  6. silencer

    Radiohead: help me discover a "quality" recording

    I was fortunate enough to be at the first and second Sydney shows and my god Radiohead were fantastic, they are such a great live band. THeir sets mainly consisted of Amnesiac, Kid A and Hail To The Thief, with a few songs from OK Computer, but it was all great stuff. Myxomatosis was my...
  7. silencer

    How much interest in Sydney, Australia, meet?

    I did explain that to them that I have managed to get them a fair amount of customers and earned them thousands, but apparently Sennheiser threatened to stop supplying them if they continued to sell the 650's of at the price they gave us. Either way one guy wasn't too happy
  8. silencer

    How much interest in Sydney, Australia, meet?

    I might be interested depending on location and stuff, I'm sure we can easily get more than 3 people interested. I have a friend who would probably be interested he has a pair of Beyers and Alessandros, not such of the models tho I also have the C542, HD650's 7506's and Ety's
  9. silencer

    Australians looking for HD650

    Update: The 650's can be had for 550 Australian in Sydney, and I managed to get a deal with the 650's and the NAD C542 for $1000, I'm picking them up on tomorrow and I can't wait!
  10. silencer

    Australians looking for HD650

    The price i have at the moment is A$575, and im still working on beating that...hahaha
  11. silencer

    Australians looking for HD650

    I have found the HD650 in sydney for A$590, which seems a pretty good price, but that is the absolute lowest they will go. But they did say if more than one pair is ordered the price will be better. If anyone is interested maybe we could get some deal from them.
  12. silencer

    de-j2000 for 100 bucks at

    I'm guessing this is the 5.0 mW/ch North American version since its being sold in America right, I was thinking about buying one and getting my friend in America to then forward it onto me in Australia. Would it be as easy as just buying a power adaptor? Is the power cable directly connected to...
  13. silencer

    D-777 or MZR50?

    Bump! Anyone........?
  14. silencer

    D-777 or MZR50?

    I was looking for a new player and out of these two players (D-777 or R-50) which would offer the best sound quality using Ety ER-P? Forgot to mention I will not be amping either at this stage but will be in future. Also is the R-50 better sounding than the R-55?
  15. silencer

    Just Ordered Ety er4p

    At the moment I will be using either my Discman, or my Minidisc, until the iPod gets revised, which I hope will be soon (better battery PLEASE!!). Yeah i'll be sure to let them burn in for a while before making any judgement.
  16. silencer

    Anyone encountered this store before?

    I was looking at this Linky and was wondering if anyone has ever bought anything through them, if so how was the service? Thanks
  17. silencer

    Shure E5C...worth the $500?

    Just had a look his price is $450 which will work out at about 585 australian, but then i'll have to add postage and import tax on them.
  18. silencer

    Shure E5C...worth the $500?

    I'm still trying to get a pair of the E5's in Australia, and its no easy task the only place that stocks them is asking well over AUD1000!!!!! Would anyone in america be interested in being a contact for me?
  19. silencer

    Ety 4s/p or Shure E5?

    Quote: Originally posted by Sugarfried I'm pretty sure that those are E5's, not E5c's. I could be wrong. Same exact product, different packaging and carrying case. This might seem foolish of me, but your original post said that you can get either E5 or ER4 for $500 Australian. But...
  20. silencer

    Ety 4s/p or Shure E5?

    I was looking at buying the phones from Ebay I have e-mailed the guy to see if this is the E5 or the E5c, he hasn't replied yet. If i bought these and then seperately purchased the tri-flange tips i would still be saving money. I'll wait until the seller gets back to me first, and then...
  21. silencer

    Ety 4s/p or Shure E5?

    Wow! Thanks for the Speedy Reply! Yeah they look better than the Ety's aswell. Does annoy you when its hanging down your back, or is it possible for the cord to fall down your front? Does anyone notice the background hiss i hear people talking about with the E5? Thanks again
  22. silencer

    Ety 4s/p or Shure E5?

    I have the choice between these two phones, both costing me around 500 Australian dollars. The Ety's are located in Australia which is a bonus, whereas the Shures will have to be imported from the US. I have no way to demo either of these phones and after reading articles on both i think i...
  23. silencer

    Concert DVD's

    I attended the Coldplay concert when they were filming it, it was such a good show. Its pretty fun to try and find yourself in the masses of the crowds but I swear I can see myself in a few scenes. The behind the scenes footage is also worthwhile watching.
  24. silencer

    Videogames with steep learning curves

    Tom Clancy's Raven Shield is my personal fav, I love the realism factor, gun stats change when you add supressors and such and completing the game on hard mode is extreamly difficult.
  25. silencer

    need help buying mac laptop.

    The new G4 iBooks would be perfect for this, i have an old G3 iBook and i can manage rip speeds of about 7x-9x which isn't too bad in my opinion, with the extra power of the G4 i'd think these speeds would increase but i'm not sure of exact figures. Just make sure you max out the hard drive if...